6 Best Plastic Dog Crate for Travel & Daily Use (Airline-Approved) in 2020

Looking forward to an upcoming adventure with your pup? You are probably done with packing all the essentials you will need for the flight. But wait, how about your dog’s crate?

Plastic dog crates are preferred for air travel due to the compactness and lightweight nature. However, not all dog crates meet the IATA requirements for international flights. You need to have an airline-approved hard-case plastic carrier. 

Plastic dog crates are light, offer secure privacy for your dog thus satisfying her natural instincts and also offers better insulation for your pup.

In this article, we take you through what a plastic dog cage is, how it is different from other types of crates, its pros and cons and key features to look out for when shopping for a plastic dog crate. 





Petmate Two Door Dog Crate

Best Budget

Petmate Ultra Vari

Editor's Pick

Aspen Pet Porter Dog Crate

Best Value

Why a Plastic Dog Crate?

One notable feature of this crate is the type of material used to build it, that is, plastic.

However, there are other pieces like steel wires, bolts, and nuts. Besides, there are crates made of pure plastic except for the doors or ventilation.

Because of the materials used to build it, the crate is relatively light compared to the other types of dog crates.

However, don’t mistake this for weakness.

For those heavy-duty plastic dog crates, they are built with solid sturdy materials. Though they can be slightly heavier than the standard plastic crates, they are unbreakable.

What’s more, there are plastic crates that are assembled with steel bolts and nuts.

Unlike plastic crates with plastic clippers, crates assembled with steel bolts and nuts, are not easy to break.  It will require a hellish fight to break one.

One caveat though, they are not that great for your daily use, especially for those mule stubborn breeds of dogs.

As such, to use this type of crate, your dog should be well-behaved.

Like any other product with advantages and disadvantages, plastic crates are not exceptional.

Therefore, before we get into the practical use of a plastic crate, let’s get into the details of the pros and cons.

5 Best Plastic Dog Crates for Travelling

1. Petmate Two Door Dog Crate (Best for small dogs)

When it comes to shape and design, the Petmate two door plastic dog carrier wins.

It has a combination of four different shades of colors to choose from. The blend of:

  • Pearl Honey Rose with Coffee Grounds
  • Pearl White with Coffee Grounds
  • Steel Pearl Ash Blue with Coffee Grounds
  • Steel Pearl Tan with Coffee Grounds

With this combination of colors, there is nothing that can stop you from coupling it with your alluring small dog. Even at your home, you’ll have something appealing and ready to blend with your décor.

When it comes to size, the crate features a 24 inches long space with the overall dimensions of 24 L x 16.8 W x 14.5 H inches.  

Therefore, the crate can hold small dogs and other small pets like the cat.  So, if you have a dog whose height ranges from 9 -12 inches and its length is at most 20 inches, this is the crate for you.

The crate is also reinforced with a durable plastic material that enhances its longevity. But what makes it even safer, it’s the way it is assembled.

The manufactures have made it easy to disassemble and assemble this crate. Thanks to the wingnuts-and-bolt design, you’ll not even need a screwdriver to fasten it.

When it comes to doors, this dog crate has you in mind.

First, it has two doors; the top and normal door ready for convenience. Secondly, the doors are all about the safety of your dog. They are all built with steel and easy to operate latches. Let’s just say, there is no way your small Fido can find its way out once inside the crate.

Although Petmate claims that the crate is airline approved, for those airlines that strictly adhere to the IATA regulations, you may not pass the test because of the top door.

Nevertheless, the top door comes handy when it comes to crate training your small dog or puppy. With its easy to squeeze latch, you’ll be able to open the door at your convenience.

Also, the door offers an open big space to slide both your hands inside and assist the dog whenever the need arises.

Though the crate has more than four ventilation sources, these rounded vents can become a hazard because they are a little bit bigger and sharper to the edges.

In rare cases, if your pup tries to squeeze its little nose through them, they can easily nip it off.

