5 Best Heavy Duty Crates for Dogs with Separation Anxiety Reviews in 2020

Are you looking for a heavy-duty crates for dogs with separation anxiety? Or is your dog too anxious with her current crate and you are looking for the best alternative?


There are simply tons of dog crates out there. And that’s a good thing, because once manufacturers spoil you for choice, your options simply become unlimited.

That notwithstanding, we’d like to recommend only heavy-duty dog crates if you have a dog that seems to suffer from separation anxiety.

Whether you’re interested in a high-end model or you need an inexpensive dog crate that doesn’t suck, here are some options that you should consider.





AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

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Petmate Sky Kennel

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Midwest Home for Pets

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Every high quality dog crate in the market always attracts positive reviews.

And that’s the first thing we noticed when we analyzed the AmazonBasics Folding Kennel. It’s sturdy, well built, good for dog training, and it comes at a price that’s downright a steal.

From a design standpoint, we’re confident that the designer has invested the right material and resources to make the unit the best there is. To begin with, this kennel sports a metal build with a black finish. They’ve rounded the edges for your dog’s comfort and safety. And the interior is spacious enough for your dog to stand and even walk in.

Dog with separation anxiety need easy entrance and exit to and from a crate. And it’s a good thing to see that this kennel has two doors, one on the front and the other on the side, which makes it easy for your dog to get in and out of the crate whenever they please.

We like that this is a wired create. At the very least, your dog can see areas beyond the crate, hear people speak, and observe movements. This gives them a sense of people’s presence, so they don’t get anxious and start barking for nothing.


  • It is easy to clean because it comes with a slide out tray
  • Folds down easily for quick storage and transportation
  • It is a durable dog crate, thanks to the metal construction
  • Features two doors, which allows easy entrance and exit


  • This kennel may be heavy for some people 

2. Petmate Sky Kennel 

Separation anxiety isn’t nearly as dangerous if you can contain and eventually control it.

Managing your dog’s anxiety means making sure that you buy a kennel that will make your dog feel loved, safe, and protected.

Petmate Sky Kennel is a good option to use. Not only is this dog crate inexpensive, it’s also a well-built model that will last long.

For starters, this crate is made of a combination of plastic and steel, which makes it more stable and durable enough for long-term use. Petmate has even optimized the weight of the unit regardless of the size, so you get a crate as lightweight as 5.6 lbs for the price.

Keep in mind that this pick is the medium size, so it can fit small puppies and growing dogs comfortably. If you need an option that can easily fit a big dog, simply choose the larger option.

One of the things that we love about this crate for dogs with separation anxiety is the ventilation system. It ensures constant flow of air in and out of the crate, so your dog doesn’t get uncomfortable, especially when you’re far away from home.

Plus, the front and side panels make it easy for the dog to see outside so they don’t feel confined and stranded in a small space.


  • A well-built, heavy-duty, no escape crate that can house even the most stubborn dog
  • It offers a dark environment, which gives your dog a true sense of safety
  • The plastic used in design isn’t just strong and durable, it’s also safe for your dog
  • Includes water and food cups that you can use to feed your animal friend


  • Somewhat expensive than soft carriers of the same size

3. Midwest Home for Pets Dog Crate 

Dogs want to be as comfortable as possible.

So if you don’t put them in a comfortable environment, they’ll start feeling that you don’t care about them nearly as much.

If they get aggressive with each passing day, then one of the reason is that you’re probably denying them the comfort of a good dog crate. And if that’s case, it’s time to upgrade their kennel with the new Midwest Home for Pets Dog Crate.

Dozens of dog owners who have used this crate describe it as a safe haven for their dogs. And they’ve praised it as one of the best heavy-duty dog crate that there ever will be. Made of high quality metal with a black finish, this dog crate is one of the most durable gifts that you can buy for your dog.

Considering its size, it’s easy to understand why it weighs 22 pounds. Of course, this isn’t as lightweight as the Petmate Sky Kennel. But you’re still getting a well-built unit, even if it not that easy to transport by hand. But then again, it folds down easily for storage and transportation, so the weight isn’t exactly a deal breaker.

Our testers loved this crate because of its size. To put this in perspective, the crate is big enough to house large dogs.

And it even comes with a divider panel that allows you to expand or reduce space depending on the size of the dog you decide to contain in it. In short, if you’re in the market for a pet crate that your dog can grow with, this one definitely makes a good pick.

