5 Best Dog Food For Loose Stool [Sensitive Stomach Diarrhea] in 2020

Suffering from diarrhea is not only retching but can also drain you physically and emotionally. And to know that your furry friend is also prone to diarrhea is quite disheartening.

Nonetheless, you can find ways to take good care of your dog and prevent diarrhea. The most effective way is to feed your pooch a diet specifically formulated for dogs susceptible to loose stools.

However, if the problem persists you should promptly seek the help of your veterinarian since diarrhea can be fatal.

In this article, we take you through the common causes and signs of diarrhea among pups and also ingredients to look out for when choosing your dog’s food.

Finally, we will give you some tips on how to take extra care of your companion. First, let’s take a look at the best dog food for loose stool.





Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach

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Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain-Free

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The Blue Buffalo is a limited ingredient formula. It is a great choice for your pooch with known food intolerance that causes diarrhea in her. This formula will eliminate the likelihood of a bad reaction to an allergen.

It contains real deboned turkey as the main source of animal protein. This is a good alternative to beef and chicken, mostly known for causing stomach upsets among dogs.

The high-quality protein found in this dog formula provides energy for your dog if it is a small breed. On the other hand, it will help maintain strong muscles for large breeds.

It features fish oil which provides omega-3 fatty acids essential for shiny skin and coat. Importantly, it contains taurine, an amino acid that promotes the proper functioning of the heart for a large breed of dogs.

Blue Buffalo is proportionally blended with high-quality carbohydrates from peas and potatoes. They are a good source of insoluble fiber which promotes proper digestion in the gut.

In turn, your beloved pet will pass a solid healthy stool.

This blend is also added with vitamins, minerals, and oxidants from premium natural ingredients such as blueberries, cranberries, and kelp – healthy seaweed.

Therefore, your pooch will obtain calcium and potassium for strong bones and teeth, essential vitamins for a healthy immune system and antioxidants to protect the cells from toxins.

The Blue Buffalo diet does not contain soy, eggs, corn, or wheat. It is also free of preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

Top Ingredients

  1. Deboned Turkey.
  2. Potatoes.
  3. Turkey Meal.
  4. Peas Starch.
  5. Peas.

Guaranteed Analysis

  1. Crude Protein (20% min).
  2. Crude Fat (12% min).
  3. Crude Fibre (6% max).
  4. Moisture (10.0% max).
  5. Calcium (0.9% min).

This recipe is also available in salmon, duck, and lamb as the primary protein.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin

Hill’s science diet is a veterinary recommended brand for dogs prone to diarrhea. It is jam-packed with ingredients that prevent any occurrence of loose stool.

It features real chicken for your adult furry companion with a special liking for chicken. It is the only source of animal protein to maintain strong and lean muscle mass.

Most importantly, it features prebiotic fiber which is a plant-based fiber. It provides nutrients for the healthy bacteria in your dog’s small intestine. Besides, it provides a conducive environment for proper digestion.

Hill’s formula has high digestibility thus ensuring your pooch maximally absorbs the nutrients in the food. In turn, their stools will be healthy and easy to clean after.

This blend is also made from natural ingredients that have passed strict nutritional requirements. This will reduce the chances of stomach upsets due to chemicals and toxins.

Additionally, this diet works perfectly for a pooch with skin sensitivity. It contains Vitamin E and omega 6 fatty acids which promote a thriving and lustrous coat.

Top Ingredients 

  1. Chicken.
  2. Brewers Rice. 
  3. Chicken Meal.
  4. Yellow Peas.
  5. Cracked Pearled Barley.

 Guaranteed Analysis

  1. Crude Protein (21% min).
  2. Crude Fat (12% min).
  3. Crude Fibre (4% max).
  4. Moisture (10.0% max).
  5. Vitamin E (400 IU/kg min).

3. Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain-Free

This is the diet to consider if you are looking for a formula that is grain-free and with few natural ingredients. It is a great choice for your dog with food allergies, sensitive stomach, and those prone to diarrhea.

It contains salmon as the primary source of protein. Salmon is a high-quality protein that helps build strong muscles for your dog.

Wellness diet is packed with probiotics as well as prebiotics.

The probiotics ensure your dog’s gut is filled with healthy bacteria thus promote proper digestion. Prebiotics, on the other hand, enhances the proper supply of nutrients in your dog’s body.

This diet does not contain grain and gluten ingredients known for stomach flare-ups. In addition, it contains zero artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

It features fish oil which provides omega-3 fatty acids to fight any inflammation. What’s more, it contains omega-6 fatty acids from flax seeds to keep your dog’s fur and coat healthy.

Lastly, it contains highly digestible carbohydrates from potatoes to provide fiber for proper digestion. This will ensure your dog passes solid stool regularly.

Top Ingredients

  1. Salmon.
  2. Salmon Meal.
  3. Potatoes.
  4. Peas.
  5. Dried Ground Potatoes.

 Guaranteed Analysis

  1. Crude Protein (25% min).
  2. Crude Fat (12% min).
  3. Crude Fibre (5% max).
  4. Moisture (11.0% max).
  5. Omega-6 Fatty Acids (1.75% min).

4. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Recipe

The Instinct Limited Ingredient diet is natural and satisfying for your dog’s carnivorous palate. It features only one source of animal protein and one vegetable.

It is simple yet contains all the essential nutritional requirements for your dog.

It features wild-caught salmon rich in proteins and essential fatty acids. This ensures your dog maintains strong muscles and healthy skin and coat.

It also contains one vegetable- peas that provide the carbohydrate. A single carb source is great because dogs take longer to digest carbohydrates. Therefore, if the carbs are too much, your dog will pass them out as loose stool.

In this diet, the carbohydrates make up only 3% of the nutrient composition.

