facts about maltese dog

Facts about Maltese Dog: Personality, Care, Grooming, Feeding, and Health

Maltese is a small, trusting and affectionate dog breed, with a glistering long silky coat.  In the toy breed group, the Maltese is considered one of the most intelligent and gentle of the breeds. Given their lively personalities, the Maltese make an excellent companion for many …

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Facts about Golden Retriever

Facts About Golden Retrievers: History. Care, Grooming, and Feeding

Golden Retriever is a lovable dog breed. With their history traced back to Scotland, these canines were initially developed for sporting purposes. The Scottish medium-large gun dogs are excellent workers in hunting and shooting games. Moreover, being a beautiful and loving dog breed, Golden Retrievers are …

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Facts about German Shepherd

Facts about German Shepherd Dog: History, Personality, Care & Feeding

The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is a working dog which belongs to the herding dogs category. Initially developed for herding and guarding purposes, the GSDs are intelligent, large-sized, obedient, courageous, smart, protective, cheerful, and are capable of learning. This makes them one of the most popular …

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