Best Invisible Fence for Cats Review & Ratings 2020

Cats are lovable animals. That is not in doubt.

However, their cheeky behavior can compromise an otherwise good relationship with their human parent.

Sometimes, she just wants to lazy around on your lap, and the next minute, she is on your rowdy neighbor’s compound. Or even worse, they are sited by the roadside spying birds and waiting for the next target.

While this helps her get active, it puts her in harms way. What if she is hit by a car while running after the birds? Or even worse, disappear in the thicket, leaving you in distress, not knowing where to find her.

Thankfully, you can install an invisible fence for cats to control your cat’s movements. This fence works by setting a boundary in your backyard, and it helps keep an eye on your cat without being actively involved.

And the good thing is, wireless fences for cats are 100% safe and are designed to control your fur ball’s movements without causing harm or injuries.

The invisible fence system is made up of a transmitter and a receiver collar that is attached to your kitty’s neck. The transmitter creates a containment zone by emitting radio signals. 

If you kitty happens to go past the boundary, a wireless signal is transmitted to the receiver collar. It will alert them to turn back towards the safe zone either by sound, vibration and static or a combination of these. 

And get this:

Choosing an electric fence for cats is as simple as determining whether you need it for indoors or outdoors use, the area of coverage you desire and the type of correctional mode on the receiver collar that suits your pet.





Pet Safe Wireless Cat Containment System

Editor's Pick

PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers with Adjustable Range

Best Budget

PetSafe In-ground Cat Fence for Cats over 6lbs

Best Value

Looking for an invisible fence that you can pack in your truck as you go camping?

The Pet Safe Wireless Cat Containment System is a perfect pick. This fence saves you the hustle of installing wires and digging holes in your backyard, as is the face with traditional fences.

This invisible fence has a high rating among pet owners who purchased it years ago, and still use it to keep their pets safe. It is quick to install, has a safe correctional mode and a adjustable coverage mode.

You can install and set up this containment system with 1 to 2 hours, or even less if you have some experience with invisible fences. This saves you a whole day of work if you were to install an in-ground fence that takes up to 2 days or more.

The transmitter is adjustable and expandable. It covers ½ acre and you can add more to create a larger containment area for your pup to enjoy more safe play space.

There is a training manual included to guide you on how to train your pet. What’s more, you get 50 flags to make the sessions fun and interactive. Most cats get familiar with the training with a few hours, and adjust quickly to the new play ground rules.

Importantly, the transmitter works with a wireless receiver collar, which gives a shock free correctional method whenever your feline crosses the boundary.

Not to worry;

In case your pet is temperamental, the correctional system features 5 adjustable levels of a gentle static on the receiver collar.

The receiver collar is battery-operated, and lasts for several months depending on your level of usage. It will give you a good 2-3 months of service. It also features an indicator which will light orange when it goes down and red when it needs recharging.

The adjustable and waterproof collar can fit cat necks ranging from 6-28 inches. It is also lightweight and recommended for pets weighing over 8 pounds.

But here’s the deal;

The containment system can work with an unlimited number of collars. This means you can smoothly monitor your brood of pets with different personalities by personalizing the correction mode on each receiver collar.

You will love this fence. It will save you the set up headache and give your pet the freedom they deserve to explore the outdoors.


  • Wireless - quick to install.
  • Sound only training mode.
  • Non static correctional mode.
  • Adjustable area of coverage.
  • Long lasting battery that lasts up to 3 months.
  • Its portable- hence great for camping and vacationing.
  • Compatible with multiple pets’ collars and fence transmitters.


  • Shape of the area of coverage is limited to circular.
  • Transmitter coverage limited by metal objects.
  • Collar not suitable for cats weighing less than 8 pounds

2. PetSafe Basic In ground Dog and Cat Fence

I am a fan of DIY projects, and I just had to add this cat fence to the list.

If you are looking for DIY project for the next weekend, get the PetSafe Basic In-ground fence today and have it delivered in a few days. You can install this fence on your own by following the instructions provided in the training manual.

This in-ground fence will keep your furry friend safe in your front and back yard. You can customize the installation according to your yard size and shape, regardless of how irregular it is.

Even better, this electric in-ground fence for cats has a friendly price point to give you value for your money.

To begin with, it comes with 500ft of 20 gauge wire which can cover up to ⅓ acre yard. If you have a larger yard, you can purchase additional wires to extend the coverage up to 5 acres.

And here comes the good part;

The correctional system has an over correction protection feature to keep your pet safe and secure. The collar will automatically switch off after 30sec if your cat does not reenter the safe zone. You have 4 levels of adjustable static.

The receiver collar is lightweight and adjustable to fit a cat with 6- 28 inches neck size and weighing more than 8 pounds.

And what’s more:

This in ground invisible fence will let you monitor an unlimited number of pets. This comes in handy when you throw parties and your guests and friends come with their pets.

It is compatible with all other pet safe collars excerpt one –the yard max receiver collar.


  • Customizable to cover yard size
  • Over correction protection collar
  • Adjustable and lightweight collar


  • Buried wires can be damaged by moles
  • Not suitable for cats weighing less than 8 pounds.

3. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers for Cats with Adjustable Range

Whether you want to replace bulky pet gates inside your home or restrict your cat from the pool area outside, the Pawz Away Pet invisible barrier fence is a perfect pick.

This pet barrier is easy to set up, and you can install it in less than one hour. This barrier is ideal for cats weighing more than 5 pounds.

The barrier transmitter is designed to electronically transmit a radio signal to your cat’s receiver collar to block them from leaving or entering the boundary.

The Pawz Away Pet Barrier works by restricting access to an area, by handing it on the wall, either vertically or horizontally. You can use it to restrict your cat from accessing the table room, the trash area or going over the stairs. This barrier is adjustable from 2 to 8 feet.

This pet barrier works by emitting a series of warning beeps if the cat gets near the boundary, followed by a gentle static correction if they cross the barrier. This alerts your cat that they can cross the boundary, and they should immediately retreat to the safe zone. The corrections automatically shut off after 15 seconds.

When it comes to size, the receiver collar is adjustable and waterproof. It is designed to fit cat’s weighing under 5 pounds, 6-28 inches neck size and under 40 inches tall.

What’s more?

An unlimited number of receiver collars can be added to the system to restrict multiple pets. And you can purchase more transmitters to restrict more areas inside or outside your home.

This invisible fence is perfect for indoor use, and it will keep your kitty safe from unrestricted areas, and you get to live in harmony together.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Great price point.
  • Adjustable range of coverage.
  • Waterproof, lightweight and adjustable receiver collar
  • Expandable to serve unlimited number of pet’s and restricted areas.


  • Not suitable for smaller kitties weighing under 5 pounds.

4. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Invisible Fence for Cats

SportDog Inground invisible fence is a state of the art design fence for dogs and cats.

The transmitter is powerful and comes with a 1000ft of wire to cover 1.3 acres of land. You can purchase more wire to contain your kitty to up to 100 acres of land.

Yes, you heard that right. It’s can cover a large-sized property.

Also, it has a break alarm system to detect problems with the wire and an inbuilt lightening protection. If a mole starts eating the wires buried under the ground, the fence will automatically send an alert.

The receiver collar gives you 3 options of progressive correction. It begins with a beep, then a vibration and finally a static level which is adjustable to fit your pet’s temperament.

The collar is waterproof and features a 9-volt battery which can last you 6 months to 1 year, depending on your use. In addition, it has an anti-linger feature to prevent your pet from draining the battery by hanging around the boundary area.

It is best suited for pet’s weighing more than 10 pounds and you can purchase more collars to handle more pets.

The SportDog fence comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Easy to install.
  • Anti linger receiver collar.
  • Lightening shock protection.
  • Can serve a multi pet household
  • Long lasting battery of up to 6-12months.
  • Powerful and Expandable transmitter to cover up to 100 acres.
  • Three options of correctional - sound, vibration and shock.


  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for cats weighing under 10 pounds

5. PetSafe In ground Cat Fence for Cats over 6lbs

The PetSafe In-ground fence is designed for cats weighting at least 6 lbs.

One unique feature of this fence is the stretch section of the collar. This feature allows pet owners to adjust the neck size for comfort and safety, especially in hairy cats.

The receiver is waterproof and adjustable to fit with neck sizes of between 6-11.5 inches. In addition, it has a battery indicator to keep you in the loop when it needs replacement.

When it comes to the correctional system, this receiver has 4 adjustable levels of static correction to fit your cat’s personality and a tone only mode for training.

You can also add an unlimited number of receiver collars to the system to monitor your kitties.

As a caution, the manufacturer advises against leaving the receiver collar on your kitty for more than 12 hours to avoid any irritation on their skin.

With this fence you will get the peace of mind that you deserve. No more worrying about your fur baby being stolen or worse being hit by a vehicle after wandering off to the street.


  • Specifically designed for cats weighing over 6lbs
  • Receiver collar is adjustable and lightweight
  • Has a stretch section to accommodate hairy cats.
  • Allows multiple collars to be added.


  • Shock correction can be overwhelming

FAQs about Invisible Fence for Cats Reviews

Do invisible fences work for cats?

The answer is a resounding yes! An invisible fence does work for cats. You only need to train your cat to use it. This takes about 2 weeks or less depending on individual cats.

Also, the invisible fence comes with a lightweight and waterproof receiver collar. The correctional modes can be adjusted to fit the cat’s temperament. If they cross the boundary, the receiver emits sound and static to notify them to return to the safe zone.

Can you put shock collars on cats?

Yes, you can use shock collars for cats. Although there is a raging debate on the safety of shock collars, shock collars that are primarily designed for cats have a gentle static shock that will not harm your cat. Plus, the static lasts for less than 30 seconds if the cat crosses the containment area.

What is the average price of an invisible fence?

The average price of an invisible fence varies from $60 - $300. The price depends on:

  • Design of the fence - whether it is in ground or wireless.
  • The type and number of transmitters needed.
  • The number of receiver collars you need for your pets.

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