Although I think its manufacturer would have considered wire vents like at the doors or smaller vents, nonetheless, they offer ample ventilation and maximum visibility.

At least, if the airlines don’t flag you for the top door, they won’t do it for the vents.

Here are my general recommendations regarding who should buy this crate.

Who Should Buy The Petmate Two Door Plastic Dog Cage?

If you are a pet parent to a small dog breed like Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Havanese, and Bichon Frise, then this dog crate is for you.

Alternatively, purchase a bigger dog crate with a divider that will allow you to use it even when your puppy grows.

Lastly, if you are sure that your local airline will allow it, then go ahead and buy it. However, if you intend to use it during international flights, just know they will flag it because of the top door.

Top Features

  • Top Loading door
  • Ample ventilation
  • It’s built with durable plastic
  • Fastened with wingnut-and-bolt design
  • Has two steel doors
  • Squeezable latches

What I liked about the Petmate Two Door dog crate

  • It’s is sturdily built.
  • It comes with 4 different shades of colors
  • It has a top door for easy handling of pets inside the crate.
  • It has steel doors
  • It has easy to operate latches
  • It has a wingnut-and-bolt design for easy fastening
  • For a small dog, it’s spacious
  • It is budget-friendly

What I did not like about the Petmate Two Door dog crate

  • The top door will make strict airline flag you
  • The round vents can cause nose-injury.

2. Petmate Ultra Vari (Best for indoors and road travel)

The Petmate Ultra Vari is yet another crate from the Petmate.

Unlike the Petmate Two Door crate, Petmate Ultra Vari is built for every dog owner. With up to six different sizes of crates to choose from, you can be sure you’ll never miss a specific size for your dog.

What I love most about the crate beside the different sizes the manufacturer offers, is the given ranges of weight the crates can hold.

With the specifications, you are almost assured that you’ll not only be buying a crate for the size of your dog, but also a crate that can withstand her weight.

When it comes to color shades, unfortunately, you have a limited pallet of colors to choose from. Apart from the small size which you can choose between bleached linen and blue, all the other sizes have a similar color of tauple on the upper part and black on the lower part.

You will appreciate the durability of the Petmate Ultra Vari crate. The crate’s outer shell is built with durable plastic material and reinforced with quality steel bolts to fasten the upper and the lower parts.

It’s even made stronger with steel doors and the side vents.

So far by the looks of it and by all means, it satisfies the IATA requirements. Only a bad day can cause you a worse day at the airport.

Besides that, the crate will hardly get flagged at the airport.

When it comes to your road trips, the manufacturer thought of making the journey even more secure for your dog, thanks to the ties down holes for strapping the crate tightly.

Like the previous crate, the Petmate Ultra Vari also features a simple but effective latch to keep the door tightly shut but also convenient when opening.

What’s more, when it comes to assembling the crate, you’ll not need to use any tool. The bolts are fitted with plastic fasteners to allow you to use your hands in the whole process.

Though the crate has a lot of ultra-features, I was disappointed to learn that the top handle is only available to small and medium sizes crates.

Nevertheless, the airport trolleys were built to move things, right? But it’s something the company should consider to add for the pull or push convenience's sake.

Who Should Buy Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel?

First, there is a variety to choose from regardless of the size of your dog.

Secondly, when it comes to airline travel, the crate meets almost all of the IATA requirements. Only that you’ll need to buy a few attachments like steel bowls, and a quality crate pad.

Thirdly, when it comes to road transport, though I would not fully recommend a plastic crate, this particular crate has tie-down holes to allow you to fasten it tighter for the safety of your dog.

Lastly, for indoor use, the crate offers an impressive environment for your dog. Though I would not recommend it for crate training because it’s mostly enclosed, with an experienced dog, you are good to go.

