Blue buffalo cat food reviews & recall 2000

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Reviews, Ratings & Recent Recall in 2020

The blue buffalo unlike its name is a highly reputable pet food brand and not a colored animal.

In this article we are going to review the ingredients, recent news and even some of the legitimate concerns many pet parents may have about this reputable food brand.

Blue Buffalo has been consistent in production of high quality food with cat friendly ingredients. We have reviewed the products below because of their quality.

We have also considered the taste and nutrition of the food. Some pet parents will prefer wet cat food while others will prefer dry cat foods. For this reasons we have reviewed 3 wet cat foods and 4 dry cat foods.

1. Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor

The Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor is our number one product for wet foods. This food is specifically made for indoor cats. Most parents will however keep their pets indoors only.

This is to prevent them from contacting diseases, environmental dangers and wildlife or even the possibility of getting stolen.

Some of the infections that are likely to attack indoor cats include: urinary tract infections, obesity and excessive hairballs among others.

With this food you won’t have to worry any more. The Blue Buffalo Freedom Indoor food is crafted to address and prevent these issues.

It has cranberries which help improve the cats urinary system .The food also has high fiber and low calories to assist in maintaining the required weight and calorie content.

One thing to be aware about this food is that it contains high amounts of carbs, moderate amounts of fats and an average amount of protein.

Carbs are not bad for your cat however too many of them can lead to excessive weight gain. Proteins are however crucial for cats especially kittens because they support optimum growth and development.


A lot of cats seem to like the flavor and the texture that this food has
High moisture content
Specially made for indoor cats



High amount of carbs which can lead to excess weight gain

2. Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Indoor Chicken

This cat food has comes with real chicken as the main ingredient. The Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Indoor Chicken cat food has real textured meat chunks that are tasty.

The higher protein levels aid formation of stronger muscles, healthier hearts and leaner bodies. The food provides a balanced diet for your cat that will ensure he is perfectly well.

It also has antioxidants from fruits and vegetables that improve your cat immune system. The food is also made with common allergens which include: corn, soy, wheat and artificial flavors and colors.

The ingredients are cat friendly and even the most sensitive kitties tend to have no problems with the food. The smooth texture makes the food easily digestible and.

This also means you can mix it with dry foods. The food has a variety of flavors you can choose from.


The high protein content is important for maintaining your kitties’ health
Good for maintain a balanced cat weight
The food has a smooth texture which makes it easily digestible.


Some cats tend to dislike the flavors in this food
A variety pack may be a problem if a cat has a sensitive tummy

3. Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet

Is your cat having allergies, skin issues or is she is suffering from a chronic condition. The Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Cat food is the perfect solution for you.

The food also aids in weight loss. So if you feel that your cat has some pounds to loose here is the perfect solution for you. If your vet advises you to get a limited ingredient diet you should not look any further.

The Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet will be the ideal solution for you. Just as the name suggests the food comes with a limited number of ingredients.

These include protein sourced from real duck meat and veggies like pumpkin and peas. The importance of having fewer ingredients is that this minimizes your cats exposure to allergens.

Fewer ingredients should not be however mistaken with fewer nutrients. This food is full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids that will help in improving the coat and skin condition of your cat.

If your cat does not like the duck flavor you will still have other options to choose from. The food also comes with fish and potato or turkey and potato flavors.


The food has limited ingredients that favor sensitive cats.
Protein sourced from real duck
Has fiber that helps improve digestion
The food does not contain additives, fillers or artificial ingredients.


Some pets may dislike the taste and texture of the food
The food has a bit low moisture content unfavorable for kitties who love to drink a lot of water

Dry Foods

Are dry foods expensive than wet foods? Absolutely, once you learn how dry food is made what goes and does not go in to it you will be able to see why most parents prefer dry food to wet food.

The food is worth the extra money and will keep your cat healthy and energized.

1. Blue Indoor Health

The Blue Indoor Health is one of the top selling dry foods for indoor cats. This food has real deboned chicken as the main ingredient. The chicken is rich in proteins.

Protein is very important especially for kittens because it gives them a lot of macro-nutrients that help your cat develop and maintain a lean body and still have the energy to play.

It has vegetables and fruits which offer a number of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This food contains healthy whole grains like brown rice and barley.

It has nutrients that will boost your cats overall health. The food has been tailor made to meet the needs of indoor cats which may be less active.


High amount of proteins for overall growth
Tailor made for indoor cats


Low moisture content which may not meet the needs of some cats

2. Blue Freedom Grain Free Adult

Indoor cats need balanced nutrients and carbohydrates which will give them the right amount of energy. The food should however not go overboard on calories.

An expert team with in mind created the Blue Freedom Grain Free Adult. The food will help keep your cat in good shape. Many pet owners love this product because it helps cats loose and maintain weight loss overtime.