We aren’t one bit convinced that this unit is extremely portable. Granted, it folds down to a small size. But weighing around 10kgs, this isn’t a unit you’d easily carry around by hand.

The carrying handle makes it easy to lift from the ground, but you really can’t carry such a weight around for too long. We think that the best way to carry this, if you intend to bring it to a distant destination, is to use the trunk bed.


  • Features side bolt latches, which hold the crate’s door in place so your dog doesn’t escape
  • You can use the divider panel to  increase or reduce the size of the crate’s interior space depending on your dog’s size
  • The removable tray is made of ABS composite, so it’s 100% safe for your pet
  • Collapses to a small size for storage and transportation


  • This dog crate is heavy
  •  Not a suitable option for dog owners who are limited on space

4. Homey Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate 

One of the best ways to handle a dog with separation anxiety is to make their surrounding feel homely.

And the right approach to take is to get them a high quality crate that won’t compromise their comfort. Homey Pet Crate is a good option to consider, mostly because it is good enough for even the craftiest escape artists that simply won’t relax in soft crates.

This crate features two doors: one at the top and another one at the front. The front door makes entrance and exit easy and your dog will find it useful once they get used to spending time in the crate. The top door makes it easy for you to put the dog in the crate, especially during the very first days when they aren’t used to entering a crate on their own.

Under the crate is a plastic tray that captures food particles and dog waste. This way, dog poop and food remains don’t get into contact with the floor, thus lessening time you’d take to clean the mess. Moreover, the tray is easy to remove from the crate, takes a few minutes to clean, dries fast, and is very easy to put back in place.

You don’t have to move the Homey Pet Crate around once you put it in a suitable spot at home. But in case there ever comes a time when movement is necessary, you can simply push the crate and let the four wheel beneath do the rest of the heavy movement for you.

What’s more?

The wheels lock in quite well. So once you’re done pushing it around for whatever reason, simply push the lock to secure each wheel. This will ensure that it stays in position for the safety of your dog. And, of course, until the next time you want to move it around again. 


  • It’s made of hardwearing steel, so it’s strong and definitely durable
  • The wheels make mobility possible, and when locked, the crate stays in position for your dog’s own safety
  • Includes heavy-duty locks, which your dog simply can’t open
  • The plastic grid is tough and it’s completely safe and gentle on dog’s paws
  •  Good for controlling crafty escape artists and stays in position no matter how hard your animal friend tries to hit the locked door


  • One of the biggest problem with this crate is that it’s very hard to assemble
  • Somewhat expensive compared to AmazonBasics and Midwest Home for Pets Crate
  • The create is so big that you’ll have to disassemble it if you plan to relocate

5. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table 

Many dog owners are used to steel and aluminum pet crates. Wooden dog crates are versatile and effective crates that serve the intended purpose.

The Crown Pets End Table Crate is big enough for small, medium, and big dog. And it’s sleek enough to match your existing décor.

It’s a high-end model than all the other recommendations in this review. But if you think about it, real hardwood has never been cheap either. The end design looks and feels almost perfect. Available in mahogany and espresso finish, you can choose an option that best matches your taste – or at least your existing home décor.

This dog crate has only one door and it’s so big that it allows easy entry and exit. We even love that it swings inwards and outwards, so you can open to or close it from either way. There are vents all around the crate, which promote sufficient air circulation to keep your dog cool, dry and comfortable.

Apart from providing ventilation, it gives the dog an opportunity to look at and observe their surroundings. This way, they have a sense of belonging and don’t feel like you’ve separated them from other family members.

Now, there’s no denying that dogs suffering from separation anxiety will try their best position to open the door of this crate so they can escape. However, your escape artist won’t be able to do so thanks to the stainless latch that secures the door. If they try opening the door and fail, they’ll develop a sense that you want them to stay in the crate – and you can be sure they will.

Then there’s the laminate floor, which is apparently easy to clean and maintain. But that’s not the only advantage for introducing the floor to the design in the first place. It also helps ensures that wood doesn’t absorb items like odor, moisture, and liquid. This ensures that you get a long-term value for your money.


  • Well-built and stylish, true hardwood that’s likely to last for a very long time
  • Beautiful finish that can easily match the décor of your home
  • You can even use it as an end table, even with your dog or puppy in it
  • Waterproof laminate floor that’s quite easy to clean
  • Good ventilation and your dog an even sees areas around the house so they don’t feel lonely and separated


  • This crate may be heavy for some people
  • It’s not a suitable crate for big dogs
  • Non-metallic dog crate

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