Can Dogs Eat Avocados (Is Fresh, Peel or Pits Edible)

Just the other day I was having brunch with my three friends.

I asked for guacamole and to my surprise, everyone else asked for avocado as an accompaniment.

I never thought avocado was loved this much by my buddies. So, I wondered, since it is a very healthy fruit, how about I try it on my Pitbull Terrier at home?

I knew his love for bananas is immense, so I just thought to myself, he might love Avocados, too. After all, isn’t a fruit like a banana? On my way home, I bought two Avocados for him.

On arrival, I sliced the flesh into medium sizes, but before I fed my doggy, I decided to call my vet for approval. I made it a habit to consult him before I introduced my dog to new meals.

It was quite a long conversation but certainly worth it. So, prepare your coffee, because you have a lot to learn.

Why Dogs Need Fruits Once in a While 

There are many good fruits that you can feed your dog. Talk of apples, blueberries, carrots, bananas, broccoli, papaya, mango, just to mention a few.

That said, below is a full list of why a fruit a day for your fur friend will keep your vet away.

  • Improved digestion due to fiber and plant enzymes in fruits like mangos,
  • If your dog doesn’t drink enough water, this is an excellent way to hydrate it. For example, by giving it watermelons,
  • Multiple health benefits. Fruits like blueberries are known for their added advantage in protection against diseases like heart cancer. Besides, they contain tannins which prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in dogs,
  • Provides vitamins such as vitamin A, E, C, and B6 and minerals such as thiamine that contributes to your dog’s overall health,
  • Fruits reduce the effects of aging in dogs, for example, strawberries. They prevent the skin against the harmful UV rays.

Why avocados are bad for your canine 

First, here’s something you should not miss about Avocados; the skin, bark, and the leaves contain a fungicidal toxin commonly known as Persin.

Persin can cause major health problems in dogs like vomiting, diarrhea, or even death in severe cases. As a first canine parent like me, you’ll definitely freak out by the sound of that. Therefore, I couldn’t feed my pet.

I got curious and inquired if my doggy can feed on guacamole instead. And the answer was no, he cannot.

The reason being, Guacamole is spiced with many ingredients, one being onions, which should be a no-go zone for your beautiful and loved Chali.

Onions are fatal since they cause hemolytic anemia.

If you want to feed your dog with the healthiest fruits and veggies, go with the likes of apples, blueberries, carrots, bananas, Broccoli, just to mention a few.

Facts about avocados           

The truth is, avocados are really harmful to some pets like birds and horses. They can actually cause instant death when eaten.

So, people have made a theory that it will have the same side effects on dogs which really is not true.

But here’s the truth.

Avocado skin, leaves, and pits contain the highest concentration of Persin, unlike the flesh. This means that it is very healthy and safe for your dog to consume small cut pieces of the flesh.

Trust me it’ll do your dog no harm.

But for a paranoid parent like me, who is not comfortable with the proven side effects, you can avoid it.

Fruits you should never feed your canine.

Despite fruits being healthy and nutritious, not all should be fed to your pooch.

Here’s the rundown of fruits you should totally avoid.

  • Cherries: They contain Cyanide which blocks the needed oxygen in the cells for the dog’s survival. This eventually leads to death.
  • Grapes: Their toxicity is characterized by lethargy, kidney failure, vomiting or even diarrhea.
  • Citrus fruits like limes, tangerines, and lemons. They cause stomach upsets in dogs. Also, due to the sugar levels in oranges, they can cause GI upsets if eaten too much,
  • Just like avocados, papaya’s skin and seeds too are not safe for the dog’s digestion. They should not be ingested since they contain high amounts of cyanide plus the skin is hard to digest. It can easily cause blockage of the intestines.

Bottom line 

We’ve known the nutritional value of fruits in our pet’s bodies. For example, boosting their immune system, protecting them against heart diseases, providing vitamins, and so on.

But we are now certain that not all fruits add value. Some of them might cause harm such as Avocado, grapes, and citrus fruits.

So, as it is always recommended, consult your vet if you have doubts concerning certain fruits. Your vet can never go wrong.

When it comes to avocados, we have seen that they are not totally poisonous as they are painted by people. A small piece of avocado flesh won’t hurt.

But hey, if you have trust issues, there are a variety of nutritious fruits out there. For example, apples, bananas, or watermelons.

In conclusion, if at all you choose to feed your dog avocados, here is a piece of free advice;

  • Choose one that is organic
  • Make sure it is ripe
  • Let it be free from additives and chemicals
  • Remove the skin and pits
  • Let it be in small portions
  • Apart from feeding it directly, you can also mix it with his food
  • Do not feed it as guacamole
  • And the most important bit, consult your veterinarian first.
 I hope this information was helpful.

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