5 Best Dog Crate for Pitbull [Dog Cages for Pitbulls] Reviews in 2020

Dog crates are an essential accessory for pets.

Remember, every pitbull finds pleasure and comfort in small and safe spaces.

If you can get them a crate that matches their taste, you can be sure they’ll relax and treat the crate as their second safe home.

If you are in the process of training your pitbull, a dog crate is an essential accessory to help you raise a well-behaved and disciplined dog.

But with the multiple dog crate options out there, which one is the best dog crate for Pitbull?

Here’s the catch:

Pitbulls are extremely strong. And soft crates simply won’t cut it for them.

So if you are serious about finding the most comfortable crates for them, then you should consider only the heavy-duty dog crate models.

We evaluated and tested 9 dog crates based on the customer reviews, durability, design, and the quality of materials used.

We narrowed down to the 5 best dog crates for Pitbull that passed our evaluation criteria, and that we are confident will give you a value for your money.





Luckup Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Editor's Pick

Midwest Home for Pets Dog Crate

Most Popular (Cheap)

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Best seller

Soft dog crates simply can’t handle grumpy, energetic, and aggressive pitbulls.

And if you have a big dog at home, you know straight outright that they simply won’t fit in a flimsy kennel.

You need a crate that’s a little bit larger and stronger, a well-built, heavy-duty model that can handle even the toughest pitbull you’ve ever known.

Luckup dog crate is a good choice. Available in four unique sizes, and made of heavy steel, this easy to assemble crate is spacious enough to contain a large pitbull and so stable that it can handle as much of their weight and still stay in position.

Luckup makes this heavy-duty dog crate easy to access thanks to the double door build. The front door makes it easy for your pitbull to get in and out of the crate. You can also use the same door to provide meals and water during meal time.

You can open the door at the top if you want to interact with your dog, or if you want to get them out of the crate faster.

At the very bottom of the crate is a tray made of elastic plastic. According to the manufacturer, this tray is indestructible.

The work of this tray is to hold falling dog food scraps or wastes. This tray helps prevent the food scraps from falling on the floor, and, therefore, eliminates the need to clean up the floor after every meal. The tray is removable for easy cleaning.

Luckup heavy-duty dog crate is not a lightweight model. But still, mobility is a breeze thanks to the strong castor wheels. You can easily move the unit around the house if need be, although for the most part you’ll only need to leave it in one spot.


  • Heavy-duty crate made of heavy steel for strength and durability
  • The doors lock really well, so your dog can’t easily get out
  • This cage is large-sized, and a perfect option for your large pitbull.


  • This cage has a single lock (double locks would make a big difference).
  • This dog crate is somewhat expensive and may not be an ideal option for pet owners on a budget

2. Midwest Home for Pets Dog Crate (Best seller)

Your new pitbull needs a safe haven to call home.

The Midwest Home for Pets Dog Crate is the perfect gift you can get them. It is a 48-inch, single door iCrate, which makes it an ideal option to consider for your adult pitbull.

And don’t worry if your dog is still young, because you can use the included divider panel to make the crate somewhat smaller and then increase space as your puppy grows.

While it doesn’t come assembled, the Midwest Home dog crate is easy to put together. It should take you only around 20 minutes to complete the setup.

The Midwest Home for Pets iCrate is one of the well-built models out there. Made of durable metal and a black finish, and featuring round corners on all edges, this crate is sturdy and safe for your animal friend.

Instead of sitting on the mesh frame, the floor has a soft and comfortable plastic tray for your dog. There’s even a pan stop that keeps the tray fixed once you put it in the tray.

Midwest Home for Pets understands how important ventilation is to your dog. This explains why the crate is fully wire meshed in the first place.

It ensures sufficient airflow to keep your dog cool, dry, and comfortable. At the very least, the ventilation ensures that your dog breathes the same quality air as the master.

One of the things we love about this dog crate is how easy it folds. While packing down doesn’t lower the weight in any way, it makes the crate easy to put in the trunk for transportation.

You can bring your dog crate with you to whatever destination if you plan to be away from home for a couple of days.


  • The 48-inch size is big enough for adult and growing pitbulls.
  • This crate has a strong brand name behind it, and has thousands of happy dog owners saying something positive about it.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble for quick storage and transportation.
  • Includes a dog tray, so your dog won’t litter your house’s floor with food or their messes


  • Not as strong as the high end models
  • This dog crate may be large for small apartments with limited space.

3. AmazonBasics Folding Dog Crate Kennel (Most Popular)

Are you on budget and you urgently need a high quality dog crate for your pit pull? Or you simply need an affordable yet functional kennel?

If this description fits what you are looking for, the AmazonBasics Folding Dog Crate kennel is a perfect pick for you. It is a strong metal-wire unit that can house any type of dog, from the well-mannered dog to the stubborn high-tempered dog.

When it comes to design, the manufacturer has definitely kept this cage as simple as possible. Made of metal and featuring rounded corners, this unit is not only durable but also safe for your dog.

You can opt for the single or double door model, but remember they’re available at different prices.

