Best Dog for Single Guys [Coolest Dog Breeds]

Dogs are mostly associated with family setups, but we should not forget the unattached folks.

Single guys also need that unconditional love from our furry friends. Not to make the life of a single guy seem sad, but a dog adds color to your life and home. You will go for walks with them, playing fun games and they will keep your home safe while you are away.

Guys have varying preferences and tastes, so when picking your ideal dog, consider the size, maintenance needs, personality, energy levels, and maturity. Check whether your new dog will be a suitable wing man as well.

7 Best Dog for Single Guys

1. Labrador Retriever

Labs are highly rated in the dog world and for a good reason. These beautiful pets are friendly, loving, easy to train, playful, and quite intelligent. They require regular exercise so they will fit perfectly into the life of an active fellow, someone who enjoys hiking, jogging, among other activities.

The friendly nature of the lab will surely help you meet new people. Strangers are friends to labs, and they might even go-ahead to throw them a ball. With this dog, a single man gets a loyal companion who loves water; hence they can accompany you to the beach.

Their webbed feet and water-resistant coats make them great swimmers who are big enough to catch a fish in flight. Labs are also low maintenance and generally healthy but watch out for health issues like patellar luxation, osteochondritis dissecans, and hip dysplasia.

2. Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are my favorite dogs; they are gorgeous and very active. Huskies are ideal for an outdoorsy man as they enjoy swimming, chasing, hiking, exploring, and engaging in other outdoor activities. They generally friendly, and once they warm up to you, you will have a lifetime of friendship.

However, be ready to deal with their stubbornness; you husky might talk back at you through moaning and whining when you ask them to do something. Nevertheless, this should not discourage these animals are loyal companions. This is a sassy and vocal breed.

These gorgeous looking dogs with piercing eyes and an elegant coat are perfect for you if you live an active lifestyle. Make sure you do not mind a bit of cleaning as their fur will surely cover every inch of your house.

3. Australian Shepherd Dog

You might assume that this breed is native to Australia because of their name; they came from Spain. This breed is ideal for a guy who is not keen on doing so much grooming and training. These loyal and bright will not take so much space but make sure they have enough space for running.

Females are a better choice for a guy as these dogs usually latch on one person, and female words are attracted to a male owner. Your dog will make a great sidekick in all the activities. They like learning and will enjoy learning new tricks, going to work with you, and camping trips.

4. English Bulldog

English bulldogs are not fond of exercising; they prefer spending time on the couch. This breed is, therefore, ideal for a single man who has limited time to exercise the dog. Short walks are enough to keep this dog happy and happy. They are adorable dogs with a kind, loving and generous hearts

Your English bulldog will not be enthusiastic about joining you for an activity that involves running. However, they will make it up to you by providing companionship on the couch and while you are watching sports over the weekends. Their cartoon mannerisms will also keep you entertained.

5. Alaskan Malamute

If you are a guy with lots of energy and likes to engage in fun activities outdoors, then you should consider owning an Alaskan malamute. These cool dogs look like a wolf, but they are big babies who just want to play, play, and keep playing. If you have plenty of time to exercise, go camping, hiking, running, and going to the park, then this is your dog.

Invest in plenty of toys as these dogs like to play catch, fetch, and tug and make sure you have enough space in the house and backyard before getting this dog. They are large and robust animals who like being outdoors roaming, running, and playing. You need to be a firm leader, or your Malamute will disobey you and do as he/she pleases.

6. Great Dane

A Great Dane will help you meet new people; your dog will catch the eye of everyone wherever you will go, who will comment on its huge size. Great Danes are sensitive, gentle, calm, and loving dogs who surprisingly do not need lots of exercise. Danes are thoughtful dogs who love to take a massive gulp of water then pour half of it on your lap just to show their love for you.

Their low energy makes them suitable for a guy who lives in an apartment. It is a big dog who makes a perfect lap dog that will enjoy snuggling up to you on the couch and bed if you have enough room. Their quiet and gentle nature makes them ideal for a guy who works or studies from home.

7. Border Collie

You are going to appreciate the intelligence of a collie; if you are an athletic and competitive guy who enjoys teaching tricks will love this dog. They are loyal, calm, and affectionate dogs with enormous energy that is well suited for herding, playing flyball, and taking agility classes. These activities will allow you to meet other people who love dogs.

You have to keep up with the energy and stamina of the collie. Your collie will keep up with you during light to a challenging activity. This dog will be happy to accompany you outside, with enough energy and time to keep up with a collie, you get a loyal dog to make great memories.

Carefully think about the dog that will best fit into your lifestyle and make sure you are ready to share your personal space with a furry friend.

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