Top Features

  • Built with heavy-duty plastic material
  • Fastened with steel bolts that are easy to fasten.
  • Has tie-down holes
  • Has both Steel vents and door
  • Ample ventilations
  • Has a squeezable latch

What I liked about Petmate Ultra Vari dog crate

  • It is sturdily built.
  • It has both steel doors and vents
  • It has an easy-to-operate latch
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It is spacious
  • It has tie-down holes
  • There six different sizes to choose from
  • Have all four-sided vents
  • It is budget-friendly

What I did not like about the Petmate Ultra Vari dog crate

  • The top handle is only available in small and medium-size crates.
  • A few selections of color shades to choose from.

3. Petmate Sky Kennel

If you want to fly with your pup, you should consider the Petmate Sky Kennel.

Well, this touting for the crate could not be further from the truth. Unlike its cousins reviewed so far, it offers special features that IATA die-hard airlines will not find fishy.

And still, like its cousin Petmate Ultra Vari, it features six different sizes with similar weight specifications.

But what they have steered from is separating bottom and top colors. Instead, they’ve gone for a minimalistic shade of grey color with a firm texture.

Besides its aesthetic appeal, Petmate Sky Kennel is built with a solid plastic, the crate’s doors and side vents are reinforced with steel wire, although the backside of the crate still has the fishy rounded holes.

Aside from that, when it comes to enhancing the crates’ security, the steel door is vaulted both at the hinge and the latch. It is also emphasized with bolder wire to make it even break-proof.

While the wing-nuts are also built with non-corrodible steel to add additional support and ease of assembling, these extra features added to the door make the crate even more appealing and stronger. Thus, allowing it to pass the IATA regulations.

What I love most about this Sky Kennel crate is that it ships with free clip-on bowls. These extra goodies will save you a few pennies because you wouldn’t be buying them separately.

Unfortunately, they don’t meet the IATA threshold of steel bowls. However, they are free and with a lesser tight grip on regulations, you can still use them. After all, the crate is also made of plastic.

Just like other Petmate crates, the sky kennel does not have handles to pull or push except the small and medium sizes. You’ll still have to find alternative means when the need arises.

Who Should Buy the Petmate Sky Crate?

Unlike the rest of the crates that the Petmate manufacture for use in various instances, the Sky Crate is specifically built for air transport.

Not to say that you can’t use it for other uses, but if you’ll want to put it where it excels, then buy it for your airline uses.

Nevertheless, it still makes a great crate for indoor use with an experienced and well-behaved dog.

Top Features

  • Built with heavy-duty plastic material.
  • Fastened with easy to fasten steel bolts.
  • Ships with two free clip-on bowls.
  • It has both steel vents and reinforced doors.
  • It has plenty of ventilation.
  • Has an easily squeezable latch.

What I liked about Petmate Sky-Dog crate

  • It is specifically designed for air transport.
  • It is sturdily built.
  • It has both steel doors and vents.
  • Its door is vaulted to add more support.
  • Ships with free clip-on bowls.
  • It has an easy to operate latch.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It’s spacious.
  • Wide range of sizes to choose from.
  • Have all four-sided vents.
  • It is budget-friendly.

What I did not like about the Petmate Sky-Dog crate

  • The top handle is only available in small and medium sizes.
  • It comes with one single shade of colors.

4. Aspen Pet Porter Dog Crate

When it comes to the freedom of choosing what to shop for, the Aspen Pet Porter gives you all the options you’ll ever need from a crate.

With their nine different sizes of crates with various bars of weight, you are almost sure you’ll not miss an option from this manufacturer.

But what is even breathtaking, you have up to 12 different shades of colors to choose from. If you did not like what the Petmate family offers in terms of colors, here, you are at liberty to choose any colored crated among the available shades.

With aesthetic features taken care of, the hardware of the crate is built with fairly sturdy plastic with its advantages and downsides.

Aspen Pet Porter is lighter than the Petmate crates, but still needs a calm dog and careful handling.

