5 Best portable outdoor cat enclosures (2020 Reviews)

5 Best portable outdoor cat enclosure (2020 Reviews)

An outdoor enclosures may just be your cat’s new favorite thing to have. An outdoor enclosure has been specifically designed with your cats need in mind.

The enclosure gives your cat a safe and secure place they can play and roam instead of being out in the streets. It allows an indoor cat to safely explore the outside world.

Cat enclosures are of different types and they vary in shape and size. In this article we have reviewed a number of some of the best outdoor cat enclosure for you.

We considered a number of factors while choosing these cat enclosures and this include: convenience, portability and safety. We have also looked at cat enclosures your cat will definitely like.


EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen (Best Overall)

This product is the first item we are going to review in this article. The cat enclosure is our personal favorite because of its portability and durability.
This enclosure is also sizable meaning your cat has enough space to play in. The cat enclosure has a diameter of 4 feet and a height of 32 inches.

The enclosure is very secure thanks to it being zipper based and your cat cannot easily escape from there. The enclosure has 8 panels and 6 of them feature mesh windows while the other two are zippered for easy access.

For additional security the zippers are lockable. There is a mash window at the top of the enclosure which can be removed easily removed using the zipper.

This means you can easily access the enclosure without opening the doors. The enclosure also features a removable and washable floor mat.

It can be easily set-up or folded hence saving much of your time. The cat enclosure is also light and you can store it in a carrying bag when travelling.

One thing we liked most about this cat enclosure is that you can use it for multiple cats. There are a number of items you can fit in a cat enclosure.

These items include a bed, litter box, scratching post and water and food bowls. The product has a 4.3 star rating and many reviewers have agreed that it is worth buying.


Key Features

It has a carrying bag included

Ground stakes are also includes

It has a 2 year warranty

It has locking zipper for additional safety


Zampa Pet Playpen (Runners up best portable outdoor cat enclosure)

The Zampa Pet Playpen is our runners up for the best portable outdoor enclosure. The soft play pen is also durable, spacious and portable.

Just like the EliteField 2-Door Soft Pet Playpen it is also zipper based though it lacks an option to lock the zippers. This cat enclosure has its corners reinforced.

The seams are also protected to help in extra support. The playpen has a diameter of 45 inches and a height of 2 feet. This is more than enough paly space for your feline friend.

The space also means you can use it for multiple cats and there will still be enough space left to fit a litter box, cat bed, toy, water and food bowls.

The cat enclosure has a basic design that is easy to set up and fold when storing in a carrying bag which comes included.

This cat enclosure also comes with side pockets and pouches as an additional feature. Here you can store small toys, water bottles and treats for your feline friend.

Key Features

The cat enclosure has a one year guarantee where you can get 100 percent of your money back

The seams are strong and the corners are reinforced

It comes with an attached floor mat

This enclosure is easy to clean


ESK Collection Pet Playpen (Best Budget Pick)

If you are looking for a portable outdoor cat enclosure and you are on budget then you should consider getting the ESK Collection Pet Playpen.

The cat enclosure is 20 dollars cheaper compared to our top pick. This however does not mean its quality is any less. The enclosure has a diameter of 4 feet and is 2 feet high.

The space is more than enough for multiple cats. It still leaves space leaves some space for additional accessories such as a cat bed, scratching post and a litter box.

It has an octagon shape and features 8 panels 6 which are mesh windows and the other 2 are zipper doors. The doors can be rolled up and the mesh window can be fastened to the top of the play pen.

The top is a removable mesh window. The materials used are durable waterproof oxford fabric which is light and easy to carry.

There are many positive customer reviews on the product. They have praised its durability, convenience and spaciousness.


Made with durable waterproof oxford fabric

It is spacious

Has a carrying bag included

Zipper doors and windows

PawHut Wooden Outdoor Catio Cage (Best wooden outdoor cat enclosure)

You might have seen a wooden cat enclosure somewhere. The wooden cat enclosure has a very unique style you will definitely fall in love with.

