Down syndrome cat

Down syndrome cat

Cats like humans often suffer from the same disorders. Many people may however wonder how a cat can have down-syndrome.

In this article we have deeply looked in to the topic and answered most of the questions you may have about Down syndrome.

Can cats have Down syndrome?

Since it became easier to share images afforded by the internet the question as to whether cats can have Down syndrome has become more common.

We now have an opportunity to see unique cats we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. You must have seen cats that look or behave differently.

The Down syndrome like behaviors is what has come to be known as “Down syndrome cats.”

What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a birth defect in humans. The condition can either affect them intellectually or physically.

The condition arises from chromosomal defect in humans where each cell contains 21 pair’s chromosomes instead of 23 pairs.

A person that is suffering from Down syndrome has three copies. They can either be complete or incomplete.

The people living the condition tend to have certain characteristics such as low muscle tone, short stature and flat nasal bridge.

These people may also show some degree difficulty in learning. It is practically impossible for cats to have Down syndrome since they have 19 pairs of chromosomes.

They may can however exhibit symptoms like those shown by people with Down syndrome because one reason or another.

Down syndrome-like symptoms in cats

As we have said it is practically impossible for cats to develop Down syndrome. They can however exhibit some of Down syndrome symptoms which include:

Different or strange behaviors compared to other cats

Unusually small ears

Odd shaped ears

Vision problems

Abnormally set eye, wide apart

Motor dysfunction

Heart problems

Low muscle tone

Loss of hearing ability

The nose may be flat or upturned

It is important to consult with the veterinary if you find that your cat is exhibiting any of the above symptoms. This will help find out what is causing the symptoms.

This does not mean that a cat has Down syndrome because as we said they don’t have 21 chromosomes. The may however be having genetic disorder which can cause symptoms like the ones we have listed.

Unique looks and behavior

Each and every cat is special and unique however some cats look or act differently which makes them different from others. Cats have been observed to suffer from disorders such as Monty.

Monty is a cat born with chromosomal abnormality. The abnormality leaves the cat with a nasal bridge bone.  In recent years many pet parents have raised awareness of cats with special need.

Cats that have genetic disorder have much to offer because of their uniqueness. If you are planning to adopt a cat it is very important that you take all their needs in to account.

This is to help you adopt the right cat for you and your lifestyle. Cats with special needs often need a little extra love and attention.

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