Black Maine Coon, History, Personality, Health and Care

Black Maine Coon, History, Personality, Health and Care

The Black Maine Coon in a lot of instances comes with the brown tabby pattern. Lot of people may not know that the cat may come with other color patterns as well .

The Black Maine Coon may be found in solid colors such as black, red and white.



As the name suggests the Black Maine Coon cat originated from Maine .

The breed was popular there since the 19th century it was referred to as a farm cat and ships cat.

The cat is a natural breed though little is known about their origin.

Some people say that the breed was brought to North America by the Vikings .

Though others have a different opinion and think that the cat breed is a descendant of long haired cats which belonged to Marie Antoinette.

Long haired cats that came with sailors mated with short haired cats and resulted in to these breed .

The appearance clearly indicates that the breed is as a result of mating between a cat and a raccoon .

In 1895 a female Maine Coon was named the best cat at a cat show held in Madison Square Garden .

In 1960 they formed a Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association .

Up to date these big beautiful cats are among the most popular breeds in the world.



The cats are well mannered and easily adapt to your lifestyle and personalities .

These cats really enjoy human company and will keep following their pet parent .

The cats love having attention and will always stick by your side .

The cats are also very vigilant when it comes to rodents ,they will always ensure that no rodent stays safe in your house .

If there are no mice to chase around the cats will always chase toys while grabbing them with their big paws .

The cats love playing fetch and will retrieve the balls or small papers you through .

The cats love playing with children who treat them politely and with respect .

They are really the best choice for families .They are also friendly to other pets be it fellow cats or dogs .

Size and Weight

The cats are quite large and will weigh something between 9 to 18 pounds .Male Coon cats are larger than the females and can weigh up to 20 pounds .

The cats attain maximum size and weight after three to five years.



Mixed breeds have varying health problems that seem to be genetic in nature .Some of the problems that may affect the Black Maine Coon include:

Hip dysplasia: this condition when severe can cause lameness

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy : this is a form of heart disease that is inherited by the breed .

You can carry a DNA test to identify if a cat carries one of the mutations that causes the disease .

Polycystic kidney disease : this is a kidney disease that that is heritable and progressive and can eventually result in to renal failure.

Spinal muscular atrophy ,This a genetic disorder that attacks the skeletal muscles of limbs .

You can carry tests to determine if a kitten is a carrier of the disease or is infected .



The Black Maine Coon cat has a coat with a silky texture that does not mat easily .

You should groom the cat at least twice a week .Combing will help remove dead hairs and distribute skin oils .

I would advise you use a stainless steel comb for removing tangles and a grooming rake to help you pull out dead undercoat which forms tangles if it remains there for a long time.

Use baby wipe to remove the bits of poop that may be stuck on the for around the tail .

Bathe your cat after two weeks or a month at most .

Glossy coat and stringy fur shows that your cat needs a bath .

You should also brush your cats teeth regularly to prevent periodontal disease .

If you cat brush the cats teeth daily you should try to do it weekly .

The nails should be trimmed after a couple of weeks .

The eyes should be wiped with a soft damp clothes especially at the corners.

Make sure to use a separate clothes for wiping each eye to prevent spreading of infections .

Use cotton balls or a soft damp cloth moistened with a mixture of equal portions of water and vinegar to clean the ears .

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