How to get rid of tapeworm in cats without going to the vet

How to get rid of tapeworm in cats without going to the vet

What is a tapeworm?


A tapeworm is a pest that attacks pets. It starts a s a larvae which hatches into an adult worm that can reach the span of 4 to 18 inches .

There are two types of tapeworms, the Dipylidium Caninum and the Echinococcus.The Echinococcus is more dangerous than the Dipylidium Caninum. It enlarges in the liver, lungs or other organs in a cats system.

The most treacherous pain any pet owner can go through is when the pet is sick. The pet owner will always do everything in their ability to make them feel better.

Tapeworms are among the worst illness a cat can contract. The tiny microscopic worms can cause a lot of harm inside your cat. The tapeworms lodge themselves on the walls of a cat’s intestines.

They can stay there as long as they wish and this can be years. This makes it important for a pet parent to learn ways that he or she can use to prevent their cat from getting tapeworms.

In this article we have reviewed six ways you can use to prevent your cat from getting tapeworms.

How do I know that my cat has tapeworms?


Checking your cat’s faces may be the last thing you want to do but is very important if you want to know if your cat has tapeworms. The worms can easily be seen as tiny white specks wiggling around in the faces.

That does not mean that the worms have been expelled from your cats system. Another sign that your cat has tapeworms is diarrhea.

If you find your cat constantly licking the edges of its bottom, then you should take her for a checkup. The worms will eventually make your cat lose weight.

This is because the worms take nutrients that your cat needs for growth. The worms make your cat very uncomfortable.

How do cats get tapeworms?


Now that you have an idea of knowing if your cat has tapeworms you should know how they get the worms. The primary cause of tapeworms is pesky fleas.

The fleas carry tapeworm larvae. Once digested they will they will move to the intestines where they latch on and begin to grow in size.

The fleas are not only found in your home but the cat can also get them in boarding kennels, at the groomers, in pet stores and even veterinarian clinics. Outside is the most common place your cat will get the worms.

How to get rid of tapeworms


After knowing that your cat has tapeworms you need to find the necessary treatment. You don’t necessarily need to go to the veterinary as there are some home remedies you can use.

Home remedies will also help you save a lot of money that you will use when you visit the pet. Here is a number of ways of getting rid of tapeworms without going to the vet.

1. Medication


There are a number of veterinary recommended dewormers. You don’t necessarily net to visit your vet but they can be easily found online.

Medication will help dissolve worms I the intestines. They have no adverse side effect on your cat. Doctors recommend as much medication as possible.

Excessive medication could end up affecting your feline friend’s health. You can also give your cat flea and tick preventive medication frequently. Here is a number of the best dewormers you can use for tapeworms:Best over the counter cat dewormer.

2. Pumpkin seeds and Parsley Water


Pumpkin seeds have a vitamin that can kill larvae and adult tapeworm. You should try adding a tablespoon of pumpkins to your cats food at least once a week.

Giving your cat tea made of parsley water will also help your cat’s digestive system. Add fresh parsley in a bowl of water and then put half a tablespoon of cooled tea in your cats water dish for 10 days.

3. Cleaning your cats’ litter box


Cleaning a cat’s litter box may not be the best thing you want to do but it is very important. The litter box will always contain a number of germs and has the risk of infesting your cat with tapeworm.

Always ensure you dispose all the solid litter quickly and frequently. You should also give the litter box a little scrub. Apart from eliminating parasites cleaning also prevent the litter box from being sticky.

4. Minimizing outside adventure


It may be difficult to always keep your cat indoor but this is very important. The outside world has the most number of tapeworm larvae and your cat is likely to get the worm while outdoors.

This is why it is important to even turn your outdoor feline to an indoor cat. You should also use sprays and traps in your home or yard.

Other animals may carry fleas causing tapeworms and this includes rabbits and rodents. So if your cat eats an infested mouse it will most probably get the tapeworms.

This is why you should always try to keep you cat indoor and away from other animals.

5. Flea Prevention


Fleas are the primary cause of tapeworms as we have already discussed. This is because they harbor the larvae in their skin.

This is why you should buy flea control treatment and use it around the house regularly. Insect growth regulators and putting your cat on monthly flea product will kill the larvae causing tapeworms.

This will prevent any possible attack from tapeworms.

6. Keeping your cat away from possible tapeworm infection


As a pet parent your job is to keep your cat away tapeworms. This is by keeping your cat indoors and away from all sources of tapeworms.

Use the list above to prevent your cat from getting the tapeworms and you will always have a healthy feline friend.



Though tapeworms are not contagious like cold, they are still transmittable. You should always keep close watch of fleas.

Dogs like cat can also get tapeworms by ingesting them. Human’s can also contact tapeworms by ingesting them but In rare cases.

In humans children are the most vulnerable to tapeworms. In humans the symptoms are mild but it is very important to get the necessary treatment at an early stage.

Children should wash their hands regularly after playing with cats. You should always avoid touching cat faces with your bare hands.

With an idea of the how tapeworm affect your cats health you should strive to prevent your cat from getting the worms.

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