The PawHut Wooden Outdoor Catio Cage is among the best wooden cat enclosure there is in the market. The cat enclosure is made from fir trees and has more than enough play area.

You cat will definitely love playing in this cat enclosure thanks to all the space and climbing points. It is a little under 6 feet in height and 3 feet in length.

The cat enclosure has a sturdy design made from wood and hefty wire. It has 6 enclosures on different levels. The door is large and has safety latches.

This enclosure has more than enough space where you can put your cat toys, bowls, bed, cat grass, litter box and even a water fountain.

The roof is covered with asphalt that keeps rain away from your feline friend. For maximum security the enclosure has mesh windows and you are sure your cat can never escape from the enclosure.

The windows also give her a large space to watch the outside world. Some people have made slight modification by putting it next to their home so the cats can have access from inside the house.

Despite having all those features it is still easy to put it together. It has received numerous positive customer reviews. Something they liked about it is the large size, multiple-level platforms and sturdy structure.

Key Features

It has multiple level platforms

Made from fir wood

The door and window are large

The asphalt roof allows your cat to have a good time even during bad weather

Outback Jack Outdoor Kitty Compound Play House (Best outdoor cat tent)

The Outback Jack Outdoor Kitty Compound Play House is the best outdoor cat tent. It secures your cat while she’s having fun in the sunshine or shade.

The 30 square feet of space is enough for your jumpy cat. It has a mesh only enclosure that gives your cat 360 degrees view.

Setting it up is also a simple task, you just need to pull the rope tight and lock it in to place. This will only take you a couple of minutes.

You can also attach the tunnel to the tents door using the zipper so that your feline friend enjoys more running space.

The tent also has enough space for other accessories such as toys, a bed, litter box and a water or food bowl. The enclosure is very light and portable.

This means you can carry it when going for trips by putting it in the carrying bag it comes with. You can also attach the open end of the tunnel to a window on your house.

This has already worked perfectly for some households. This allows your cat to access the tent from the comfort of their home. Many customers loved it because it is spacious.

Key Feature

The cat enclosure has enough space (more than 30 square feet)

The cat enclosure is easy to set up and fold for storage

It is quite light which makes it easy to carry around

The tunnel and tent can be used separately

Who is supposed to buy a cat enclosure?

Has your cat been climbing the counter curtains or is very jumpy? This means you and your cat need an outdoor cat enclosure.

An outdoor cat enclosure gives your cat freedom and space as she freely watches the outside world. It allows her to venture the outside world while still maintaining safety.

Here she can lie in the sun and shade, watch the birds chip while still breathing fresh air. If your cat goes outside regularly you may need to buy one of the best flea shampoos for her.

The more space your cat gets the less she will be destructive in your house. Cat enclosures come in different shapes, sizes and types. They are important in reducing your cat interaction with harmful animals, getting lost or sick.

Features to Consider when choosing a portable outdoor enclosure

An outdoor cat enclosure should keep your cat safe while giving her enough play room. Here are features you are supposed to consider when choosing a portable outdoor enclosure:

Size: The first thing you should consider when getting an outdoor cat enclosure should definitely be the size. Consider the size and number of your cats.

Ensure that the cats can stay comfortable and are able have ample play space. You also need to see if you can put other cat essentials such as a cat bed, scratching post, litter box water and food bowl.

Portability: Some enclosures are portable while others are more permanent. Smaller cat enclosures can easily fold and be safely packaged in a carrying bag while other is more permanent fixtures you should place outside your house. If you want one that you can use while travelling consider getting a portable cat enclosure.

Accessibility, always find out how easy it is for you and your cat to access the enclosure. Avoid one that it will be difficult to get your cat. The door should also be large enough for her to get in or out.

Location, before you buy a cat enclosure it is important to know where you are going to place it. Try looking for a quiet place where she will not get poked. Also make sure you have adequate space where you are going to place it.

Safety, the primary job of a cat enclosure is to prevent it from escaping while enjoying the outside world. Different enclosures have different ways of containing cats and you should choose one that contains your cat best.

