Best over the counter cat dewormer: 5 best dewormers

5 Best over the counter cat dewormer: 5 best dewormers

Worm infestation may lead too pretty huge complications in cats.Cats can contact parasites in very many ways. Fortunately for you there is a number of ways and dewormers to treat them.

The best to deal with worms is looking for the dewormer that targets the specific worm affecting your cat. Many at times a single active ingredient can tackle more than one type of worm.

Some of the worms that affect cats include roundworms, tapeworms and hookworms and you will need to find the effective dewormers for the different worms affecting your cat.

Here is a list of some of the best over the counter cat dewormer.

1.Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer (Best Tapeworm Dewormer)


The Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer is the most appropriate for a cat over six weeks of age. The tablets are the best Tapeworm Dewormer available in the market currently.

Bayer is not a new name in the market. It has been a trusted brand that has been helping both humans and pets. The tablets have a formula that takes care of tapeworms within 24 hours.

If your cat has tapeworm and falls in this age bracket then I would recommend you try this dewormer before any other. The dewormer is really very efficient and kills tapeworms quickly with just a single dosage.

This package will contain 3 tablets. Every tablet will contain 23mg of praziquantel which is an active ingredient. This active ingredient will have completed its work in less than an hour.

The dewormer will have left the cats system after less than 24 hours. It will take with it any tapeworm present. You should also ensure you read the instructions carefully.

Cats weighing below 4lbs will only require half a tablet. You will only require a single dose to deal with every infection. The tablet is a bit pricy but this is very economical considering it is very effective.

You will also be left with 2 spare tablets incase the infestation reoccurs.

2.Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer (Best All Round Dewormer)


The Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum  is the best all round dewormer available in the market. It is the best option when you are dealing with multiple infestations.

With just a single tablet all your problems are over. The dewormer is made to deal with different types of worms such as: tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms.

All this will just be wiped after just a single dose. The tub normally has 50 doses. Bulk purchases make it cheaper for people with multiple cats or are planning to use it multiple times.

3.Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat Dewormer (Best Roundworm Dewormer)


The Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat Dewormer is a first working liquid dewormer for getting rid of round worms. It uses an active ingredient known as piperazine citrate.

Liquid application is also much easier than using tablets. You will only need to add a few drops of the dewormer to the cat’s meal which is easier than trying to hide pills in their food.

You should give your cat a ¼ tea spoon of the dewormer for every 2.5lbs of body weight. We also recommend that you administer another dose after two weeks.

After the two doses you should also try to administer another dose after every month to prevent your cat from being reinfested with the roundworms. The dose is not suitable for pregnant or nursing cats.

4.ProSense Liquid Roundworm Dewormer (Best Budget Roundworm Dewormer)


ProSense Liquid Roundworm dewormer is a super-efficient and very affordable for deworming roundworms. It uses an active ingredient called piperazine citrate.

This is suitable for cats that are over six weeks of age. It is among the best roundworms dewormer.  Being liquid makes it easier to administer to cats.

You just need to add a few droplets to food regularly to avoid reinfestation. We have personally had a successful experience with this dewormer.

We highly recommend this dewormer ad a treatment and preventive measure. The price is also friendly.

5.HomeoPet WRM Clear Dewormer (Best Natural Dewormer)


The HomeoPet WRM Clear Dewormer is very effective and cat friendly dewormer.

It will also deals with all types of worms. It takes a different approach to dealing with worms’ .

Rather than killing the worms it works using natural ingredients to create an environment that worms cannot live in.

The worms will then be removed from your cats body without using ingredients that may be potentially harsh for your cat.

The all natural occurring ingredients in this dewormer make it suitable for cats of all ages. It is highly recommendable compared to chemical based dewormers.


Buyers Guide


Unfortunately intestinal parasites are common to all pets in the world. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor cat you are likely to encounter or have encountered worms.

If your cat is infested with worms a veterinarian prescription will be helpful for getting the right dewormer. If you cat has mild infection you won’t need to visit the veterinary.

Mild infections can be treated at home using over the counter products.

Types of Intestinal worms


While looking for the best dewormer for your cat you will first have to figure the type of worm that is affecting your cat. Here is a list of three of the most common worms you will find :



Tapeworms attack your cat when they ingest a flea  carrying tapeworm eggs. Once the worms are in the cat they will latch on to the interstines. The worms rob nutrients from your cat.

The cat will eventually lose weight and become sickly. The worm segments may be seen in your cats faeces .You may also observe your cat suffering from diarrhea nad lack of appetite.




Round worms are very common in cats and it is very important to find and treat them at an early stage. A cat contracts the worms after eating round worm eggs.

Some of the signs that will help you know that your cat has round worms include: loss of appetite, bloated stomach and general body weakness.




Hookworms are likely to attack cats when they ingest the eggs. These can also be contacted when a cat walks on soil that is contaminated with hookworms.

The worms can also spreadfrom one cat to another .The worms are shed through faeces and if cats share a litter box. Hookworms cannot be seen with our naked eyes and you will need diagnisis from a veterinarian.

When a cat is infected with hookworms you may start noticing lesions on the bottom of their feet at the early stages.

Some other noticeable symptoms that may follow will include :cough, diarrhea and or constipation.

Hookworms can become fatal at later stages and for this reason they should be found and treated early.

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