Best nail clippers for cats: 12 Best Nail Clippers and Claw Trimmers

12 Best Nail Clippers and Claw Trimmers for Cats in 2020

Being a pet parent is one of the best things ever but just like every job it comes with a few duties that are a must to do.

Such a chore is nail trimming, most cats like pet parents don’t enjoy this chore and you should not blame them either. Trimming your cat’s nails is important and it should be done regularly.

Here are some reasons why it is important to trim your cats nail:

To keep your cat healthy and safe

We will be discussing the process of nail trimming, how to use nail clippers effectively and the best nail clippers for your cat in this article.

We have reviewed these products based on: quality, efficiency, comfort, ease and price.

In addition we have looked at the pros and cons of each nail clipper also. Here are 12 of the best nail clippers we have reviewed:

1. Boshel Nail Clippers and Trimmer

The Boshel Nail Clippers and Trimmer is our number one choice for best nail clippers for cats. It is one of the most popular choices for many pet parents.

It is designed for safety to both cats and dogs and professionals recommend it highly. The nail clipper has locking blades and has a built-in safety guard.

The nail clipper also has a mini nail file to help smoothen your cat’s claw after trimming them.


The nail clipper is easy to use

Recommended by professionals

It is sturdy and has a non-slip grip to help in precision

The design is user


It is quite expensive

It has extremely sharp blades that require caution when handling

2. Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless

This nail grooming and grinding tool is very effective compared to guillotine or scissors.Be assured to get a good grooming experience.

It is light in weight and has a variable speed design to easily sand down your cats nail instead of clipping them. The nail clipper is very gentle and its cordless design is easy to use.

This nail grooming tool is very comfortable on your animals’ paws.


It can be used with a variety of bands and drums

It has variable speed

Efficient for cats with thicker nails


Has a two year warranty


It is battery operated so it has to be recharged

It lacks instructions according to some people

Some sensitive cats don’t like the noise

3. Epica

The Epica nail clippers offer ergonomic rubber handles that give you confident handling ad safety. The blades have a semicircular design that is sharp and easy to use by squeezing them gently.

You don’t have to worry anymore about hurting your little feline because they are very safe. The clippers are the best to use for slightly large cats than small kittens.


The nail clipper has a lifetime warranty

It has very durable stainless blades

These blades are also very sharp

To avoid damaging your cat claws the nail clippers have a safety lock

The nail clippers also have anti-slip handles that will give you more confident grasp


The nail clippers are not fit for small cats

4. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

The Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder has a very fancy look but it will always do a good job in trimming your cat’s nails. It has three port varieties that are easy to switch to take care of your kitten.

You can switch it to large, medium or small. This grinder has a durable grinding material and design that reduces the risk of cutting your feline friend accidentally.

Professional nail trimmers and people who have been pet parents for long will always prefer using grinders instead of clippers.

This is because they feel more in control when using grinders. If you have a very sensitive cat this may not be the right tool for you because it makes some noise that may be irritating to your cat.


It uses electricity but is also portable and can be charged with USB support

It has a diamond grinder that works as well as a typical pair of pliers

The grinder is ideal for a household with multiple cats of different sizes because of the three different ports

It has a quiet motor

This grinder is easy to clean


This grinder is not effective for thick nails

It is time consuming compared to clippers

5. Pet Republique Dog and Cat Nail Clipper

The Pet Republique Dog and Cat Nail Clipper is well used tool among professional nail trimmers such as groomers, veterinarians and veterinary tech from Pet Republique.

These tiny clippers are the best for kittens and tiny cats. This Company donates 15% of their profit to nonprofit American Animal Rescue Society.


The clipper is durable

It is easy to use

This nail clipper is approved by professionals

Some of their profit goes towards helping animals in need



It lacks a safety nail guard

Some people say that the small handles make their fingers tired

It is not good to use on large cat claws


6. GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with Nail File

The GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with Nail File are a sharp, strong and tough product from GoPets. The nail clippers cut your cats nails very smoothly.

They also have anti slip handles that makes them easy on your grip. Like many of the nail clippers we have reviewed this ail clipper also has a safety lade to reduce the risk of injuring your cat.


The anti-grip handles make them comfortable to hold

The nail clipper has durable blades make of stainless steel that will remain sharp

It has another added feature, a file that is very important after cutting your cats nail.

The nail clippers have lifetime guarantee


It is not advisable to use on sensitive cats because it is a little bit noisy


7. Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Clippers and Trimmers

The Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Clippers and Trimmers give you the best nail cutting experience. The nail clippers ensure you and your cat have a comfortable nail cutting experience.

These are the reasons many reviewers prefer these clippers. The blades are also sharp to help you do your job quickly.

