Best cat food for hairballs

7 Best cat food for hairballs

All cats love keeping their coats clean, whether they have short medium or long hair. Their tongue is as rough as sand paper, and combs their fur catching any dirt and loose hair.

It is very uncomfortable watching your cats hack up a hairball. This however does not have to happen if you invest in the best cat food for hairballs. These foods help in reducing the development of hairballs.

If you have noticed that your cat gets hairballs consistently it is time to switch to foods that reduce the development of hairballs. Here is a list of some of the best cat foods for hairballs.

1. Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control

The Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control is made to control hairballs in cats and still give them a diet free from grains. It has real meat proteins as the first ingredient.

The protein comes from deboned chicken which is tasty and healthy for your cat. They don’t use chicken by products or fillers which makes it healthy for your cat.

The only grains used are whole grains like brown rice. It has vegetables and fruits to ensure your cat get a balanced nutrition. It has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that will keep your cat’s skin healthy and her coat shiny.

This food has a blend of fiber sources, cellulose and psyllium seed husks that give a natural remedy against hairballs.

The food spares you having to give your cat chemicals to reduce hair balls. Just follow the feeding instructions that come with Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control.


It has natural remedy to control hairballs

It only uses whole grains

The food has omega fatty acids that will keep your cats skin healthy and give her a shiny coat

2. Purina One Hairball Formula Adult Dry Cat Food

When you start using the Purina One Hairball Formula Adult Dry Cat Food hairballs will be a thing of the past.

The veterinarian recommended food comes with vitamins and nutrients your cat will needs regardless of any existing special needs.

It has all the nutritional requirements your cat needs in her entire life. Just like the Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control it has protein as the first ingredient. It has no fillers which is good for allergic cats.

This also prevents excess weight build up in cats. It has a special mix of natural fibers that help control hairballs. The food has no added chemicals which may be harmful to your cat’s health.

The bites are crunchy and have tasty flavors your cat will definitely fall in love with. Your feline friend will want to take more and more and in the process control hairballs. The food is also good for your cats overall health.


It has an all-natural ingredient that controls hairballs

The food has no fillers or artificial ingredients

It has balanced nutrition which will help improve your cats overall health

It has been recommended by veterinarians

3. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Hairball Control

Here is our third choice for foods that help reduce hairballs. The Nutro Wholesome Essentials Hairball Control has partnered with farmers and suppliers to bring the highest quality ingredients that are used to make this food.

It has been made with all natural farm raised chicken as the first ingredient. The food has no chicken by products, fillers or grains.

It is made with Non-GMO ingredients which guarantee you a healthy cat free from harmful chemicals. The food has a blend of natural fibers that helps control hairballs.

It does this by passing the hair through waste instead of the coughed up balls we see. The food has omega 6 fatty acids that help give your coat a healthy coat and skin.

Key Features

It has a formula that controls hairballs

It is made of wholesome natural ingredients

Non-GMO ingredients healthy for your cats

4. Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Hairball Care

The Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Hairball Care is another food that can help you control hairballs. Indoor cats have a high a higher chance of getting hairballs.

They shed and groom more because they don’t have the extra hassle of adjusting to different temperatures. It has a fiber mix that prevents development of hairballs.

This fiber mix promotes gastrointestinal health making it easier for hairs to pass through stool instead of being vomited.

It has fatty acids that help reduce inflammation that is triggered by excess hair in the intestines. The food spares you the burden of cleaning messy hairballs.

Key Features

It has a natural formula that helps control hairballs

It has vitamins and nutrients that maintain your cats overall health

The food has been specially formulated for indoor cats

5. Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food

If you have been struggling with hairballs for quite sometimes then the Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food may just be the right solution for you. The food is among the Best cat food for hairballs.

The food has been made by high quality all natural ingredients from USA.  This food has no fillers, by products or preservatives which guarantees you a healthy feline friend.

The food has vitamins and nutrients that boost your cat’s nutrition. It has a natural blend also promote digestion to help get rid of hairballs.

The hair is then passed through the stool instead of coming back out by vomiting. You can then dispose the hair like normal stool instead of the extra cleaning hassle.  You cat can then live comfortably without hairballs.


It has all natural ingredients that help control hairballs

The ingredients used are locally sourced and high quality

It supports your cat overall health

6. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Cat Food

You don’t have to deal with cleaning disgusting hairballs anymore instead just switch to using Hill’s Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Cat Food. It is made with the best natural sourced high quality ingredients.

This food has no fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. This means there is no harmful ingredient or chemical that can irritate sensitive cats.

The food has been specifically formulated for cats between 1 and 6 years who have a higher chance of producing excess hairballs.

The all natural fiber blend in this food is responsible for hairball reduction and passing them safely to your cat’s intestines to be excreted as waste.

Thanks to this food there is no more hassle for cleaning hairballs. The food has omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E that makes your cats skin healthier and shiner.