Travel bag, you should also check if the cat enclosure comes with a travel bag if not we have reviewed some for you, Best travel bag for cats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats love staying in outdoor cat enclosures?

The answer is yes, a lot of cats love being in the outside world and a cat enclosure is like a mini outside world to them.

Indoor cats maybe skittish at first because they are not used to the outside world but they will adjust with time.

Other things that will determine how much your cat will love the enclosure are where it is located, is it easy to access the inside and the items placed inside.

Get the best litter box and toys. Ensure there is also food and water and I would advise you give her treats so she can always be happy to be in there.

How large is a cat enclosure supposed to be?

The size of the cat enclosure to get will depend on the size and number of cats in a household. The cat’s activeness is also determines the size of the cat enclosure you should get.

A sleepy cat will only need a small cat enclosure but a jumpy cat will need a larger cat enclosure. You should also consider other accessories that you need in the cat enclosure.

Some people would want toys, litter box, food and water bowls all inside the cat enclosure and this means the enclosure should be a little bit bigger.

Can my cat live in a Catio?

Cats should definitely not live in a Catio; it is even recommended that you should not leave them alone when you are not home. This is unless it is attached to your house.

Cat enclosures are to provide a safe outdoor environment for your cat where she can get fresh air and have a good view of the environment.

What items am I supposed to in a cat enclosure?

If the cat enclosure is spacious enough there is a number of accessories you can put inside. Some of the accessories include a cat bed, scratching post, toys, litterbox food and water bowls.

Other Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Here are six other cat enclosures we reviewed. Though they did not qualify to be in our top 5 list they are still among the best.

Tent Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure

The Kittywalk Outdoor Net Cat Enclosure is among the best tent cat enclosure you will get. The enclosure has a netted walkaway that gives your cat maximum visibility of the outside world.

The cat enclosure has a travel bag include and is made with water proof materials. It is also is to setup and you will be done within a couple of minutes.

Key Feature

It has a travel bag included

The materials used are waterproof

It is easy to assemble’

Cost, 104 dollars


Nala and Company Pop Up Lounger Tent

The Nala and Company Pop Up Lounger Tent is a pop-up tent with ample of space for your cat. The tent is easy to open and close while letting your cat in or out. For maximum safety it has a dual zipper with a security clip.

Key Features

It is easy to open and close it

It is large for one cat

Offers maximum security thanks to the dual zipper and the security clip

Cost, 35 dollars


PURR…FECT FENCE Purrfect Play Tent

PURR…FECT FENCE Purrfect Play Tent is one of the best tent outdoor cat enclosures we found. It has a detachable waterproof cover with roll up sides that help create shade and privacy.

This cat enclosure can be set up and within a few minutes. This cat enclosure also comes with a carrying bag.

Key Features

The tent is easy to set up

It comes with a carrying bag

It has stakes for grounding

Cost, 100 dollars


Wildwhiskers Outdoor Feline Funhouse

The Wildwhiskers Outdoor Feline Funhouse is made with weather resistant nylon. The tent is spacious and gives your cat a good outdoor view.

Just like many cat enclosures we have reviewed it also comes with a carrying bag. The enclosure ha zipper doors that allows you easy access. We also loved that it comes with a comfort pad.

Key Features

It has a carrying bag

The zipper doors are easy to access

It also has a comfort pad

Cost, 60 dollars

Outdoor Cat Enclosures under 50 dollars

Easyology Pet Playpez

Easyology Pet Playpez is made with rubber coated nylon mesh.  The playpen comes with a zippered door that is easy to roll up.

The top is washable and the floor waterproof. This outdoor enclosure is easy to setup and you will be done within a few minutes.

Key Feature

The top is removable

The floor is waterproof

It is easy to set up and fold for packaging

Cost, 40 dollars



ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen

The ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen is our last item in the list. It has mesh windows that allow better air circulation while your cat remains enclosed.

The playpen is made of waterproof materials and has a removable zipper top. It is also easy to set it up and fold it for storage,

Key Features

It is made with waterproof materials

The top is removable

It is easy to set it up and fold it

Cost, 40 dollars

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