Cat Flea Treatment Comparison: 5 Best Flea Treatment for Cats Reviews in 2020

Those freeloaders have made an appearance - yet again!

And if you have spotted one flea on your cat- just know 50 or more are hiding somewhere.

You need a topical flea treatment for cats that is effective and fast in getting rid of the flea infestation. It can help to quickly restore your cats’ sanity from all the itching and scratching.

Unfortunately, the current market is flooded with dozens of flea treatment products, of which have a bad reputation among pet owners. This has only made the selection process harder.

So, what is the best way to find a flea treatment option that works for my cat?

There are three factors to consider when buying flea treatment.

First, consider if you want a topical treatment or a non-spot on solution. Second, consider the level of infestation in order to decide the most effective option for you cat. Lastly, consider the weight of your cat, since flea treatments are administered based on the cat’s body weight.

The good part is we have made it even easier by doing the leg work of researching and reviewing the best flea treatments for your cat.

In our flea treatment for cats review, we list the 5 top rated flea treatment brands that have been proven to work in preventing and eliminating flea infestation.





Seresto Flea and Tick Treatment

Editor's Pick

Bayer Advantage II

Most Popular

Cheristin for Cats

Best seller

Are you looking for an effective flea treatment that will last longer than 1 month?

The Sorento Flea and Tick Prevention And Treatment Collar is our top pick.

With thousands of positive customer reviews, this collar is a popular solution among cat parents. This is due to its effectiveness, duration of protection and value for money it provides.

The active ingredients used are imidacloprid and flumethrin, which kill and repel ticks and fleas within 12 hours of application.

What’s more?

These active ingredients work on contact and do not penetrate the skin. This means that fleas do not have to bite your kitty to die. The collar releases the active agent slowly and in low concentrations.

It then spreads to their whole body through natural oils on their skin.

Want to know the best part?

The collar will be effective for a continuous 8 months.

This means you get value for your money - that is almost a full year of protection from fleas and ticks.

It is also very convenient and easy to apply compared to spot on treatments which you have to do monthly. It measures 15 inches long, and it is the perfect size for all cat breeds.

You will not worry about your cat licking off the active ingredient. This collar is non greasy and odorless, and there are no irritable perfume or fragrance added to the collar.


You will simply love this collar because you can use it alongside other pet collars. It also has optional reflectors for added visibility during the night.

Additionally, it is water resistant, and it will remain effective even after contact with water or shampoo.


  • An effective flea treatment option- works within 12hours.
  • Provides 8 continuous months of protection.
  • It's odorless and non greasy.
  • Provides value for money.
  • Convenient and easy to put on.


  • For sensitive skin cats- can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Not suitable for kittens less than 10 weeks.

2. Cheristin for Cats

Fleas are resistant to most topical treatments in the market today.

That is why we strongly recommend Cheristin for cats if you are looking for a topical treatment which is 100% effective.

Cheristin is specifically designed for cats, a good choice to consider if you are looking for a fast acting solution to fleas.

To begin with, it starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, giving quick relief to your little kitty in record time. The active ingredient used is spinetoram, which kills adult fleas and continues to be effective for 6weeks.

Honestly, application of topical treatments can be messy. And it is good to see that the Cheristin brand is designed in a way that the treatment option is not as messy as other topical treatments.

The tip is rounded and soft so it will be gentle on the skin and coat of your fur baby as you apply.

And get this:

It is dries quickly, and it is non-greasy. Which means, your cat will not be leaking off any chemical as they do the regular grooming to remove loose hairs.

This treatment is a one size fits all formulation because it contains low dosages. It is a perfect option for multi-cat households, and it is suitable for cats weighing over 1.8 pounds and over 8 weeks old.

It is also available without prescription and can be purchased as a single dose, 3 doses and 6 doses, which gives you great value for money.


  • It is 98-100% effective.
  • Long lasting - 6 weeks protection
  • Relieves quickly - kills fleas within 30 minutes
  • Quick drying and non greasy
  • One size fits all formulation
  • Non messy application


  • Some experienced hair loss on area of application
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing cats.

3. Catego Fast Acting Flea & Tick Treatment (over 1.5 lbs)

Whether you are looking for a fast relief from a flea menace or you are simply looking for a preventative topical treatment for the upcoming flea season, Catego fast acting flea and tick treatment is a perfect option.

This flea treatment is ideal for cats weighing over 1.5 pounds.

Catego gives quick relief in about 6 hours compared to other brands that take over 12hours. This can help restore sanity to your cat from all the scratching within hours and provide protection for 30 more days.

Catego is an effective solution which deals with fleas in all the stages of their life cycle. It kills flea eggs, larvae, adult fleas, ticks and chewing lice. So you get to kill several birds with one stone.

This is because the formulation is a unique combination of active ingredients that guarantee fleas and ticks are killed without needing to bite your furry friend. The active ingredients are dinotefuran, fipronil and pyriproxyfen, which are safe for cats.