When it comes to adding the strength and security to the crate, they’ve done it as expected.

First, the door is built with pure steel with easy to operate latch and it’s vaulted with two vertical poles. Though the two poles are not as solid as those built for Petmate fly Kennel, they still add sturdiness needed to keep the dog inside. 

What’s more, the upper and lower part of the crate is fastened with steel and non-closable nuts with a plastic fastener to make it easy to assemble the crate without the need for an extra tool. 

As such, the Aspen Pet Porter is not short of vents, they are all built into the crate thus plastic. As we saw earlier with the Petmate Two Door Dog Crate, they can be dangerous, nonetheless, they still meet the cut of IATA requirements.

Finally, just like the Petmate, only the small to medium crates have the handle. But you’ll come to appreciate they compensated this shortcoming with adding tie-down holes to ensure tight fastening of the crate once on board.

Who Should Buy the Aspen Pet Carrier?

If you are looking forward to taking a flight with your pup, this is one of the best options available for you. Also, it makes a good indoor crate for any dog.

Top Features

  • Fastened with steel, easy to fasten bolts.
  • The large version of the crate has tie-down holes.
  • The large version of the crates has steel vents.
  • All crates have solid steel and a vaulted wire door.
  • The small version of the crate has handy handles.
  • Over 12 variety of colors to choose from.
  • They have plenty of ventilation.
  • They have easy to operate latch.

What I liked about the Aspen Dog Potter

  • The crates are built to feature airline compliance
  • For the large category of crates, they have both steel doors and vents
  • The door is vaulted to add more support.
  • You have up to 12 colors to choose from.
  • The crates are light compared to the other crates.
  • They have up to 9 sizes of crates to choose from.
  • They’re easy to assemble.
  • Have all four-sided vents.
  • Across the board, they are more budget-friendly.

What I did not like about the Aspen Dog Potter

  • The top handle is only available in small and medium-size crates.
  • The largest crate has poking wires which are not vaulted in a friendly manner.
  • Its small-sized crates have their vents in-built.

5. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels 

When it comes to a crate that the manufacturer dedicated time and resources to make it meet airline guidelines while still meeting logistical needs, the SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels is a whole package in one.

The overall hardware of this crate is crafted with every detail in mind of an airline-approved crate. Though it’s a shame that you’ll have to stick with a single combination of colors, but that should not be a big deal considering what it places on the table.

What I like most besides the simple latch system, the metal door, and proper ventilation is the inclusion of the handles and detachable wheels.

Though the wheels are a bit cheap and not as sturdy enough, they offer the convenience of moving the crate without placing it on the trolley.

But that is not all, the wheels are lockable making it easier to lever down the wheels to lock it down when the need arises, and to lever up when you need to move the crate.

Besides, the wheels are detachable allowing you to move in and out of airports without infringing any regulations.

When it comes to the handles, except for the small and medium-size crates that have a single handle, the rest have two handles. One at the front and the other at the back of the crate.

It doesn’t get any easier to move the crate, than with these handles. One caveat though, just like the wheels, you’ll need to be a little bit careful while handling them as they are not that strong.

Also, all the doors are vaulted, reinforced with steel wire and combined with an easy to operate latch.

The upper and the lower part of the door is fastened with metal bolts and nuts as well as reinforced with locking hinges to enhance its resistance when pulled apart.

The bolts and nuts do not have plastic covers.

Also, you can easily assemble this crate by simply unscrewing or screwing the bolts with your hands.

In addition, the SportPet crates have the tie-down holes for bungees as required by the airline for added safety except for the small-sized crate.

Just like the Petmate sky Crate, you will appreciate the inclusion of two free plastic clip-on bowls. What’s more, the crate ships along with 4 free live animal stickers.

Who Should Buy the SportPet Crate?

In all aspects, the Sportpet kennel is one of the best airline compliant crates. The only issue is the detachable wheels that you ought to detach once at the airport.

