No Pull Dog Harness: 5 Best Dog Leash for Pulling [Best for Dog Walking] in 2020

Your furry friend is adorable and nothing beats taking a walk with her as you bond more.

However, your adventurous dog has a habit of getting distracted by other dogs, and sometimes, falls into the temptation of chasing birds and squirrels into the woods.

The result is a pulling and dragging scenario that you dread. Dog leash pulling has been a safety hazard concern to pet owners. You could fall trying to redirect your dog.

Understandably, dogs are outdoor creatures. Nonetheless, the constant pulling can be managed with the right accessories.

The ideal accessory to manage your dog’s pulling behavior is to get a no pull dog harness and leash. This accessory helps restrain your dog from the temptation to run after other pets or disappear into the thickets. It also helps prevent injuries and chocking, which can be fatal.

We evaluated several dog leash brands in the market to determine the most durable and popular brands for the money. Check out the top picks below.





Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness

Editor's Pick

Harness Lead Escape Resistant


Pet Love No Pull Dog Harness

Best seller

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Pet Harness is an effective vest to tame pulling behavior in your furry friend during the evening walks. It features not only a no-pull leash but also a no-pull vest.

It features two metal rings that you can connect to the leash. One is fitted on the chest and another on the back. You will choose where to connect depending on the activity you are engaging in.

The chest clip comes in handy when you need to gain back your pooch’s attention while walking them. It does so by evenly distributing the pressure on the vest to prevent any choking accidents. On the other hand, the back clip is most suitable while hiking or jogging.

The Rabbitgoo is a hares’ free harness, quick to put on and off your friend without resistance. It is fitted with two fast-release buckles, which are non-slip and easy to use as well as an added top handle for instant control of your pet in case, they make a run for it.

Also, it has four adjustable straps around the body for a snug fit; two on each side of the chest and neck. They are good for customization and allowance for growth.

You do not have to worry about the weight as it's made of lightweight nylon material. It is also padded with a soft cushion for a comfortable feel on your pet’s skin.

Moreover, it features meshed inner lining material for fresh air movement on their skin during those outdoor nature walks.

In terms of safety, the Rabbitgoo No-Pull harness features bright reflective straps that enhance its visibility during evening walks or strolls.

Lastly, this no-pull harness comes in 6 bright colors and a black one with reflective material on it. Ensure you measure your pet carefully before selecting one from the seven sizes available.

With this leash, the outdoor adventures with your pooch will be pure fun without pulling incidents that dull your moments.

2. Harness Lead Escape Resistant

If you are looking for the best harness to prevent your pooch from escaping entirely, you should consider this all in one leash and harness combination.

It discourages pulling by tightening around the barrel only as opposed to the neck to prevent choking. It operates using your pup's pressure against the leash, to signal her to reduce her pace.

If your dog is a master in slipping off, this harness will tighten like a lead when they attempt to do so. Most importantly, it does not contain any buckles or metal materials that could hurt your pet.

It is made of hand spliced polyester, strong enough to hold a boat for the powerful dog puller. The straps are round in shape, which aids in reducing rubbing on your hands and on your pet too.

Although the leash comes in two sizes, its harness can be adjusted to any dog size or body type. You only need to ensure the movable black stops align with the dog’s front leg so that the dog is comfortable as she walks.

On the downside, this leash is not chew-proof, thus do not use it to tie your dog but rather only use it for walks.

3. 2-Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness with Leash

This no-pull dog harness with leash comes with high recommendations from the Whole Dog Journal and expert dog trainers. This is because of its multi-functionality in control and training purposes.

It features double rings, one on the back and another on the front that are attached to the double-ended leash for greater control of your pup.

The front clasping ring leash enables you to gain back the attention of your dog. The back ring leash which sits at the center of the chest discourages pulling, by gently pressing on their chest.

The harness is made of nylon and that explains its strength and ability to control dogs weighing up to 250 lbs. Besides, it is rustproof as the hardware parts of this harness and also the leash are made of stainless steel.

This Freedom harness has prioritized your pup’s comfort and safety. The chest strap which secures around the front legs and seams is made of Swiss Velvet. This is a soft material which helps prevent sores, chafing and rubbing.

This dual connection harness comes in a wide range of sizes. It also has four adjustable points to ensure it fits your pooch for effective control. It is available in unique colors for easy visibility.

The Freedom harness works great for dogs who have had amputations or suffer from arthritis.

Lastly, it is made in the USA and supports American workers. And it comes with a 100% manufacturer’s chewy guarantee for up to two straps.

4. Pet Love No Pull Dog Harness

Pet Love No Pull Dog Harness is a perfect fit harness to discourage your dog from pulling and dragging. A great option for a pet owner looking to avoid the collar and leash combination.