The food has a natural blend of fiber that helps control hairballs

It is made with all natural ingredients that are healthy for your cat

It has vitamin E and fatty acids that gives your cat a healthy and shiny coat

7. Iams Proactive Health Indoor Food

The Iams Proactive Health Indoor Food is our last food for the best cat food for controlling hairballs. Apart from controlling hairballs this food also controls your cat’s weight.

The Iams Proactive Health Indoor Food is made with high quality proteins, vegetables and fruits.

Apart from the fiber mix that helps control hairballs the food is also formulated to help your cat lose extra weight hence maintain an ideal weight for their size and weight.

The food has a fiber mix that prevents hairballs from forming and then passing the hair through the cats waste. The weight loss and hairball reduction properties of this food ensure your cat lives a healthy and happy life.

All these qualities make the food earn a spot among the best foods for controlling hairballs.


It has a fiber mix that helps control hairballs

The food is made with high quality natural ingredients

It also helps maintain healthy weight for your cat

What you need to know about Hairballs

A specially made diet can help control hairballs. But the most important thing is first knowing what causes hairballs, their dangers and how to prevent them are very important in guaranteeing your feline friend a healthy life.

What cause hairball

Hairballs occur naturally in all cats. Cats are very fond of grooming and will spend most of their time doing that. The cats tongue has small tiny hook like formations that make it feel like a sand paper.

To ensure their fur is clean and free of loose hairs that cats tongue catches loose and dead hairs when grooming.

The cat can then vomit these hairs as single strands but when it is too much in the stomach it begins forming balls that are hard for your cat to pass. This can then lead to serious medical issues.

Are hairballs dangerous?

Once hairballs are too large for your cat to pass them normally they start posing danger to your feline friend. As the hairball increase in size your cat may choke as she tries to cough them normally.

The large hairballs can also cause a buildup in the cat’s stomach. If this happens the hairballs will be trapped in your cat’s digestive system which will clog the waste your cats need to get rid of.

This can prevent your cat from using her cat litter box normally. The waste build up can only be corrected by surgery to remove the hairballs that had triggered the block.

What are the symptoms of hairballs?

It is easy to notice the symptoms of hairballs don’t overlook this task however. Some of the symptoms include:

Constant vomiting, if you find your feline fried vomiting frequently this may just be a sig she has hairballs

Lack of appetite


Constipation, this makes it hard for her when making a call of nature


Having a buildup in their stomachs

If you notice any of these symptoms but you are not sure that your feline friend has hairballs, ensure you visit a vet. It is always better to be safe remember hairballs can be tragic if it builds up.

Remedies for hairballs

Apart from giving your cat foods that help control hairballs there are other things you can do to control hairballs. The first thing is giving your cat a hairball product or laxative.

These products are meant to help pass the hairballs through the digestive tract ad come out as waste.

Just be careful not to give your cat too much of these hairball product or laxative as it can cause diarrhea or harm your cute little feline friend.

The second thing is discouraging your cat from excessive grooming by providing external activities to distract them.

You can do this by engaging them in games creating a fun activity zone or a climbing place they can explore. The less your cat grooms the better it is for her and the less she can get hairballs.

How can I prevent my cat from getting hairballs?

The easiest way of preventing your cat from getting hairballs is regularly brushing her. Hairballs are more common among aging cats because their fur is longer.

Kittens with longer fur may not have hairball issues as much as older cats because they are still learning proper grooming habits. But as they get older they get the risk of developing hairballs.

Invest in a special brush designed for long hairs to remove loose or dead hairs before your cat does it. Start brushing them young so they get used to it and don’t get irritated.

It is harder brushing older cats that are not used to this activity. Hairballs also affect cats with short hair just like the ones with long hair.

Remember to brush your cat’s fur no matter the breed to prevent them from getting hairballs.


Cats love being clean and tidy and in the process they end up swallowing hairs that end up forming hairballs. This is why cats unlike other pets have a higher risk of getting hairballs.

When hairballs build up they may pose danger to your cats health. There is a lot of things you can do to prevent hairballs as we have discussed but giving them specially formulated hairball foods is the easiest.

The foods have fiber and nutrients that are a natural remedy for hairballs. They help breakdown hairballs and pass the down the digestive tract safely and painlessly.

Instead of your cat getting chocked the hair is passes through your waste and you can easily clean the litter box. Look for the best automatic litter box for cats to make work easier.

If you cat is fond of getting hairballs you can save a few dollars by buying hairball relieving cat foods. However if this persist you will need to see a veterinary.

The products we have reviewed above have a high rating in reducing hairballs and are also cat friendly. I would recommend any cat parent to use them.

Here are some other foods specially formulated for cats with special needs:

Low phosphorus cat food for kidney disease

Non-prescription food for diabetic cats

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