SportPet crate is available in various sizes for every dog size.

Like all plastic dog crates we’ve reviewed so far, the Sportpet crate makes a good den for a well-trained dog.

Top Features

  • Ships with 2 water bowls.
  • Ships with 4 live animal stickers.
  • Feature detachable and lockable wheels except for the small-sized crate.
  • Have a plastic handle.
  • Besides having metal bolts and nuts, the crate is reinforced with locking hinges.
  • The crate comes with tie-down holes.

What we liked about the SportPet Designs Plastic Crates

  • Designed for air transport.
  • Sturdily built.
  • Except for the small crate, the rest have both steel doors and vents
  • The door is vaulted to add more support
  • Shipped with 2 free clip-on bowls and 4 free animal live stickers
  • An easy to operate latch.
  • Have steel bolts and nuts which are easy to fasten
  • The upper and lower part of the crate is reinforced with locking hinges
  • Six different sizes to choose from.
  • Feature four-sided vents.
  • Comes with a plastic handle (one for small and medium crates, and two for the rest of the crates
  • Detachable with lockable wheels except for the small kennel.

What I did not like about the SportPet Designs Plastic Crates

  • The handles and wheels are not solid enough.
  • Only comes with one single shade of colors

6. Richell Pet Training Kennel 

The Richell Pet Training Kennel is a unique crate that is built for the dog training - best in potty training while its design looks more like a wire crate.

The crate is open, with a single large door to allow your dog to get in and out with ease.

You can also open the crate’s top part to access your dog. This is especially great during dog-training when rewarding your dog with treats and also assisting your dog.

Richell Pet training kennel is especially suitable for first-time crate users as it features ample openings making it easy to instruct, pass treats, and monitor her as she gains confidence in the crate. 

The crate’s hardware is built with plastic material hence comes along with merits and also its downsides. For instance, ease of cleaning and maintenance is one of its advantages.

On the flip side though, when it comes to durability and the type of dog it can hold, then you should know that this is not the crate for a hyperactive dog.

Also, owing to its size and firmness, it only has two types of users, that is, small dogs and puppies.

With a friendly price compared to similar crates constructed with metal or wire, if you are on a budget, then you should consider this crate.

However, it is not recommended for puppies that are likely to grow by more than 14 inches tall. You are better off to start with a crate that will serve you longer like a wire crate with a divider.

However, you may be charmed by the great design and the lightness of the crate. But what’s also interesting, it has lockable casters and two top storage trays to help you hold toys, leases, or treats.

One more thing, if you plan to use it to potty train your puppy, you’ll love the pads slots that are handy especially if you are going to use the PAW TRAX doggy pads.

Who Should Buy the Richell Pet Training Kennel?

Since the crate is made of plastic and because of its medium size, the crate is great for puppies and small dogs. Also, it goes well if you plan to use it as the stepping stone for a puppy especially during training like potty training and obedience.

When it comes to road or air transport, this crate does not meet the threshold. However, it is suitable for indoor use as it blends well with the furniture.

Why Choose a Plastic Crate?

In most cases, you are going to use your crate as a transport pod mostly in air transport. As such, there are a few things you’ll love about a plastic crate. 

It is mostly enclosed

First, the crate is fully enclosed. The only openings available are the four or three-sided ventilation.

Since these are quite small openings, your dog will be in an enclosed space where it will get less distraction. The lesser the distraction, the better the behavior of your dog.

It is light to carry

During your movement from one terminal to another, or the whole hustles that come with clearance and boarding, you’ll not want to have another bulky item in terms of a dog crate beside your luggage.

A plastic dog carrier will make it painless.

It is easy to clean

Due to the plastic material used to build the crate, in case of a mess either water spillage or anything annoying happening inside the crate, all you need to do is to take a wet piece of cloth and wipe it. 

Even better, you don’t have to fear that the crate will rust. Another thing, you can remove the upper part of the crate so that you can clean the lower part.

