Help! My Pit is Pregnant: How Long do Pitbulls Stay Pregnant?

Pet pregnancy is one of the best news ever for every pet parent. 

As a Pitbull dog owner you need to learn some pregnancy basics so that your Pit does not get you off-guard. Generally, Pitbulls stay pregnant for 63 days which is 9 weeks. Sometimes, this period may vary by a few days.

If you suspect that your Pit is pregnant, you should visit a vet for testing or ultrasound. This can help you understand how old the pregnancy is, and when your dog is expected to deliver a Pit puppy.

Pregnant dog have some fundamental needs that need to be taken care of to ensure a smooth pregnancy. You should know what to expect during her pregnancy so that you can help her have an easy time.

Signs of Pitbull Pregnancy [What to Look Out for]

When a Pitbull is pregnant, they tend to exhibit some form of behavioral change you can notice when she is a few weeks pregnant. Here are some of the signs to look out for to know if you Pit is pregnant:

Increased appetite

One of the most common signs of pregnancy in Pitbull is a sudden increase in appetite.

You may, however, fail to detect this sign because Pitbulls are generally high appetite dogs. They have athletic and muscular bodies that demand more calories compared to other dog breeds like Maltese or Golden Retriever

If you notice a sudden change in your dog’s appetite, you should take your dog to your vet clinic for checkup.

Change in social behavior

A pregnant Pitbull is likely to show changes in how they behave.

Pitbulls are naturally friendly and cheerful but will become completely opposite when pregnant. They also tend to be shy, sluggish and timid during this period. She will also start being caring and clingy to things like shoes and toys to prepare herself on motherhood.

Physical Change

In the early stages of pregnancy, your dog may start developing physical body changes. The most visible change is the enlargement of nipples, which become longer and wider to make room for milk storage.

The belly will also start swelling in the first 2 to 4 weeks as the puppies start developing in the uterus. Due to their muscular body, you will need to be keen to notice this change in the early days of pregnancy. However, as the pregnancy develops further, this change will become more evident.

Key Stages of Pregnancy in Pitbulls

Pregnant Pits goes through various stages between conception to labor. Knowing these stages can help you walk with your Pit throughout her pregnancy.

On heat stage 

The first stage of pregnancy is the on-heat stage.

Pitbulls get their first period when around six months old. They have their periods twice a year which goes on for two to three weeks.

During this period, she will bleed and her vulva will swell. It is a period that she will most likely attract male dogs and you should avoid taking her outside or worst to the park. It best to have a male dog around if you want to breed her.

The ovulation period goes from early on-heat period to late on heat period. You should ensure that the male is not less than six months of age.

Pregnancy stage 

Your dog will be ready to breed two weeks in to the heat cycle.

Like in humans, it takes a whole month after bleeding to confirm if she is pregnant. This means you can only confirm that she got pregnant once she is out of the heat cycle.

If you notice any signs of pregnancy after a month, take her to the veterinary for checkup. Her behavioral and physical change may start at early stages of pregnancy.

Before the actual due date, you should perform an ultrasound to know the number of puppies your dog is expecting, and the estimated delivery date.

Labor stage

Your Pit will start having contractions once she enters labor stage.

You will observe that she will become restless and pant excessively. Her appetite will also decline and she will start secluding herself. There will also be a noticeable clear liquid getting discharged from her vagina.

When the time comes, she will start delivering one puppy at a time. Depending on the number of puppies your dog is expecting, labor period varies from 1 hour to 24 hours. She will deliver one puppy every 30 to 60 minutes.

How to Care for a Pregnant Pitbull the Right Way

Pitbulls go through a lot of changes during their nine weeks of pregnancy.

They need extra care and affection during this time. Give her proper nutrition, and enough exercise. Make sure she is well fed on a nutrient-rich diet. This ensures that the mother and her puppies are all healthy.

Also ensure your pregnant Pit does gentle exercises as she nears the end of her pregnancy. You can do random walks to the park or let her play with her toys. Simple exercises helps her remain active, and prepare her for delivery.

Remember to take her to the vet for regular checkup, and monitor any unusual behavior. Contact the vet in case you observe any unusual activity. Due to the sensitive nature of pregnant dogs, you should not try doing anything to your dog without consulting your dog.

How to Take Care of Puppy Litter

You should start preparing how to take care of your Pit puppies even before they arrive.

The first step is to prepare an area where your Pitbull will give birth. The mother and her puppies will stay in this place in the first few weeks after birth. Make sure the birth place is well ventilated, warm and clean. Remember to provide a warm dog blanket.

Since puppies cannot regulate their own temperature, choose a warm spot in the house and use a heat lamp to make it warmer. Keep the temperature at 850F for the first few days after birth and decrease it to around 720F after that.

This place should also be secluded from people and other pets. One reason for this is that she will become aggressive in the first few days after birth. Also the puppies should not be disturbed.


Taking care of a pregnant Pitbull is an overwhelming activity whether you are an amateur or an experienced pet parent.

The good thing is that a lot of joy awaits you after the pregnancy period. From having a single dog to having several puppies, your house will be warmer and filled with lots of love.

Remember to go for regular checkup at your vet clinic to monitor the progress of the unborn puppies, and address any issues that may arise. Remember to observe proper nutrition during pregnancy to make sure your dog gets all the essential nutrients she needs.

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