Best cat carrier for nervous cats: best cat carrier for difficult cats

5 Best cat carrier for nervous cats: best cat carrier for difficult cats

A pet parent’s worst fear is losing a pet while travelling. People often choose to leave their pets while travelling to avoid losing their pet or dealing with a nervous cat. This where the Best cat carrier for nervous cats come in handy.

If you are going to travel for a long distance or to the vet and your cat are nervous you will have to get the best cat carrier for nervous cats to restrain your pet.

These cat carriers are made in way that no cat can break away on her own. The cat carriers restrain the cat safely and are padded with soft lining to protect your feline friend from getting injured.

Cat carriers come in different sizes, shapes and colors and you can be sure to get one that perfectly fits your needs and desires.

Here is a list of some of the best cat carrier for nervous cats and difficult cats for you.

5 Best Cat carriers for nervous cats

1.  Petmate Two-door Top Load Kennel (Our Best Choice)

The Petmate Two-door Top Load Kennel is our number one choice for the best cat carrier for nervous cats and difficult. Some pet parents prefer having a hard shell cat carrier instead of a fabric made cat carrier.

While both the hard shell and fabric made carriers are convenient the hard-shell pet carrier gives additional protection to your cat.

The Petmate Two-door Top Load Kennel is the best if you are looking for a hard shell cat carrier. It is made with heavy steel and plastic for safety, ventilation and visibility.

The top cover is made with steel wire and secured with nuts and bolts once you have loaded your pet. The carrier has an easy squeeze door that makes it easier for your cat to get in and out.

It is spacious to allow your cat to sit in comfortably. Large pets may however lack enough space to sit up. It is ideal for pets measuring 7 to 15 inches in length.

The only drawback some pet parents have reported is that it is a little difficult to assemble this cat carrier. This is quite true but if you follow instructions you can do this in just a couple of minutes.


It is made with durable materials

Has enhanced safety

It is properly ventilated

The latch door is easy to open and close

It is spacious to allow your cat sit comfortably


It is a little difficult to assemble

2.  Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier (Best cat carrier for nervous cats)

If you are focused on convenience and comfort then this is the right cat carrier for you. The Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier is soft sided to give your cat comfort and safety whether you are travelling by air, rail or road.

The cat carrier comes in various sizes with the small one holding up to 8 pounds, medium one up to 16 pounds while the  large one ca hold 22 ponds.

This means you should choose the best one for you according to your cats size. The cat carrier has a patented wire spring frame.

It has rear pockets so if you need to carry extra stuff for your cat like treats, leash and medicine you don’t have to worry about where to keep them.

The carrier also comes with a seat belt strap to keep your cat tucked inside while on air. The onboard policy meets airline safety rules hence a guarantee for your pets safety.


It has a durable make

It is the best for airline travel because of the patented spring frame

The cat carrier is adequately ventilated

It has a locking zipper for your cats safety

The cat carrier has a washable faux lambskin liner


It is not ideal for cats weighing over 22 pounds


3. Necoichi Ultra-Light Portable Cat Carrier (Best Budget)

Having a tight budget should not be a reason for risking your cat’s safety thanks to the Necoichi Ultra-Light Portable Cat carrier.

Apart from price the cat carrier is also made with steady fabrics and has a well ventilated mess walls.  It is also one of the lightest cat carrier in the market.

This makes it ideal for short distance travel. The cat carrier can be folded flat for easy storage when not in use. This cat carrier features a teepee like design which gives your feline friend enough space to sit up comfortably.

The heavy duty mesh panel ensures safety for your cat while travelling. It can carry a cat weighing up to 18 pounds.


The cat carrier is light

It has a sturdy and flexible design

It can be folded for easy storage

The cat carrier is well ventilated


It is not ideal for cats weighing over 18 pounds

It is not recommendable for long distance travel


4. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier(Best for Long Distance Travel)

The AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier has been specially designed to comfortably carry your cat during long distance travel.

The all-0black cat carrier has a n adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry your cat like normal luggage. This pet carrier has a spring wireframe that allows you to put it under the passenger seat when travelling.

