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5 Best Cheap Wet Cat Food in 2020

Wet cat foods have high amount of moisture which makes them ideal for cats requiring urinary tract or kidney support.

This is why veterinaries may recommend you add some to your cat’s diet in case she has digestive tract issues. Cats with teeth or mouth issues may also find it challenging to take dry foods making wet cat food an excellent option.

Some cats also find wet foods tasty and adding some to dry food may encourage picky eaters to eat more. We have reviewed a couple of feed foods in this article considering some important aspects.

We have focused on the nutritious aspect, here we looked at the vitamin, mineral, other ingredients and if the food has additives. Here are some of the Best wet cat foods you can get:

Purina Fancy Feast Creamy Delights (Overall Best)

The Purina Fancy Feast Creamy Delights is our overall best for wet cat foods. This sea food flavored food is healthy and has well balanced ingredients.

It comes with four flavors the chicken, salmon, tuna and chicken. Each ingredient has real sourced proteins that your cat can easily digest.

This food also has a bit of milk to ease your cat’s digestion. It comes with a palated pate or flaxed texture with a creamy sauce.

It also has minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, E, K and B-12 that support your cat’s nutrition. Most customers have testified that their cats love the flavors in this food.

Key Features

It has four flavor varieties

The food has minerals and vitamins that support your cat’s nutrition

It has a bit of milk ease your cats digestion

Sheba Perfect Portions Pate (Runners Up)

The Sheba Perfect Portions Pate is not only a tasty meal for your feline friend but also convenient for the pet parent.

This food comes with a two portion serving trays. You can snap the tray ion to two and feed one portion to your feline friend then keep the rest for the next meal.

This prevents you from wasting the leftovers. One thing I like about this food is that it does not contain corn, soy, wheat or fillers.

It comes with three varieties that are made with wholesome, real protein that your cat can easily digest. It also has   vitamins and minerals to support your cats overall health.

Something I loved about this food is that it is not to dry or too wet making it convenient for picky eaters.


The two tray portion makes it convenient for feeding your cat

It has different flavors for your picky cat

It is made with quality wholesome protein that is easy to digest

Meow Mix Seafood Selections (Best Budget Pick)

If you are looking for quality wet cat food and you are on budget then the Meow Mix Seafood Selections is the best for you. Going for about 0.54 dollars this food is really affordable.

A variety pack of 24 only cast 13 dollars. It is made of real sourced proteins that include: salmon, tuna and crab and your cat will definitely love the flavors.

This food has high moisture content that will ensure your cat remains hydrated and eases digestion. The food is packed in convenient cans that are easy to open.

Each can contains 2.75 ounces meaning your cat gets the right amount of food in each can. This food offers good nutrition in a price all pet parents can afford.

Key Features

The cans are easy to open

The portions are weighed perfectly

The vitamins and mineral support your cats overall health

It has three flavor varieties

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Paté for Kittens (Best wet cat food for Kittens)

Kittens require a balanced diet free of additives made of natural sourced ingredients and that is why the Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Paté for Kittens is the best option for you.

This food is free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, meat by products and grains. It is made of wholesome natural proteins such as chicken and chicken to ease digestion on your kittens little tummy.

It also has important minerals that your cat needs for maintaining a healthy heart and muscles. This food also has vegetables and fruits like carrots that ensures your cat gets a balanced diet.

The food has gotten more than 300 reviews on amazon and  a rating of 4.1 out of 5 which is perfect.


It is free of grains and natural ingredients

It has minerals that supports your cats overall health

The food has fruits and vegetables that ensure your cat has a balanced diet

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula (Best Wet Cat Food for adults)

Aging cats tend to have urinary tract issues and the Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula can be used to prevent these issues.

Cats with the problem may need a diet low in magnesium to keep their pH level neutral and avoid crystal formation. This can be found in this food.

It has a high moisture content of 78% that ensures your cat stays hydrated and prevents crystal formation. It has essential nutrients added that that help support your cats immune system.

Some customers have testified that it has helped cats with frequent urination.

This food has received over 1600 reviews on Amazon and has a rating of 4.4 out 5 that is very good.

Key Feature

Low magnesium content

It has real meat as an ingredient

It has vitamins and mineral that will support your cat’s immune system

Why should I buy wet cat food?

Wet foods are very important for your feline friend because they contain special dietary needs. Cats that have dental pains normally find it difficult to chew dry cat food making wet cat food a good alternative.

Some cats may take very little water and this ca lead to dehydration. Note that cats unlike human do not develop an urge to drink water and this puts them at a high risk of becoming dehydrated.

The only way you can cope with this is buying a cat water fountain or giving them wet cat food. Older cats also tend to develop urinary tract infections or urinary crystals and wet foods may help in this.

Some picky cats may not love the texture and flavor of dry food. On the other hand wet foods have a more appealing taste and texture that your choosy cat will obviously like.

