How to get a cat to gain weight

How to Get a Cat to Gain Weight the Right Way

Why is my cat losing weight?


Before adjusting your cat’s diet and feeding schedule or using supplements you need to visit the vet so as to find out why your cat is losing weight.

A cat may lose weight due to underlying health condition or taking food which are not nutritious enough. Some of the reasons that may make your cat lose weight include:

Worms (Read how to know if a cat has worms)

Food allergies

Inflammatory bowel infections

Anxiety and stress

Diabetes- you will need to find non-prescription food for diabetic cats


Toothache and

Boredom -try playing with your cat a little

Your vet will tell you more reasons that can make a cat lose weight.

How will I make my cat gain weight?


There are several ways that you can use to make your cat gain weight. But always consult the veterinary before changing your cat’s diet or feeding schedule.

If you have doubts about cat foods or supplement remember to also consult the veterinary. Here are a number of ways to help your cat gain weight:

1. Check for worms or any signs of illness


Many at times your cat may lose weight because of worms or parasites. You may go for months without realizing that your cat has worms.

Worms may also affect your cats fur quality which will be easily noticeable than weight loss. To get rid of the worms you will need the best over the counter cat dewormer.

2. Increase Cat food amount and frequency


Increasing your cat food amount and frequency will also help your cat gain weight. Cats will normally prefer to eat small portions of foods several times a day rather than one large bowl a day.

Smaller portions more frequently will also give your kitty, more appetite. Try to increase the amounts and spread it across the day.

3. Select healthy and nutritious food brands for your cat


Choosing high quality cat food is the first step. Cats will sometime need some extra calories so as to obtain the nourishment they need.

Ensure your cat food has a couple of ingredients which include proteins. Avoid foods that have cereals, additives, soy, corn and meat by-products.

This is because the products are difficult to digest and not nutritious in the long term. You should also avoid foods high in carb.

Here is a number of foods that will help your cat in weight gain. Here is a selection of some of the best high –calorie foods that will help your cat gain weight.

The foods are packed with proteins and nutrients that will give you a healthy feline friend. Here are 2 wet and 2 dry foods that will help your cat gain weight.

Dry Cat food


WE recommend the following dry cat foods that have high calorie content.

1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Dry Cat Food


This is our number one choice for dry foods that will help your cat gain weight. The Blue Buffalo cat food is a very trusted brand and very healthy for your cat.

The company uses high quality natural food. All these ingredients are sourced from the U.S local farmers. It does not contain any by product meals, grains or wheat.

It has a minimum of 18% crude fat, 40% proteins and 443 kcal/cup of calories.

2. Instinct Raw Boost Recipe Natural Dry Cat Food


Like the Blue Buffalo this cat food also has no grains, wheat or any by-product meals. The cat food is made of natural ingredients .

The first ingredient is cage free chicken .The food has high protein kibble and raw dried chicken .This makes the food nutritious .

The food also has omega 3 fatty acids .This ensures a healthy skin and coat .The fruits and veggies improves your cat overall health. It has 19.5% crude fat content 43% proteins and 488 kcal/cup of calories.


Wet Cat food


1. Blue Wilderness Nature’s Evolutionary Diet


The Blue Wilderness Nature’s Evolutionary Diet Cat food contains real ingredients rich in antioxidant that will help boost your cat’s immune system.

Some of the antioxidant rich ingredients include: Blueberries, Cranberries, Sweet potatoes and carrots. Just like the Blue Indoor Health the cat contains real deboned chicken as the first ingredient.

This provides your cats with the necessary proteins. The food does not contain artificial preservatives or fillers which makes it very healthy and cat friendly.

It has a minimum of 9% crude fat,10% proteins and 132 kcal/3-oz can of calories.

2. Wellness Signature Selects Natural Wet Cat Food


The Wellness Signature Selects Natural Wet Cat Food is our second pick for non-prescription food for diabetic cats. The food is the best wet cat food for diabetic cats.

This food ids also grain free making it low-carb this means it is less likely to cause inflammation. The food comes with different flavors. This is important because some kittens are sensitive to fish and fish flavors.

There have been some complaints’ that some food can are hard to open but this food is different. It has a minimum of 8% crude fat,12% proteins and 117 kcal/3-oz can of calories.


4.Use a mixture of wet and dry cat food


If you want to encourage your cat to eat more and gain weight try mixing wet and dry food. Most cats love wet food compared to dry food and mixing will encourage him to eat more.


5. Give your cat supplemental tasty treats


We have mentioned a number of foods rich in proteins and calories .This however does not mean that your cat will gain weight super quick.

That is why you may need a supplemental tasty calorie-dense gel. The Tomlyn high calorie gel is our most recommendable calorie dense gel. It contains 30% crude fat and has 28 kcal per teaspoon.

You will only need to add a little bit to your cat’s meal. The gel will help in quick weight gain and attract a cat to eat. You should however pay attention not to spoil him too often.

6. Add human food to his diet


Apart from feeding your cat with healthy wet and dry cat food you should consider adding wholesome cooked ingredients to your cat’s diet.

This should include unseasoned chicken or plain rice. Human food can be used to fatten your cat. Look for human foods cats can eat and those that cats should avoid.

7. Give your cat a fresh bowl of cool water


Apart from increasing your cat food amounts, giving supplements and human food a bowl of cool water is also very important.

You should try to give your cat a bowl of water every day. Hydration affects a cats overall health and their weight. If you keep forgetting to give your cat a bowl of clean water considers getting yourself a cat water fountain.

8. Try keeping your cat active


Just like humans cats will also develop an appetite after exercise. Keeping your cat active could help your cat gain weight.

A cat will always have an appetite after a day of being active compared to when he wakes up or after a long nap.


Homemade High Calorie cat Food for weight gain

This is our recipe for high calorie cat food you can make at home.


Raw chicken with bone if you have a grinder

Raw salmon

1 egg York

2 tablespoons of unsalted chicken broth

1 teaspoon of Tomlyn’s  calorie gel


Mix the chicken and bones in a grinder then add the raw salmon, egg York, chicken broth and Tomlyn’s calorie gel.

Mix in a food processor until it becomes smooth. You can then feed it to your feline friend. With just those simple steps you will have an appetizing snack to help your cat gain weight.

Final Thought

Weight gain just like weight loss in cats is very tricky and important. Both are life threatening issues and need a lot of caution. Weight loss may be a sign a physical, mental, or health problem.

Change of diet may just be a quick way to fix this. Sometimes you may need to do more than this and this article is just all you need.

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