Can cats eat bananas

Can cats eat bananas

It is surprisingly interesting that cats may be interested in unusual food items and you may be tempted to ask if cats can eat bananas. Cats can surely chew bananas.

The question that many people ask is whether the bananas are good bad or can potentially be poisonous to a cat.

Are bananas Good for a cat

Bananas are rich in vitamins though they are not exactly healthy for your cats system. Too much bananas can cause health problem that is why it is good to give your cat limited amounts.

Cats that need a lot of vitamins and minerals should be given more appropriate food instead. You should also ensure your cat is feed with a well-balanced diet and she will not need additional fruits or vegetables.

If you however decide to give bananas to your cat the safest way you can do it is by offering portions pre-sized for themĀ  Do not give your cat a banana peel.

Apart from chocking they can also upset your cat digestive tract.

Bananas are also high in sugar and carbohydrates and too much of them may be a problem in the long run this is because cats do not have enzymes responsible for digesting sugars and carbohydrates.

How to give Bananas to your cat

Here are steps on how to feed Bananas to your cat the right way:

  1. Peel the banana; Banana peels are not very cat friendly and that is why you need to eliminate them
  2. Cut the bananas in to small pieces, make sure the banana is in small pieces that you cat can eat easily
  3. Check the reaction of your cat, after feeding your cat with a banana check if she will have any allergic reaction. The symptoms will normally show themselves moments after eating. In case you notice your cat has an allergic condition it is advisable you visit the vet.

Is it safe to feed my cat with bananas?

Bananas are safe when given to cats in small portions. Some cats may however suffer allergy when feed with bananas and this means the veterinary.

Some of the symptoms that your cat is having allergic reactions include:

Itchy mouth and throat


Swellings on the skin

Throat narrowing


What are the health benefits of bananas?

Bananas are not necessary toxic when feed the right way. They have a number of health benefits on the positive side. They have fiber and a number of vitamins that are good for your cat.

They have potassium that is important in improving the heart and kidney health. Just as insufficient amounts too much of potassium can be dangerous.

Bananas also have folic acid that helps in protein metabolism inn the cats body. The bananas also have fiber which improves digestion. In high amounts fiber may cause diarrhea.

What are the side effects of cats eating bananas?

We have looked at the health benefits of bananas but they also have negative effects on your cat health when not feed in the right way and amount. Here are some of those effects.

Excessive weight gain leading to obesity, this is because they have high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates

Increase in blood sugar level which can lead to diabetes

Diarrhea due to high amounts of fiber

Cats also struggle to digest plant based foods

Vomiting and abdominal pains

Do cats like bananas?

Cats can definitely eat bananas but you may want to know if they enjoy the fruit. Cats cannot notice the fruit sweetness because their tongue has no taste buds.

They may like bananas out of curiosity. Cats however enjoy a homemade summer treat of a frozen banana that can be easily made at home.

Bananas are among the most nutritious fruits but be careful not to give too much to your cat as they may upset her stomach.

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