This is why it is a good idea supplementing dry cat food with wet cat food.

Important feature to Consider when buying wet cat food

Here are some factors you should consider before buying wet cat food:

No fillers or artificial ingredients:  Some food cats have fillers which are disguised as important carbohydrates that your cats don’t need because they are naturally carnivores.

Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives tens top affect sensitive cats and it is wise to avoid foods with them.

Quality natural sourced proteins: When buying wet cat food make sure you look for quality natural sourced proteins among the ingredients.

Some of the best natural sourced proteins your cat can easily digest include: tuna, chicken, fish, salmon and turkey.

Added vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals help support your cat’s immune system. This is why you need to look for foods with extra vitamins and minerals when buying wet cat foods.

Special diet needs:  Cats special diet needs like allergies, urinary tract issues, diabetes or kidney disease will need foods that support their diet. Here are some special foods you can find:

Low phosphorus cat food for kidney disease

Non-prescription food for diabetic cats

Age: Cats may be the same breed but kittens, adults and senior cats don’t need the same diet.

Kittens need more calories to support their immune system where as senior cats need low calories to prevent heart infections.

This is why you need to be selecting wet food for your cat. The above review is enough guides for you.

Here are questions customers ask frequently:

Wet cat food and dry cat foods have their pros and cons. Some pet parents love to feed their cats with wet cay food while others prefer using dry cat food as their main food and supplementing that with wet cat food.

The most important thing about wet cat foods is that they have more moisture compared to dry food. This moisture prevents your cat from being dehydrated.

If your cat is not fond of drinking water it is important that you give her wet cat food. Every cat is also different and some have special dietary needs that may want to put in to consideration when buying wet cat food.

Can I feed my cat with a mixture of wet and dry food?

The healthiest option for your cat is giving her a combination of wet cat food and dry cat food. In fact most veterinarians recommend giving your cat a mixture of the two.

It is convenient to give your cat dry food when you are going to spend the whole day at work. This is because it has no risk of bacterial growth.

Remember to check on the best dry cat food for cats. You may need to give your cat wet food when you are spending the day at home to help boost her moisture and protein intake.

Do cats need wet food on a daily basis?

Cats don’t necessarily require wet foods unless your veterinary recommends it. Both wet foods and dry foods have the nutritional requirement your cat needs.

However if your cats does not drink enough water, she doesn’t like dry food or has urinary tract infection it is important to give her wet food or at least include some in her diet every day.

How long wet cat food be left out?

Wet cat food does not last long when roved from the can. It even has a shorter shelf life when packaged. It is important that you don’t leave wet cat food all day like you do with dry foods.

Its high temperature gives bacteria a good breeding ground. You should only leave wet food out for not more than two hours to be safe.

To prevent the bacteria from developing make sure that you only feed your cat with the amount she can eat at a time  and leave the rest in a covered container.

Make sure you also put the food container in a refrigerator but not for more than 5 days. Any wet food that your cat has not eaten should be considered as waste.

Apart from the top 5 best wet cat food we have 5 more for you. They did not qualify to be in the top list but they are the best of the rest. Take a look at them:

Blue Basics Limited ingredient

The Blue Basics Limited ingredient is another wet cat food that did not manage to get to our top 5 but it’s the best of the rest. It is made of grain free ingredients that make it good for sensitive cats.

The food is made of natural sourced turkey as a source of proteins. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It does not contain corn, soy or wheat,


Natural sourced turkey’

It does not contain corn soy or wheat

It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Wet Cat Food

The Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Wet Cat Food comes with only one animal protein to reduce the chances of your cat having trouble with digestion.

It is made of natural sourced proteins and has omega fatty acids to boost your cat’s nutrition.


Natural sourced proteins

Omega fatty acid

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

The natural Balance Limited Ingredient comes in trays that are convenient for single use feeding. It has balanced nutrition to keep your feline friend healthy.

The food has vitamins that ensure your cat gets balanced nutrition. Safety tests have been conducted on each food batch.


The trays are convenient for single use

It has added vitamins Safety test have been conducted on each batch of food

Reveal Limited Ingredients Chicken Breast Wet Cat Food

The Reveal Limited Ingredients Chicken Breast Wet Cat Food comes with all natural sourced ingredients. It comes with chicken as the main ingredient and your feline friend will definitely love the flavor.

It has vitamins and minerals that ensure your cat gets a balanced diet. The food has no additives and this makes it good for your cat’s digestive tract.


Has chicken as the main ingredient

Has no additive

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Real Meat Recipe

The Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Real Meat Recipe is the last item on this additional list for beast wet cat foods. It is grain free make it great for your feline friends tummy.

It is made of real natural sourced proteins with fish as the main ingredient. The food chunks are also small making it easy to chew for kittens.

Key Features

Tasty chicken flavor

Small food chunks

Grain free

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