It is made of polyester material thus scratch resistant and durable for daily use. The lining is made of lightweight mesh material suitable for pups with sensitive skin.

What’s more, this Pet Love harness comes with soft sponge padding in the chest and belly area making it comfortable for your friend and reduce chances of chafing.

The straps are also adjustable for a custom fit according to size. Most importantly, they also have a special design stripe that is reflective at night. It is a great option for hunts at night with your hunting buddy.

This harness is easy to put on as well as remove. It also has a large loading capacity, which makes it endure power pulls from even large dog breeds. Therefore, no matter your dog’s strength, this harness can endure it.

Pet Love no pull dog harness comes in a range of eight sizes. Ensure you get the correct size after measuring your dog’s chest size for a proper fit. If you love color, there are five diverse colors to choose from.

Finally, this dog harness comes with a 90 days return warranty.

5. ThunderLeash No Pull Dog Leash

The ThunderLeash is a simple no-pull dog leash with a functional design. It is a 2-in-1 make and can act as a leash or a harness depending on your use. It is very easy to put on and also lightweight for long walks.

If you looking to go for a quick stroll with your pup for fresh air, connect the ThunderLeash to your dogs’ collar to work it as a regular leash.

However, if you know your furry friend gets quite excited and pulls during your walks, you will need to wrap the ThunderLeash around your dog’s torso, then slide it in the harness slot.

Therefore, when they charge, a small gentle pressure is applied to their chest. This is enough for you to take control of your dog and redirect them, thus preventing you from getting dragged behind your dog.

 It works great and will make your walks more pleasant for both of you.

ThunderLeash is made of heavy-duty waterproof nylon material thus sturdy enough to handle wear and tear emanating from pulling. Besides, the clips are made of stainless steel thus rustproof.

It is guaranteed to last.

The handle is also soft and padded to prevent injuries to your hands while the buckles can be adjusted to your preferred fit around your dog's chest.

Thunderleash comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. The length including handle and clasp is about 6 feet. Therefore, ensure you get the right size for your dog especially for big size dog breeds.

In case it fails the strength test or your pooch still manages to drag you behind, ThunderLeash comes with a 100% satisfaction warranty.

Choosing the Best Dog Leash for Pulling

You now know that there is hope for you to enjoy safe walks with your pup using a no-pull leash.

However, there are a myriad of brands and makes in the market to choose from and it can get confusing settling on one.

Below are the most important factors to consider before purchasing a no-pull leash:


As a pet parent, it is important to measure the size of your pup before selecting a no-pull leash. Do not get a larger size for it will slip off, the smaller size, on the other hand, could get too tight and dig into their skin.

Consider a proper fit and take note of manufacturer specifications to get the right choice. Also, consider one with adjustable features for a perfect fit.

Check the length of the leash depending on your preference or use. It can be of a fixed, retractable or adjustable length.

It is also important to know the weight of your dog; some large breeds can break out of the leash easily. Choose one with enough strength to withstand a powerful dog pull.

Type of Material

The material used to make the leash should be durable to withstand everyday wear and tear. It should also be lightweight and easy to clean. Importantly, the clips should be rustproof.

Also, its straps and vest should be padded enough to evenly distribute the force on their bodies when you stop them from pulling. The inner lining should be breathable and soft to prevent chafing on the skin.

The edges of the harness should also be smooth to prevent injuries to their skin from the rubbing. In terms of safety; the leash should have some reflective capability for added visibility.

Take note if the material is chew proof. Lastly, check whether the manufacturer gives a warranty on the product to ensure customer satisfaction.


The design should be effective and safe for you and your pet, in stopping their pulling habit. A combination of a no-pull leash and harness or vest not only helps in reducing pressure on the neck but also preventing choking.


No pet owner wants their pup to be controlling and unruly during their walks as it is not only dangerous to them but others as well.  It will be helpful to know your dog’s pulling triggers and handle them accordingly.

In the meantime, purchasing a no-pull leash or harness is the most effective management tool. Just ensure you choose a proper size to prevent it from slipping off. It should be easy to put on and remove for those quick runs.

Also, the design of the leash should be functional and safe from choking accidents. Lastly, the material should be durable and have a breathable lining for their comfort.

Now you have a good idea of what to look out for when choosing a no-pull leash for your pup friend. Once you get your hands on one from the five above, within a few tries, they will get used to the leash. Significantly, you will have successfully handled this annoying pulling behavior.


Will a harness stop a dog from pulling?

Yes, a no pull dog harness is designed to help discourage pulling during walks, strolls or runs with your pet. It does so by giving you back control of your pup when they get distracted and begin pulling.  

Why do dogs pull on the leash?

Dogs are excitable creatures.

During a walk, they might want to move faster than your speed, run towards other dogs or they could be running towards a squirrel when their hunting instincts kick in.

They simply want to explore the surroundings and experience the outdoors.

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