What’s more, the Instinct recipe does not contain grains, poultry, potatoes, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Top Ingredients

  1. Salmon Meal.
  2. Salmon.
  3. Peas.
  4. Tapioca.
  5. Canola Oil.

 Guaranteed Analysis

  1. Crude Protein (28% min).
  2. Crude Fat (18% min).
  3. Crude Fibre (3% max).
  4. Moisture (10.0% max).
  5. Vitamin E (100UI/kg min).

5. Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin and Stomach Adult Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro is specifically blended for dogs with stomach and skin sensitivity to prevent diarrhea and extreme allergic reactions.

It contains salmon as the primary source of protein. Salmon provides energy and building blocks for lean muscle mass for your pooch.

Importantly, it features oatmeal; a highly digestible fiber, and a rich source of carbohydrates. Oatmeal ensures complete digestion and smooth movement of food along the gut and colon.

It also features glucosamine which promotes healthy joints and movement for those runs that your dog enjoys. Besides, it contains zinc and omega-6 fatty acids to rejuvenate and keep the skin healthy.

This diet is free of peas, soy, and gluten that most dogs are intolerant to.

Top Ingredients

  1. Salmon.
  2. Barley.
  3. Ground Rice.
  4. Canola Meal.
  5. Oatmeal.

 Guaranteed Analysis

  1. Crude Protein (26% min).
  2. Crude Fat (16% min).
  3. Crude Fibre (4% max).
  4. Moisture (12% max).
  5. Linoleic Acid (1.1% min).

Choosing the Best Dog Food for Loose Stool

You can deal with stomach sensitivity two-fold.

You can either eliminate the known ingredient from the diet or feed your pup with diets that contain ingredients that aid digestion.

1. Digestibility

This is a measure of the percentage of food absorbed into the body to the amount which enters the gut. It is not normally indicated in the label but you can call the manufacturer to confirm. 

Digestibility of 85% - 90% is great.

You can also determine it by checking whether the ingredients are easily digested.

Alternatively, you can examine the quality and amount of stool your pet passes. If it's more than normal, it means most of the food was not digested.

2. Probiotics and Prebiotics

The presence of any of these in the diet is vital in aiding digestion and absorption of food in your pet’s gut. Probiotics are live bacteria that aid the breaking down of food while prebiotics provides the nutrients to supply the probiotics. 

3. Limited Ingredient Diets

Research has shown that most cases of diarrhea are due to certain ingredients or just a single one in your dog’s food.

The common ingredients include wheat, beef, lamb, dairy products, and chicken.

The fix is to feed your dog with diets containing zero percent of the ingredient you know they are allergic to.

Also, avoid dog diet with additives or filler ingredients, rather choose those with natural ingredients.

4. Increased Fibre Content

The addition of fiber-rich foods in the diet of your dog will help in two ways. It will firm their stool and enable smooth passage of it through their digestive tract.

The fiber can be a soluble one- increases water content such as vegetables or an insoluble fiber- makes the stool solid such as whole grains.

What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs?

There is no single cause of diarrhea in dogs. Below are the most common causes found by research and veterinarians.

  • Feeding your pet with cheap and low-quality ingredients diets.
  • An allergic reaction or intolerance to certain food ingredients.
  • Indigestion of spoiled food, plants, or foreign objects.
  • Bacterial Infections.
  • Sudden diet changes.
  • Stress.
  • Underlying diseases such as cancer, kidney, and liver disease.

Signs and Symptoms of Diarrhea in Dogs

Your pooch could exhibit certain signs and symptoms that depict diarrhea in dogs. However, it is significant to note that some of the signs could be a result of a serious underlying problem.

It is therefore vital to visit your vet if the signs persist. It could mean life and death for your beloved furry friend.

Some of the signs and symptoms of diarrhea in dogs include:

  • Struggling to pass stool.
  • Excessive passing of gas.
  • Presence of mucus/blood in their poop.
  • Their feces are watery.
  • A change in their mood or activity levels.
  • Increase in volume of poop.
  • Vomiting
  • Increase in fever.
  • Fatigue and tiredness.

Tips for Dogs Who are Diarrhea Prone

The following tips will help your pooch from contracting diarrhea:

  • While you are outdoors, ensure your dog does not take in dirty water, plants, and feces.
  • Avoid feeding your dog with food remains and keep garbage out of their reach.
  • Reduce or eliminate stress from your pet’s sleeping or everyday environment.

Final Thoughts

A pup prone to diarrhea can enjoy a happy and healthy life. As a pet parent, it is important to find out the underlying cause of diarrhea in your furry so that you fight against a known enemy.

Amidst the issue, you must ensure your dog feeds on the best dog food for sensitive stomach diarrhea to enhance their health. Look out for limited ingredient diets, high-quality food, high digestibility food, and food containing prebiotics and probiotics.

This way you keep diarrhea at bay and your pup stays healthy always.

FAQs for Dogs With Loose Stools

What ingredient in dog food causes diarrhea?

The most common ingredients that cause running stool are gluten, dairy products, and some fruits. This could be due to lactose intolerance for dairy products and intolerance to gluten found in wheat, soy, and corn.

Is scrambled egg good for a pooch prone to diarrhea?

As a pet parent, it can be tempting to feed your dog with their favorite food for comfort. However, it is advisable to feed them with bland food until diarrhea ceases.

How do I stop my dog’s diarrhea when switching food?

One way to treat diarrhea when switching food is with a bland diet. It comprises limited ingredients made up of easily digestible protein and rice.

This will provide time for their digestive tract bacteria to familiarize themselves with the new food.

Alternatively, you can put them under a temporary fast for 12-24 hours. Feed them with water or rice water to give the gut some rest and clear out the cause.

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