How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work? [See how it works]

You aren’t going to keep your pooch in their crate forever.

There are moments when you’ll want to give them the freedom to enjoy the outdoors’ enrichment while making sure they don’t go far away from home.

This is where a wireless dog fence comes in.

Also known as an invisible fence, a wireless dog fence acts as a containment mechanism that keeps your dog within a given perimeter.

At the very least, this system ensures that your pet doesn’t go beyond the boundaries you’ve set, even if you’re not around to keep an eye on them.

But what exactly is a wireless dog fence anyway?

And how does a wireless dog fence work?

In the rest of the article, we’ll try to answer these questions and provide even more information.

Let’s get started.

What is a Wireless Dog Fence? 

The idea behind an invisible dog fence is to ensure you can contain your dog within certain boundaries outdoors without necessarily building a wired fence. 

And if you think about it, a tall fence cost a lot of money and takes time to build, not to mention that some neighborhoods have strict residential regulations that don’t allow fences.

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A wireless fence, on the other hand, only costs a couple of bucks and takes only a few hours to setup. Plus, they’re lightweight and portable, taking only a few minutes to disassemble and pack up for relocation or vacation.

A wireless dog fence doesn’t involve the use of wires in its working concept. Instead, the package includes a transmitter and a receiver, both of which are important in helping you confine your dog within a given perimeter.

How Does a Wireless Dog Fence Work?

The setup of a wireless dog fence is simple and straightforward.

First, you need to identify the perimeter within which you’d like to contain your dog. Install the transmitter and set the signal strength.

Transmitter’s signal strength varies depending on the model of the dog fence that you choose. Keep this in mind as you order a wireless fence for your canine.

Because a wireless dog fence transmits signals in a circular motion, it’s necessary that you put the transmitter at the center of the perimeter to create a perfect, safe circular zone.

The receiver, mostly attached to a collar, features two probes that, once attached on your dog’s neck, touch your dog’s skin.

Now, here’s the most interesting part:

The receiver will continuously capture signals from the transmitter. And as long as your dog remains within the circular area, also known as the pet zone, nothing will happen.

If they leave the circular zone, the signal from the transmitter will not reach the collar and, as such, the collar will lose the signal.

Immediately the receiver loses the radio signal from the transmitter, it will emit a warming sound that last about 2 seconds. This will indicate to your dog that they’ve gone outside the Pet Zone and should get back in the circle.

If your dog doesn’t return back to the circle within the 2 seconds, the probes will emit a static correction, which will last long enough, usually 30 seconds, to get your animal friend back to the pet zone. 

Remember, the static correction from the probe isn’t painful. It’s just irritating enough to get your dog back to the circular zone. So it’s completely safe for your dog.

If you’re not sure about the safety of the static correction, especially if it’s your fist time to try a wireless dog fence, you should try it on your wrist first and feel the effect. You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s not painful at all.

One of the most important things that we’d like you to keep in mind is that not all shock collars are safe for your dog. Some are highly likely to cause skin irritation. So you need to make sure you choose the best containment system for the sake of your dog’s comfort and safety.

Also, you should make it your ambition to clean your dog’s neck regularly. And don’t let them have the collar on for an extended period.

In fact, you can even remove the collar every time you put the dog in his/her crate and only get them to wear the collar when you want them to play outdoors. This will go a long way to prevent skin irritation, so you won’t have to spend money unnecessarily on a vet.

Does a Wireless Dog Fence Teach Your Dog a Lesson?

A wireless dog fence is very important for a reason.

It teaches your dog that that they shouldn’t keep moving when they get the warning sound and the static correction. So they remain confined within the boundaries that you’ve set.

But there’s a condition.

You need to train your dog how to use a wireless electric fence well enough. Start by marking boundary with a flag so they know where they shouldn’t go beyond. Second, teach them not to cross that boundary.

Of course, this is tough training.

But they’ll eventually grasp the concept. In the end, they’ll know that crossing the boundary is a violation of the standards you’ve set for them. And each time they approach the flag, they’ll know what to expect.

Once they get used to staying within the boundaries that you’ve put in place, you can go ahead and remove the flag. By this time, your dog knows how far they can travel and never receive the static correction from the wireless fence.

Bottom line 

You will love a wireless dog fence because of the value it plays in the life of your animal friend.

At the very least, it’s a good system to use because it keeps your dog safe and very close to home. And with just a bit of training, which should take only a few weeks, your dog will be able to stick within the perimeters you’ve set and never go far away from you.

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