It has an additional fleece bed that allows your cat to comfortably sleep throughout the journey. The fleece bed is also washable.

You can also remove the base platform if your cat is large and you need more space.

Although the pet carrier comes in different sizes it is suitable for small dogs and cats weighing under 16 pounds.


It is made of durable and sturdy materials

It has a removable base platform to create additional space for your feline friend

The cat is well ventilated

The shoulder straps and strong handles makes it easy for transporting your pet


Not ideal for large cat

5.  Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-sided cat carrier (Best Airline-Approved Pet Carrier)

The Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-sided cat carrier is an approved airline pet carrier. It is soft sided to keep your cat safe and comfortable even if it bumps around while in transit.

Carrying your cat in a carrier that is not soft sides makes her [prone to stress and injury. The carrier also has a sturdy make that enhances safety.

It is designed to hold shape when panels are zipped up. It is easily foldable when not in use for storage. The pert carrier is also light weighing only 2.2 ponds.

The mesh side panels allows free air plow to give your cat peaceful sleep. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to carry your cat like regular luggage.


It is made with durable waterproof fabric

It has a compact design

The pet carrier is made in the US

The mesh side panels are an added ventilation

It is easy to carry around thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap


It is not convenient for carrying large pets

Why do I need a sturdy cat carrier?

There are a number of instances that you will need a cat carrier and this includes:


Taking the Cat to the vet

If you are taking your cat to the veterinary for treatment or checkup you need to carry her in a pet carrier avoid injury.

This is because the veterinary’s clinic is very busy with a lot of pets seeking medical attention and it is easy for your feline friend to get injured.

You wouldn’t want to carry your cat freely in your arms in a room full of aggressive cats and dogs.

Veterinary already know the chaos dogs and cats can bring in the clinic and that’s why most of them have a policy that requires animals to be restrained.

Cat carriers also recommended when visiting animal shelter, orphanages or parks.

Long Distance travel

A cat carrier is very essential whether you are travelling by rail, road or air. An unrestrained animal can jump out of the cars windows when travelling which can cause a lot of injuries.

Imagine your cat breaking several bones or even dying God forbid just because you didn’t have a cat carrier.

Another possible instance is your cat deciding to play hide and seek and hiding below the pedal and before you realize it you have pressed the pedal too hard.

Cat carriers are also important when travelling by air. In fact most airlines a have a policy that requires pets to remain in their carriers while on air.

We have reviewed a number of pet carriers that have been approved by airlines.

Moving Houses

When movers are busy packing your stuff in their truck your cat may decide to jump in to one of their crates without you knowing.

You will be forced to turn you things upside down or even ask neighbors if they have seen your cat. You can avoid this by having a pet carrier and allowing the movers to do their job peacefully.

Also when you change houses and move in to a new environment that your feline friend is not use to she may disappear trying to locate her usual house.

You never know what might happen to him on the way. She may get lost, injured or stolen. Keeping your feline in a cat carrier can spare you the agony of losing your cat in such an instance.


Staying in a Hotel

The cat may take time to adjust to the new environment when you are staying in a hotel. Keeping her in a pet carrier will prevent her from running away or hiding ion unfamiliar territories.

If you have to let her walk freely make sure that the door and windows are closed.

You can also put a Do Not Disturb sign in the windows to prevent strangers or the hotel staff from opening it. Before you open the door or window make sure your feline friend is safely locked in her cat carrier.


Taking the Cat to the Workplace

There are some workplaces that allow their staff to go to work in the company of their pets. The staff then leaves the pets at a secured place before going to their desk.

The cats can run away or give the pet handlers a hard time. You will need a pet carrier to prevent your feline friend from running away or giving the handlers a hard time.



Emergencies always come as a surprise and you should be prepared to take immediate action. An emergency may be an earthquake, floods or even fire in your building.

In case of an emergency grab your cat and run to safety. For this reason you should have a pet carrier to help find and carry her easily.

It can be very traumatizing running away from danger and leaving your feline friend just because you did not purchase the best cat carrier for nervous cats.


Cat carriers are a very essential tool for pet parents. It helps keep the cat safe and confined.

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