3 Best Cat scratching posts for large cats

3 Best Cat scratching posts for large cats

Are your furniture shredded or don’t look good because of cat scratches? You may think that cats scratch to be annoying but that is definitely not the case.Cat scratching is an important part of their natural behavior.  Your cat does not know how expensive your sofa is or how bad it looks after scratching.

Fortunately, there are a number of techniques and products you can use so that your cat expresses positive scratching behavior instead of destroying your sofa. You can use cat nail clippers or scratching posts.

In this article we have covered what you need to know about cats and scratching posts. We have also reviewed 3 of the best scratching post for large and Maine coon cats.

Why do cats scratch?

Before we look at the best scratching post let’s see why cats scratch first. Cats scratch for a number of reasons and annoying you is never one of them.

Here are some of the most common reasons why cats scratch:

Marking their territory


Claw sharpening

Marking their territory

Cats at times scratch to mark their territory. They leave their scent on an object when they scratch it.

The scent comes from a special gland in their paws once they leave their scent on an object it becomes their pawn and they will often return to keep scratching.

If you get them a scratch the early they will return again and again once their scent is theirs.  You will have to take your time and train them to use a scratching post so they don’t use your favorite chair.

Most cats will prefer a scratching sofa to your sofa so you don’t have to worry if she will get used to it.


You must have noticed that cats often scratch and have a stretch after they have woken up. It is part of their natural behavior just like your yawn and stretch every morning.

Cats also scratch if they have been playing and are bit exited or if they are feeling frustrated. This is how they express their feelings when scratching.

Claw sharpening

Cats only scratch their front paws and you will never the back paws. The front paws are the ones responsible for ruining your furniture.

Just like our fingernails their claws do all sorts of work. They use the claws to grip when jumping over your fence or defending themselves.

A simple scratch from their claws is enough to convince any animal attacking them to leave them alone.  The claws also help them hunt and catch their preys like mice, lizards and small birds.

When cats scratch the old nail sheaths is removed and newer sharper nails come through.

3 Best scratching post for large and Maine coon cats

A lot of cats prefer a vertical scratching post though some large cats will prefer one that is horizontal which requires less effort.

If you find your feline friend scratching your curtains or sofas just redirect them to a scratching post instead of yelling at her.

Try rubbing some catnip on the scratching post to encourage her to use it. But keep in mind cats only develop response to catnip after they are six months old.

For large or Maine coon cats who are probably heavier compared to others look for a scratcher that can handle their weight.

Buy something sturdy which is built of something durable such as rope, sisal, carpet and cardboards. Here are our three best scratching post for your large or Maine Coon cat:

1. Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Cat Scratching Post

The Pioneer Pet SmartCat the Ultimate scratching post is tall and a very good option for your large or maine coon cat. This scratching post is 32 inches high.

Which allows your cat have a good stretch. The post is made with natural sisal and wood. It has 16 by 16 inches which makes it firm and prevent it from wobbling.

The top platform is large and your cat can use it as an observation deck.


Made of recycled cardboard which is non toxic

The curves make it easier for scratching

2. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Longe

If your cat prefers a horizontal scratching post then you should consider having this. This stylish cardboard can also be used as a bed.

The post is made of heavy duty recycled card board and is over 34 inches long and 1o inches wide. This is enough space for your cat to stretch. This product won the 2015 Eco-Excellence award.




Sturdy base

3. Molly and Friends Cradle and scratching post

The Molly and friends Cradle and scratching post is a two in one cat cradle and scratching post for large and maine coon cats that has been hand made in the US.

The scratching post has been constructed solidly to withstand the weight of your large cats. It is made with high quality carpet on the cradle and sisal rope on the scratching post.

It is 35 inches high and has a 19 by 19 inches square base. This scratching post is safe for your cats to scratch and climb with ease. You cat can comfortably sleep at the top.


Has a large rest area

Thick all natural sisal rope



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