Best Collar for 8 week old Puppy

Best collar for 8 week old puppy

Looking for the best collar for 8 week old puppy? Well we understand the excitement and anticipation of getting one for your new puppy friend. And it doesn’t have to be hard shopping for the most suitable collar for your puppy.

You only need to consider the type of collar, material used and the size and width of the collar. A flat type collar that is adjustable and fitted with a snap and buckle for ease of use is most suitable. As for the material,settle for nylon as it is lightweight, cheaper and durable.

For the width the less than an 1 inch is ok as the wider the width the more evenly distributed the pressure will be on their necks.Then for the length, measure your pups neck size using a tape measure leaving space that can fit 2 fingers in between for the best fit. 

To make your shopping easier and more seamless we have reviewed the best collars for puppies for your choosing. Read on to get one to get your preferred style and design. 

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Review of the Best Collar for 8 week old Puppy

Blueberry Pet Essentials Classic Dog Collar

Blueberry pet essentials dog collar is a favorite among pup owners for its great quality,  super cute colors and room for customization. You can bet this collar will not fade or bleed its colors when washed. And is made from tough nylon material with a chrome coated metal D ring for durability.

It is available in 4 sizes from an extra small to a large just be sure to measure your pup’s neck size. It is very easy to adjust for a perfect fit. At a small added fee you can get one customized with a name and phone number for easy tracing in case they get lost.

We highly recommend this puppy collar for its well made, easy to adjust and of high quality. Best of all you have 25 colors to choose from, you cannot miss your preferred color. You cannot go wrong with Blueberry pet collars as they are well priced and even with some chewing they won’t show signs of wear.

Petsafe Martingale Dog Collar

For those who would prefer a martingale dog collar, then highly consider this Petsafe Martingale Dog Collar. Martingale collars are good for leash training or dogs that love breaking out as they tighten when pulled. 

Most important thing is to adjust the collar for a proper fit. As most have an issue with the sizing of this martingale collar. You might need to size down. Nonetheless, this particular one has a quick snap buckle for ease in putting it on and off and won’t need adjusting each time.

We recommend martingale collars especially for squirmy pups. It also comes with a small plastic loop for attaching a tag. It is available in different widths and sizes and comes in 7 colors for your choosing.

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Joytale Reflective Dog Collar Padded

If visibility is very important to you, we suggest settling on this Joytale reflective Dog Collar with double reflective stitching . It makes it easier for night walks when you begin those and locating your pup around the house too or while on the yard playing.

The collar is well made, attractive and fitted with a quality D ring for leash attachment. It also has a felt-like padding which is comfortable for your puppy’s delicate skin. And has a buckle that latches well for ease when you put it on your pup.

The Joytale dog collar is available in vibrant colours that stand out and the felt lining is super comfortable for pups. We cannot recommend it enough for thick or long haired dogs and is available at such a terrific price for the quality you get.

LovelyDog Embroidered Personalized Dog ID Collar

This LovelyDog personalized embroidered dog collar is perfect for your pup if you find the jingle that comes with tags annoying. In addition, the ID is highly visible and reflects silver in the dark. Best of all it’s permanently stitched on the collar and won’t be falling apart months in.

It can take a little longer than is normal to have the collar customized; it will be all worth the while. It is made from a sturdy material, easy to use with a buckle and doesn’t fade or run when washed.

You cannot go wrong with an embroidered collar for your pup as it’s lightweight. It looks great, helps you keep an easy eye on them especially at night and is easy to read for tracing in case they get a little lost.

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Unique Style Bow Tie Dog Collar

With the arrival of your new family member, it calls for new pics and a Unique Style Bow Tie Dog collar is one of a kind. It is made from a high quality cotton and the workmanship is top notch. We cannot recommend it enough for holidays or travel.

Best of all they have double stitching on stress points for added strength and bow tie attached to collar with elastic strap. It also has a super cute rose gold coated metal buckle and D ring.

You can choose from the 7 styles available from flowered to checked. And is available from an XX-small to an X large. Consider this one if you will need some shots for the gram or for a holiday family photo for memories when they were a pup.

MAX and Neo Reflective Dog Collar 

If you would love to be donating to a dog shelter while taking care of your own pup then Max and Neo reflective dog collar would be the one to pick. It makes a great everyday collar as it is easy to put on and off with a snap buckle with a lock feature to avoid accidental release.

It is available from a size x small and comes in bright neon colors for your choosing with two reflective bands for You can be sure of durability as it is made from nylon and has quality finishes for the D ring and buckle too.

The locking mechanism is a super nice feature to use if you opt to use it. On top of being lightweight with a nice tag holder.The company is committed to a good course of donating to dog rescues.More than enough reasons to love max and neo collars and get a matching leash too.

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You do not have to be anxious shopping for the best collar for 8 week old puppy. Most common collar to get is the flat collar and nylon material makes a durable and sturdy one too. Before purchase be sure to know the exact neck size of your pup using  a tape measure leaving about 2 inches room for comfort.

We highly recommend Blueberry pet essentials classic collar for an everyday dog collar. It is well made, made from a durable nylon material with an easy to adjust fitting. And is available in over 20 colors for your choosing. For a small added fee you can have it personalized with a name and phone number.

For those who would like a reflective collar, Joytale reflective and padded collars will be perfect for night walks once they have their vaccinations. It also has a felt like lining for comfort and a snap buckle.

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