The clippers also come with a nail file to use on your pets after trimming the nails to reduce snags and splinters



The simple design is great for beginners

It is safe to use on kitties

This nail clipper has an added file to smoothen and polish your cat claws

It has a kid safe design to keep it closed when not in use


The blades are not as durable compared to other models



8. Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper

The Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clipper is made very simple and easy to use. They are sharp, reliable and safe for you and your pet.

The clippers also have a safety lock to keep the blades safe when not in use.


It is affordable

It has a safety lock

Good all round


The handles are not the best for non-slip

The clippers may be tough to handle when using with rambunctious pets

9. I-pure items Nail Grinder

If you prefer grinders to nail clippers then this nail care tool from I-pure is your best option. Manufactures upgraded this device recently to include a very powerful motor.

The motor enhances its speed without sacrificing the grinders’ safety. The grinder will help you trim your cat’s nails efficient and within the shortest time possible.

The diamond bit grinder increase a maximum of 50db of noise which will not scare or irritate your kitty. The grinder has three size options to help accommodate your cats of different ages and size.


It is versatile

The grinder is stylish

It is easy to use

It can be used on different sized pets


Some people find it a little too loud for their pets

It is quite expensive


10. CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

The CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers come with durable blade made of stainless steel. These nail clippers have a lifetime warranty.

These nail clippers are made to give you and your feline friend a good nail cutting experience.

They also have a safety switch to help you use them on cats of different sizes.


The nail clippers have a slip0proof handle

They are affordable It has a safety guard and lock


The spring-loaded mechanism is tough to engage according to some people

11. Zerhunt Nail Clippers, Grooming Tools

The Zerhunt Nail Clippers, Grooming Tools is another rechargeable pet nail grinder in this list. Thanks to the multiple sized ports you can use them on pets of different sizes.

The safety guard keeps you from accidentally hurting your feline friend.

It has a very low vibration that keeps your kitty comfortable and he will not try to get away when using it on him.


The grinder is cost effective and includes a nail file and trimmer

The grinder is convenient

It is comfortable for your cat because of the reduced noise

It is rechargeable and can be used without connecting it to a power source


This grinder is not convenient for large cats

The battery life is a little low

12. H&H Cat Nail Clippers

The H&H Cat Nail Clippers is the last item in our list. The professional nail trimmers from H&H are cheap and easy to use. They have a basic design.

The nail clippers are not convenient to use on thicker or stronger claws. This company also gives 15% of their profit to non-profit animal rescue organizations.


The company donates to non-profit rescue organizations

The handles are sturdy and have rubber for easy control


The nail clippers don’t have a safety guard meaning your pet is a little exposed

Some reviewers say that the blades don’t cut effectively instead they squish or splinter their pet’s nails

What Are Cat Nail Clippers and Why Should I Use Them?

Nail clippers are the not hygienic yet safe and humane way to trim your cat’s claws. You can use dog nail trimmers or human nail scissors to trim a cat’s nail but it is not recommended.

Here is why they are not recommended:

The kitties nails are too short and using blades other than professional nail clippers may cause injury to your feline friend paws that can be serious.

Cutting too deep in your kitties’ claw can increase his risk of infection too. This is the reason most nail clippers have a safety features which include: locking blades and nail guards.

How do I use a nail clipper?

Cutting your cats nail is a simple but effective technique you should learn to keep your feline friend safe and healthy. Proper nail care is also important for your kitties and family health.

Apart from using the right nail clipper for your feline friend it is very important to know how to use the nail clipper correctly.

Getting your cat to sit while trimming his nails may be a nearly impossible task. Plenty of kitties will take off when they see those sharp stainless steel blades.

If you are not sure of how to do the trimming you should consult the veterinary.

Meanwhile here are some tips on how to trim your cats nails.

Start trimming their nails when young, the earlier you introduce your cat to nail trimming the earlier he will get to used

Reward him, reward your feline friend after nail trimming like giving him special food or touch his little feet, this is to give him motivation even if he does not like it

Ensure your pet is still when cutting his nails; this is to make it easier and safe for you and your pet. You can do this by holding him in your lap

Squeeze your cats toe between your thumb and forefingers; this is to ensure you expose his claws

Hold the nail clipper perpendicularly, holding the locking blades parallel can cause the claw to split and splinter

The nails should be cut from top to bottom and not side to side so if you are using a guillotine make sure the sharp blades face you

Always remember to keep the nail cutting experience as comfortable as possible for your feline friend. Try using a soothing voice and be firm bet gentle. You should make sure to watch on your health too.

Here is what to consider before buying nail clippers

It is perfectly understandable to have a lot of questions about nail trimming. Keep the following factors in mind top help ease your mind about this process.