The food is protein rich and is not necessarily super calorically dense. At the same time the food also helps underweight cats gain some pounds.

Your vet will give you the best idea on how much to give your animal depending on her needs. The food does not contain any artificial fillers and junk which makes it very healthy for your cat.


Excellent nutrition good for indoor cats
Helps your cat loose or gain weight
Rich in vitamins and minerals
Has no poultry by-products


Not ideal for indoor cats

3. Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe

The Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe cat food as the name suggests gets inspiration from Rocky Mountains.

The food is specifically crafted for adult cats. Proteins help strengthen your cats muscles, does your feline friend need a lot of it in her diet? Worry no more as this food fits your need.

This food features tons of ingredients rich in proteins which include: beef, lamb, bison and venison. The ingredients in this food are however not appropriate for kitties.

So you may have to look for something else until she gets a little older. The food also contains tons of fruits and veggies which helps boost your cat’s immune system.

The food is a little pricey, but on the bright side you won’t have to visit the vet frequently or deal with chronic infections. This makes it worth the price and more.


The food use real animal proteins which makes it tasty and nutritious.
Provides your cat with antioxidants
The food does not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients.


Not ideal for kittens
The food is a little pricey

4. Blue Wilderness Nature’s Evolutionary Diet

The Blue Wilderness Nature’s Evolutionary Diet Cat food contains real ingredients rich in antioxidant that will help boost your cat’s immune system.

Some of the antioxidant rich ingredients include: Blueberries, Cranberries, Sweet potatoes and carrots. Just like the Blue Indoor Health the cat contains real deboned chicken as the first ingredient.

This provides your cats with the necessary proteins. The food does not contain artificial preservatives or fillers which makes it very healthy and cat friendly.


The food is grain free
Contain natural antioxidants ingredients that will help boost your cat’s immune system
The food has carbohydrates that help improve digestion
Has proteins that strengthens your felines muscles


It is not appropriate for cats allergic to some fruits

Why do people prefer Blue Cat Food?

The Blue Buffalo cat company and their products have a pretty great reputation, reviews and rating. Many pet parents rave about the products in their reviews.

Our personal experience is also nothing regrettable. The foods are also known to provide proteins that will help strengthen your feline friends’ muscles.

The foods are also very high quality. The family owned company started in 2002 has experienced immerse growth over the years.

This company has stayed true to their American roots by keeping all their manufacturing within the states. The company has always been health-conscious.

The company uses high quality natural sourced ingredients to manufacture their products. These ingredients are all from the US. The ingredients often come from small local farmers.

They are also formulated with expertise from nutritionist and veterinarians. The company always makes sure that their products contain proteins, vitamins and minerals and nutrients.

These are very crucial for your cat’s overall growth and health. Instead of using cheaper and lower quality meat by-products the company opts to use real meat.

The Blue Buffalo cat products are always free from grains, artificial colors, fillers and preservatives which are not goods for your cats health.

The products are also relatively affordable for such a high quality brand.

The Blue Buffalo also produces both dry and wet canned food. They have food specially crafted for kittens, adults and seniors.

So no matter the type of cat you have at home the company always has a product perfect for her. The foods also help in maintain a good coat, bones, joints and her overall wellness.

The Blue Buffalo Cat Food Recall

The Blue Buffalo Company was in the news some time back and not exactly for good reasons. 2017. This Company also had another recall in 2015.

It was of a single series of cat foods .in 2007 the company had yet another recall. The recalls were because the foods were found to have high levels of a potentially toxic substance that is known as melamine.

This substance is also found in a lot of kitchenware products. Propylene glycol in these products was also found to be low which may also be toxic.

A product recall does not make a company any bad. This is not to justify them or their faulty products. You can also check more products reviews in our website if you opt for different brands.

But it will be very difficult to find what you need in other brands. Practically product recall happen quite a number of times and to various companies or industries.

In manufacturing industry a lot of steps are involved from the start to finish. This explains the reason companies experience some of the problems like the recall the Blue Buffalo Company had.

The most important thing companies should do is transparency and acknowledging their error. The Blue buffalo company has always done this and done their best to address it as soon as possible.

This company has also come up with strict quality control policies.

We still stand by the Blue Buffalo brand despite this. This is because their overall track record is excellent and they rarely make mistakes.

The brand also has a good reputation and is known for making high quality cat friendly products.


What’s our final word about Blue Buffalo Cat food?

These products are made by a great and reputable company. This company has been there for quite some times and has a history of very loyal customers.

The products have received very good compliments from customers and reviewers. The ratings received are also high.

If you have fellow pet Parents concerned about their felines health and food or friends that love reading reviews and rating you should share this article with them.

For more information about cats and cat products visit the rest of our website.

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