The applicator is also a patented design which makes application easy and minimizes risk of abrasion to the skin. Plus, the small volume package makes it convenient to apply and ensures most of the product gets into the skin to eliminate wastage.

To complement the patented applicator, this treatment is quick drying and non greasy. So you will be able to pet your fur baby without running through greasy tangled fur.

The Catego flea and tick treatment is budget-friendly, and a pack of 6 goes for about $50. Add this flea treatment to your cat’s medicine cabinet to ensure you are well equipped to deal with unwanted flea visitors.

Catego is a one size fits all solution. It can be used on cats weighing under 1.5 lbs and older than 6 weeks.


  • Gets rid of fleas in all stage of the life cycle.
  • Acts quickly - kills fleas within 6 hours.
  • Long lasting - 30 days protection.
  • Patented applicator makes application easy.
  • Small volume packaging ensures zero wastage
  • Fast drying and non greasy.


  • Can cause hair loss.

4. PETARMOR for Cats (over 1.5pounds)

Think of Petarmor as a “store” brand.

It is a good alternative from the popular brands such as Frontline Spot On flea treatment for cats. Even as a generic version, Petarmor helps you protect your furry baby from diseases such as Lyme disease caused by deer ticks.

While the other flea treatments use active ingredients which can kill adult fleas and larvae, the main ingredient used here is fipronil which does not kill larvae and eggs.

You will need to purchase the Petarmor plus which is formulated with the active ingredient methoprene that will help get rid of fleas in all their life cycle stages.

Therefore, if you have a large volume of infestation of fleas, this product may not be your ideal treatment.

In short, consider Petarmor for small volume flea infestation treatment which will not break your bank as compared to purchasing a popular brand which uses the same active ingredient.

From a price point, Petarmor has given a good bargain but the effectiveness of the product as reported by many customers is not impressive. It kills fleas within 24 hours from application.

That is a whole day to see results - not a quick solution.

We picked this flea treatment because it uses a vet quality flea treatment formula. And they have included 3 months supply of topical flea treatments inside the package.

As a tip, for you to get the best results apply this product directly to the dry skin of your cats’ back and between the shoulder blades monthly.


  • Vet quality formula.
  • Cheap price.
  • Kills and prevents adult fleas up to 30 days.
  • It is water resistant.


  • It does not kill fleas eggs and larvae.
  • Can cause burns - watch where you apply it.

5. Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention for Large Cats (over 9lbs)

Bayer is a popular brand for many reasons. But their fame comes down to their popular flea treatments for cats that have received dozens of 5-star ratings on the top ecommerce websites.

Look, this is a good option to consider if your cat is on the chunkier side weighing more than 9 pounds.

The formulation is vet recommended and kills fleas on contact. It will kill fleas in all their life cycle stages within 12 hours of application. This way, it breaks their transformation cycle and prevents future infestations for 30 days.

When it comes to application and packaging, Bayer Advantage II properly packaging for safety and it is easy to apply on your cat’s skin. It does not contain any fragrances that may trigger allergic reactions, and it is waterproof after 24 hours of application.


  • Effective for cats over 9lbs
  • Provides 30 days protection.
  • Vet recommended formulation
  • Waterproof after 24 hours of application.


  • Can cause reactions such as foaming on the mouth.

FAQ about Flea Treatment for Cats Reviews

Why does my cat keep getting fleas even after treatment?

Fleas are simply a menace. And to completely do away with them you will need to apply curative and preventative methods.

Most importantly, you should use treatments which kill fleas in all their 4 life cycle stages to prevent future infestations. That is, those with active ingredients which kill adult fleas, larvae and eggs.

Two, you should not only treat your cat but the areas where they play,, sleep, your living room furniture and yard. Lastly, keep treating them monthly or purchase a flea treatment collar which will repel fleas up to 8 months.

Why does my indoor cat keep getting fleas?

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, there are several ways they can get fleas.

One, if you have another outdoor pet like a dog, there is a likelihood that your cat got the fleas from the host. Another potential source, is you, the pet owner. In your regular movements in and outside the house, the fleas can get attached to your clothes, and pass them to your indoor cat.

Two, flea larvae can hibernate in a cocoon for about 2 years and adult fleas are great jumpers. Because indoor cats like lounging, they expose themselves to fleas. Lastly, they could be picking the fleas during vet visits. You know how it is- hospitals harbor many germs including fleas.

What if Frontline doesn’t work on my cat?

Frontline is a popular flea treatment brand among pet parents. However, in the recent past, fleas have grown resistant to the active ingredient used in Frontline. If you have consistently used Frontline flea treatment before, it is time to try alternatives such as Cheristin and Catego, which have proved to be effective in flea treatment.

What do vets recommend for fleas on cats?

Most vets recommend spot on treatments for cats with active ingredients such as fipronil, spinetoram and dinotefuran. The treatments are effective in killing fleas in all stages of their life cycle. They are easy to apply, waterproof and administered monthly. Good examples include Bayer Advantage II, Cheristin and Catego.

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