Whether you are a new pet parent or a professional nail trimmer or groomer. The best nail trimmers are the ones that you feel most comfortable to hold in your hands.

Always Feel free to ask the vet or check in the pet store for samples to test out and hold first. How many times do you rim your cat’s nails?

Sharp blades may start to dull when used frequently and you will need to replace them .This is why you should look for durable nail clippers of you have a lot of kitties.

You may also like nail clippers with replaceable blades or one that is not very expensive and can be replaced as time goes by.

What is your pet’s size? Some nail clippers are too small to use on large animals while others are too large to use on tiny animals.

What is the problem of my cat having long nails?

We all know how sharp nails can be. If you let your kitties nail grow too long you can experience some problems. Some of the most common problems associated with a cat having long nails include:

They easily get snagged in fabrics such as clothes and rugs. This can damage the rugs and clothes or even risk your cat’s nail from being torn and ripped which will be very painful to your feline friend.

If you let the nail grow too long it may start curling inwards and start putting pressure on the kitty’s paws and become ingrown.

This will cause your feline friend a lot of pain and he may end up having difficulty while walking or grooming him. This could eventually cause infection in your animals paw that could end up being life threatening.

Long nails could also pose danger to a pet parent if you get scratched. You may have suffered the fate of cat scratches as a pet parent which is painful and could also lead to infection.


Here are questions pet parents ask frequently


Do cats trim their own nails?

Most cats can do a decent job in keeping their nails short. They will try keeping their nails short by using a scratching post, biting or chewing their claws.

Outdoor cats can keep their nails short by walking on rough surfaces like sand and gravel which will naturally file down their nails.

Nails can however be notoriously sharp and they tend to grow in layers also. This means that they may not be able to get off all the layers of nail when by biting them regularly or using a scratching post.

Your kitty may suffer from problems such as: ingrown nails, dammed nails or infections if the older layer does not come out. This is why you should trim your cats nail regularly.

Cain I use human nails clippers to trim my cats’ nails?

Yes, human nail clippers can be used to trim your cats nail. In fact most pet parents will find it more comfortable to trim their cats nails using human nail clippers instead of the cat nail clippers.

It is however important to realize that human nail clippers don’t come with many of the safety features that you will find in cat nail clippers.

These features include guards that will prevent you from getting too close to the quick. There also some risk of contracting infection when you use a clipper that has been used on your cat to yourself.

If you want to use a human nail clipper on your cat make sure you buy a pair that you will only use on her. Make sure you also use the right techniques when cutting your cats nails.

One of these techniques is using the blades perpendicularly and cutting the nails from top to bottom instead of side to side.

Why do my cats claws get thick?

There are a number of reasons that make cat claws to grow thick and this include:

Hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism can make cat claws to overgrow and become thick.

Arthritis, it gives your cat a hard time when doing basic self-grooming

Diabetes, it causes poor blood circulation in your kitty’s paws limiting the amount of nutrients that get in your cats nail bed

Note that any condition that causes poor blood circulation will limit the amount of nutrients getting to your cats nail bed. This in turn increases the chance of your cat’s nails becoming thick, overgrown or ingrown.

Can a scratching post help in trimming my cat’s nails?

Cats love having a scratching post though the device won’t necessarily trim his nails. A scratching post tends to scratch off the older outer layer of your cats nails instead of trimming them.

Will my cat stop scratching things if I clip his nails?

It is normal for cats to scratch things and clipping his nails is unlikely to stop this behavior. Just like ‘wild cousins’ here are some reasons why kitties scratch:

To exercise their muscles and joints

To remove the older outer layer of her nails revealing a smoother new layer underneath

Cats also scratch to mark their territory, When scratching cats secrete odor from their scent glands that they will use to mark a no go zone for other cats.

These are the reasons why it is important to provide your cat with an appropriate and safer place to scratch. It allows him to mark his territory and still not put his health at risk.



Nail trimming should be an amazing experience for you and your cat. This can be done by using the right nail clippers and using the right techniques.

The right nail trimmers should have a safety guard and a lock among others. With the right techniques involve cutting the nails from top to bottom instead of side to side among others.

With the right techniques and tool in no time you will be cutting you pets nails with ease.

Using the guide we have given the nail trimming process will become a wonderful bonding experience that you and your feline friend will be looking forward to.

You should be having an idea of the best nail clipper to purchase for your poet by now.

Keep this list close when you start shopping and comparing the price of pet nail clippers or rather click the links we have given to purchase the nail clippers.

Be sure to share the articles with other pet parents who would appreciate knowing how to take care of their pets nails or rather get the best nail clippers for cats.

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