It is easy to assemble or no assembling at all

In most cases, your plastic crate will have the upper part attached to the lower part. Unlike any type of crate, all you will need to assemble it is a simple screwdriver.

However, when the whole crate is made of plastic, there is no assembling needed.

What are the downsides of a plastic dog crate?

Unfortunately, there are few bones in the closet when it comes to a plastic crate. Here are a few of them.

They are quite expensive

Compared to normal crates, some plastic crates are quite expensive. Take for the case of crash-tested crates and all crates in the category of large, you’ll have to spend a little more dollars to own one.

Can’t contain an aggressive dog

For those aggressive dogs that like to dig, chew, or with an anxiety problem, you’ll have to get one of those expensive heavy-duty dog crates especially when it comes to transporting them by air.

It’s less durable

Unlike crates made of aluminum or metal, a plastic crate is likely to break due to an abrupt drop or even melt due to burns.

Also, the lifespan of the crate will be dependent on the way you’ll handle the crate. If you are careful, the crate will last, If otherwise, the crate will soon expire.

Practical Uses of a Plastic Portable Dog Crate

While a plastic dog crate is great in most cases, you’ll want to use it for specific needs.

In this section, we will discuss instances where you’ll find a plastic portable dog crate most useful.

1. Plastic dog crate as an Airline carrier

If you intend to travel by air a lot, this is the definitive type of crate to use. Not just because its only light, many manufacturers build plastic portable dog crates with the air transport in mind.

That is, most manufacturers of the plastic dog crates include features that meet air transport requirements, that is, International Air Transport Association (IATA) compliant.

They comply with certain specifications so that it can be safe to transport dogs by air. 

Here are some features to observe when using a plastic dog crate for international air travel:

Top 7 IATA Guidelines for the best Plastic Dog Crate When Taking a Flight with your Dog

  • The size of the dog crate should be spacious enough to allow the dog to turn around comfortably.
  • The type of bolts and nuts used to assemble the crate should be steel.
  • The door of the crate should be strong enough, coupled with quality and working latches.
  • The crate should have accessible stainless-steel water and food bowl.
  • You should prepare Feeding instruction and have dog food attached to the crate.
  • You should have detailed Pet Documentation (Tags and labels).
  • The crate should have ample ventilation to prevent suffocation

2. Using a Plastic Dog Crate when Travelling by Road

Using a plastic crate on the road is the most challenging option.

Here is why.

You see, though the standard plastic crate may seem sturdy, over time, the road will be too bumpy for it. The rate of wear and tear of the crate is on the higher end to guarantee its longevity.

Also, think about the bolts and nuts, they are likely to unscrew over a bumpy ride.

Well, you may argue, for short distances, probably from home to work and back, it can make it.

But several years down the line, you’ll run back to the shop for another new dog crate.

I know you don’t want that.

But it is even worse if you decide to use it to cruise frequently. For instance, from Missouri to Texas.

However, the crash-tested plastic dog crates are effective for road transport due to its exceptional construction compared to the standard crates.

As such the crash-tested crates are used in various ways:

On the flip of the coin…

Besides that, a crash-tested crate is an all-around package, you’ll have to dig dipper into your pocket. And still, it is bulkier compared to the standard plastic crates.

Nevertheless, they ‘re all about quality and safety. So, for every penny you invest in this crate, you’ll get the returns in terms of durability and safety for your dog.

However, if this is too much for you, there other cheaper options like a collapsible wire dog crate.

3. Using a Plastic Dog Crate in a home environment (In-Doors)

Since this crate has a great enclosure design, it’s one of those crates that make a great den.


