Black cat names

Black cat names

Typical black cat names revolve around their unique cultural backgrounds. We often associate the cats with black magic, mystery and sorcery.

Halloween icons have been associated with black cats such as Spook, Ghost, Damien, and Boo. We have taken a few hints from the traditions beliefs on black cats in this list.

Our inspiration comes from a number of sources such as history, fruits and the pop culture.

The names have diverse meaning but they in one way or another connect to the coats color.
Here are 90 striking names you can give a black cat

1. Blackberry

Here is a fruit inspired name. The name berry brings to mind squeezable cats that have wonderful and plump bodies which makes blackberry a very suitable name for your cat

2. Dahlia

Black dahlia is a flower with a deep color like that of your cat’s coat. You can also name him after ‘Black Dahlia Murder’ just like black cats are associated with macabre.

3. Mamba

Black mamba is definitely seen as the world’s deadliest snake. The animal word can give you color related inspiration.

4. Poppyseed

Poppyseed is oilseed obtained from the opium poppy. The black color makes it appropriate for your black cat.

5. Tiddles

You might have heard of Tiddles. Tiddles was a black cat that served as a mouser in a couple of Royal Navy aircraft carriers. The cat was also the official Captain’s cat on the HMS Victorious.

6. Bing

There are a number of cat names that have been inspired by fruits and Bing is one of them. The name is gotten from Bing cherries which have an almost black color that is easily associated with black cats.

7. Opal

Australian black opals are said to be the most valuable and famous opal type in the world according to Opals down Under.

Their coat has a striking backdrop that resembles your cats coat. Opal was also a very popular female name during the early 20th century in the US.

8. Vader

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters of the series Star Wars. If you observe your black-coated cat showing the characters of this Villain you can consider naming him or her Darth, Vader or Darth Vader.

9. Wednesday

Love Wednesday Addams is a black haired character in the popular Family TV show the Addams Family. The daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams is sweet at times and sadistic at others.

If your cat has this personality you can consider naming him or her Wednesday.

10. Cocoa

Cocoa is a sweet two-syllable name you can give to your cat. This name brings dark, chocolate flavor and deep to dark color of the Dutch process Cocoa.

11. Kismet

Kismet comes from an Arabic word Kismat and is used to mean fate or destiny. You can acknowledge the numerous superstitions about black cats about cats by naming your cat this.

The superstitions can be good kind of luck or a little scary variety.

12. Malbec

Malbec is a type of grapes that is used to make wine. Their dark color yields a liquid that looks black in bottle and you can associate this with your black cat.

13. Ciara

Ciara is a feminine name with an Irish Origin. The name is derived from ciar which means black.

14. Sirius Black

Here is our second name inspired by Harry Potter. Sirius Black is the last remaining heir of House of Black a wizard family.

15. Bagheera

Bagheera is a character in the Jungle Book. The panther a protector, friend and mentor to Mowgli. His black color resembles your cats coat and you can call your cat that.

16. Ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne was a famous British musician who liked dressing in Black.

17. Plum

Plum is a smooth black fruit and naming your cat after the fruit triggers sweet, feminine memories.

18. Velvet

You can name your cat after a sumptuous sheet of black velvet. The name may also be a reminder of Velvet Brown the protagonist in film National Velvet aired in 1944.

19. Inkspot

It is always very difficult to capture your cat in photographs. Most of the pictures tend to look like a black splotch. You can call your black cat inkspot if all her pictures look like this.

20. Olive

The name Olive rolls from the back of your mouth to the front when pronounced quite like the briny black olives. This makes the name it fit your black cat.

21. Espresso

If your cat comes with a rich dynamic personality you can name her Expresso. Quite like a briny black olive which is a cat match for your black cat.

22. Tazzy

You might have heard the black-coated Tasmanian devil.

23. Nori

Food inspired names are common for cats. Nori sheets have a dark green color that is almost black and you can call your cat this.

24. Snape

Snape is a Harry Potter inspired name. The name comes from Severus Snape. Severus Snape is a half-blood wizard.

This character has black hair and a black outfit. Many Harry Potter fans may be inspired to call their cat this.

25. Pepper

Pepper is a very suitable name for your black cat as she can spice up everything in your life just like black pepper does to your food.

26. Mulberry

Mulberries have a deep purple hue that is almost black and you can call your cat this.

27. Aurora

The aurora lights also known as northern light give the best view in the black night sky.

28. Luna

In ancient Roman religion Luna was a goodness that was a divine embodiment of the moon. She was seen best when the sky was the color of your black cats coat.

29. Hodge

Samuel Johnson was a celebrated 19th-century man of letters and his favorite black cat was called Hodge.

30. Cheusi

Cheusi is a Swahili word that means black and it sounds fun calling your cat that

31. T’Challa

T’Challa also known as Black Panther is a superhero in marvels Covic who is a king and a protector. As a marvel fan you can call your cat this

32. Osito

Osito is a Spanish word that means teddy bear and it is very appropriate for your little black cat.

33. Licorice

If you love licorice candy or just the name you can try naming them this.

34. Salem

If you have seen the film Sabrina the Teenage Witch you must be familiar to the character Salem Saberhagen. Salem is a witty and sarcastic cat with a black coat.The name automatically fits for your witty black cat.

35. Chococat

Chococat is a black cat character made by a Japanese company. The cat was named after its tiny chocolate-colored nose which makes it appropriate for your cat.

36. Elvira

The name Elvira is made by combining two words “ala” and “wer”, which means all true. Elvira is a TV character in the modern culture. She is the Mistress of the Dark, and the campy

37. Selina

Selina has a Greek origin which means moon. The moon gives the best view when the sky is dark as your cat’s coat. Selina is a Greek name that means moon.

Here are other cat names you can give your black cat:

38. Asher
39. Neutron
43. Quark
44. Winona
45. Drusy
46. Kettle
47. Jinx
48. Indigo
49. Achro
50. Truffle
51. Midnight
52. Blackie
53. Jetset
54. Thomas
55. Beans
56. Gotham
57. Asphalt
58. Godiva
59. Basalt
60. Pluto
61. Binx
62. Bert
63. Jiji
64. Clover
65. Osito
66. Coffee
67. Hades
68. Tarantula
69. Java
70. Cola
71. Coraline
72. Sooty
73. Bear
74. Sharpie
75. Felix
76. Gladstone
77. Shuri
78. Sable
79. Gateau
80. Lambert
81. Grease
82. Granite
83. Siyah
84. Char
85. Tarot
86. Raven
87. Eclipse
88. Ebony
89. Cajun
90. Sylvester

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