Like Midwest Home for Pets iCrate, this kennel folds down small for storage. And it even sports a handle that makes it easy for you to lift and put in the trunk of your car for transportation.

A key feature that makes this dog kennel stand out is the divider. The divider comes in handy when you want your dog to grow with the same crate, and you can use the dividing panel to partition the interior space according to the size of your dog.

This way, you won’t have to spend extra bucks in future to buy a bigger dog cage. Once your pitbull grows, all you’ll have to do is to increase the space in the kennel with the diving panel.

The two slide-bolt latches will give your dog a difficult time, if he is an escape artist. The latches hold the door in position no matter how hard the pitbull tries to loosen them in an attempt to get out of the crate.

In simple terms, once your dog is this crate, there’s no way they’re getting out unless you open the door yourself.

Since this is a mesh crate, there’s definitely enough airflow in and out of the crate. Sufficient ventilation helps keep your dog cool, comfortable and breathing fresh air all the time. Plus, they’re able to see their surroundings, so they don’t feel like you’re separating them from you.


  • This kennel includes removable plastic pan that’s easy to clean and put back in pace
  • Comes in 6 unique sizes, so you can choose an option that best suits your budget as well as your animal friend
  • While it doesn’t come assembled, it’s very easy to set up
  • The design doesn’t deny your dog visibility and the interior has a cool ventilation to keep your dog cool and comfortable
  • It weighs only 10 pounds (super lightweight)


  • Disassembling this unit requires some effort.
  • This unit is lightweight, and may not be ideal if you are looking for a heavy-duty dog crate model.

4. Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate 

Smonter may not be as popular as AmazonBasics or Midwest Home for Pets do crates, but it is a unique dog crate that provides a safe haven for your dog.

This dog crate is favorably priced, and the best option if you are on a budget. It is best alternative if Luckup cage and Proselect Empire cage are off the range.

Tough and rugged, Smonter is the best deal for quiet as well as the most stubborn pitbulls that simply won’t relax in soft crates.

Made with highly reinforced steel, this cage is durable for the price point. This means that dogs that like causing messes and breaking things will have a hard time breaking this material (unless they are trained steel fabricators).

On top of the metal frame is a hammer-tone coating layer, which ensures the crate can stand up to scratches, rusts, scuffs, and corrosion. While the edges aren’t rounded, they’re far away from where your dog can reach, so this one is still safe for them to use.

The 360-degree swiveling wheels enhances mobility in the event that you need to move the crate from point A to B. The wheels are lockable, so that the cage stays in position even when your pooch is not inside.

When it comes to space, there’s no question as whether the space is sufficient for your dog. A 37-inch cage with a plastic grid should provide ample space for your dog to stand and even sleep with their legs spread out straight.

Like other models on our list, Smonter also enhances visibility and ventilation. At least your pitbull is able to see their surroundings, so they don’t feel separated from humans. Also, they get fresh air to keep them cool and comfortable, so they won’t be uneasy in the crate.


  • Has a double locking mechanism with a buckle that prevents dogs from opening the door.
  • Has a front and a top door, which makes entry and exit easy.
  • Easy to assemble, it should take you around 20 minutes to complete the setup


  • This cage is heavy, but it includes wheels for easy mobility.
  • The floor may not be comfortable for all dogs, so you may want to add a dog mat in the crate

5. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage (Best value)

Put even the most aggressive and stubborn pitbull in ProSelect Empire Dog Cage, and you are guaranteed to find him inside the cage regardless of the effort they put to escape the cage.

In fact, your dog’s attempt to open the door will simply fail. Because once locked, the door simply stays put and truly unmovable.

There’s a sliding steel tray at the very bottom of this crate. It helps to ensure that fallen food particles and dog waste don’t fall on the floor, thereby minimizing the level of cleaning required. Moreover, this steel tray is removable, easy to clean, and easy to put back in place.

ProSelect Empire ensures your dog gets enough room in the cage. This model comes in different sizes, both medium and large, that can accommodate the size of your dog. With good airflow in and out of the cage, the space inside should be simply airy and comfortable for your dog. 

To make this crate even more comfortable for your dog, you should consider adding a mat on its floor. This will give them a sense of safety and belonging so much that they’ll begin to treat the cages as their other secure home.

ProSelect Empire dog crate isn’t lightweight, but it has four detachable wheels that make mobility easy. You can easily secure and lock the wheel so they don’t move unnecessarily. Thanks to this locking mechanism, plus the fact that it’s heavy, this create will stay in place even if your dog moves frequently in the inner space.


  • This crate includes two sliding latches that provide extra security for your pitbull.
  • Comes in medium and large, so you can pick what suits your dog depending on its size.
  • Strong and sturdy, made of high quality steel for durability. 
  • It’s very easy to assemble, it should take you less than 30 minutes to put the parts together, even if you’ve never used a dog crate before.


  • This cage is heavy, and not easy to carry over long distances.
  • The grid floor isn’t nearly as comfortable for dogs,  but you can get around this by including a soft, well-padded dog mat

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