  • Because it’s almost enclosed with small vents, it is less revealing compared to wire crates. So, it is quiet and offers more privacy.
  • When it’s warm outside, it offers a great cooling home for your dog. However, during winters, you’ll have to consider a good pad and a warm dog blanket.
  • You can fit it comfortably in any room.
  • It’s easy to keep it clean.
  • It can give a considerable dark environment to mimic a cave – dogs love this!
  • Also, when it comes to color preferences, you’ll find it in different shades of colors that can blend in with your décor or just for the sake of color preferences.

But here is the catch.

It’s not suitable for aggressive dogs or for locking your dog inside over a long period.

So, you’ll need a dog that has good behavior, well trained, and can stay in the crate quietly.

That means a stable dog by all means.

If otherwise, you should probably check on those heavy-duty dog crates made of aluminum or metal grills.

But if the behavior of your dog is a big concern, make an appointment with a certified dog behavioral trainer to tame it.

Although there are other instances where a plastic crate is used, the above three are the main reasons why many dog owners buy them.

Talking of buying, what are the top features you are likely to look for when shopping for a plastic dog carrier?

Key Considerations When Buying the Best Plastic Dog Carrier

  • The weight of the crate

Before you decide on anything about an airline dog crate, the weight of the crate should be your top priority.

A relatively light crate will save you headaches when it comes to moving it from one location to another.

Remember, a weighty crate will be cumbersome especially in a busy terminal.

  • Ventilations

With a crate with good vents, you’re assured your dog won’t suffocate in the airplane cargo cabin. So, when it comes to the crate ventilations, at minimal, a fair deal plastic dog carrier, should have three sides with vents, including the door.

However, for the best plastic dog crate, consider the one having four sides with ventilation (both sideway sides, the door, and the back).

  • The sturdiness of the crate

Though there are those crates built with light materials, a plastic crate with solid material though a bit expensive will serve you and your dog for longer.

Consider a crate with durable plastic material, has a wire door with strong latches and assembled with steel bolts and nuts. 

  • Durable doors

When it comes to the crate’s door, you should look out for a crate with a wire type of a door with a solidly built latch. 

Steer away from a crate whose door is built with plastic materials. A dog under panic can easily force its way out.

  • Type of Bolts and nuts

The firmness, that is, how the crate is assembled, should be a good indication of a safer crate.

Therefore, when shopping for the plastic dog crate, ensure that the crate is assembled with steel bolts and nuts, even if it may have plastic caps.

The only instance you should consider a crate that is not assembled with nuts and bolts is when the body of the crate is completely built with a plastic case. But still, it should satisfy other features.

  • The size of the crate

Consider a crate that is specious than your dog. At least, consider the length of the crate to that of the dog to be longer by two inches to four inches. 

It is important for the dog to be comfortable inside the crate and be able to turn around at will.

  • Ease of assembly

If the crate comes in different pieces, first it should have all the screws and nuts and an assembling manual. 

Second, the manual and even the assembling procedures should be no brainer. You shouldn’t spend a whole day trying to figure out how to assemble the crate, right?

  • Other attachments

To feel that your investment is worth, the crate can have the following additional details:

A great design of the handles (ergonomic one or flexible handles to pull); if it has costars, they should be removable to enhance crate stability.

Also a quality dog pad preferably a water-absorbent one, a tag or documentation slot; and detachable water and food containers.

Sizes of Common Plastic Dog Crate

If you are wondering whether you’ll get a plastic dog crate that will fit your dog, don’t fret.

Different manufactures have made sure to serve all types of customers. As a result, there are up to six sizes of plastic crates as follows:

  • The small plastic dog crate meant for small dogs – 24 L x 16 W x 16 H inches.
  • The medium plastic dog crate for medium dogs – 27 L x 20 W x 19 H inches.
  • The large plastic dog carrier for large – 32 L x 22 W x 23 H inches.
  • The extra-large dog crate (X-Large) – 35 L x 24 W x 27 H inches.
  • The XX-Large size crate – 39 L x 27 W x 30 H inches.
  • The XXX-Large size plastic crate – 48 L x 32 W x 36 H inches.

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