Best Dog for Single Working Person [People Who Work All Day]

Dogs are fun-loving animals; they are pack animals who enjoy the company of other animals and humans.

Different breeds require more exercise and companion than others. When choosing the best dog for single working person, make sure you consider the level of entertainment they will expect.

The right breed will improve the quality of your life and that of your fluffy partner. Single people who work all day need an independent dog that will eat, drink water, and spend quality time on their own.

5 Best Dog for Single Working Person

1. Basset Hound

A basset will spend time sleeping while you are out working. Although they enjoy using their nose and walking around the house, they have relatively low energy, so the chances for boredom are low.  This dog was originally a hunting dog; they have other qualities, including sitting on the couch and curling up on your lap when you come home in the evening.

Do not let the fact that your basset is generally calm and laid back fool you. They make brilliant watchdogs will be happy to protect their home while you are away. Training this dog will be an exciting adventure; they are quite stubborn but respond to positive reinforcements like rewards.

It is better to introduce them to varying experiences and people at a young age. Walks with your basset are quite essential. You do not want your dog to be a couch potato; let them spend time jumping around and sniff things.

Regular walks make them happy but also good for their health; bassets are susceptible to obesity, and excess weight stresses their joints. Proper grooming is also mandatory, but do not despair, this dog is low maintenance.

2. Shar Pei

This unique looking breed is fondly known for their devotion for their owner, short and bristly coat, and the loose, wrinkled skin. They make excellent companions who are ideal for someone who spends most of their day working. They are native to China and were mainly fighting and hunting dogs, but they are not too energetic.

The independent dog is cautious around strangers and will hover around you when you are around. Shar-Pei is calm, confident, alert, strong-willed, and aggressive and sociable when exposed to different people, experiences, and sights when still young.

You might be tempted to skip some walk sessions, but keep in mind that Shar-Pei enjoys and crave your company, so allocate some time out of your busy schedule for your dog. The best socialization exercises for this dog include visiting your friends' homes, puppy classes, going to busy parks, and attending outdoor events.

3. Maltese

Are you looking for a small fluffy companion but are afraid that your home is a bit compact? Worry not; a Maltese is an excellent  alternative for you. This little, hypoallergenic dog is not only stunning but offers great companionship for their owner and co-exists pretty well with cats.

The Maltese are great for a working individual. Your dog is happy to sleep on the couch the whole day, waiting for you to come back. They do not need long walks, and you not need to be anxious about them tearing up your apartment but get ready for a grand reunion full of snuggles when you come home.

The long hair mats if not combed regularly. To continue looking at the long white fluffy hair, set aside sometime in the evening to comb the dog’ hair and spend some quality time while at it. You can also seek the services of a professional groomer for short, even cut that way, you will only need to brush the hair.

4. The French Bulldog

Standing at 11 inches tall at the shoulder, the French Bulldog is a unique dog that makes excellent companions. Although they require companionship, they will not mind spending time on the couch while you are at work; make sure to spend some time with them when you come back. A daily short walk is enough to keep your Frenchie happy and healthy.

Due to their short faces, French Bulldogs do not do well in humid and hot environments, so keep them indoors. They do not frequently bark, making them ideal for apartments with neighbors. Frenchies are loyal and intelligent and will co-exist with other pets well.

The short, shiny, smooth, and elegant coat is low maintenance. An occasional brush is enough to keep its coat healthy and looking good. Watch out for skin lesions, flaky skins, scabs, and other signs of infections when grooming your French bulldog.

Frenchies may suffer from brachycephalic syndrome, allergies, hip dysplasia, Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and elongated soft palate. Other illnesses include cleft palate, Von Willebrand's disease, patellar luxation, and hemivertebrae. However, not every Frenchie will get any or some of these illnesses, but staying cautious and informed is paramount.

5. The Greyhound

Large dogs come with varying personalities. Some can be energetic, agile, and active, but some are laid back and happy to stay alone while you are away. The greyhound is one such dog, so if you need a large dog but go out to work every day, then this breed is your best bet.

These intelligent, independent animals with a cat-like personality can be wary around strangers but form friendships quickly. They are also sensitive, and if mistreated, they become shy and timid, so be sure to be kind to your dog. Most of the Greyhounds that people adopt are retired racers, so they are used to staying crated for about 20 hours a day. 

Create a conducive environment for this dog, and you will have a happy dog that will spend most of the time sleeping. Without regular exercise, a greyhound might run away, so set some time. They adapt quite easily, so when you train them on the habits of your home and let them enjoy their new environment, you will have a happy dog.

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