4 Proven Ways on How to Stop Dog From Jumping Fence

Does your dog keep jumping the fence and wandering off without your knowledge?

Dogs are adventurous by nature, which means you cannot contain them in one place for long without them finding a way out.

However, you do not have to keep watch of your dog all day as they play in the yard. There are simple methods that you can use to contain your dog’s movements without worrying that they will jump the fence and wander off to the busy highway.

Read on to see why dogs like jumping over the fence and how to stop dog from jumping fence.

Why is Your Dog Jumping the Fence?


Dogs love adventure and exploring the outdoors.

Your backyard is not enough to satisfy your dog’s need for adventure. You should create time to visit the park where he can meet other dogs and explore new environments. Limiting your dog’s movement to the yard only can make your dog jump off the fence and explore the natural environment outside of your home.

Fear or anxiety

If you live near a busy road or industrial area, the noise and distraction can make your dog jump the fence and run away. It is simply scary and annoying having to deal with loud noises even for a human being, so you cannot blame your dog in such a case.

On the other hand, some dogs simply get anxious when left to play alone and they wander off to find new playmates.

Sexual drive

When a dog’s sexual desire is aroused, they will jump even the highest fence just so they can meet up with a mate. This is common for male dogs when they get to about 6 months when they start getting the urge to get sexual partner.

Curiosity or Excitement

Dogs are social creatures who get excited when they see other dogs outside the fence. Any sighting of nearby dogs can make him jump off the fence to meet the new friends.

Sometimes, the meeting can be a friendly dog meet up, while in other times, it can turn chaotic when they start fighting and biting each other. It bests to keep your dog restrained within the yard, and only allow him to venture outside your compound while in the company of a family member.

Proven Ways on How to Stop Dog from Jumping Fence

You simply cannot control your dog’s natural instincts because we now know why they get the urge to jump the fence.

Instead of worrying every time that your dog will jump off the fence, try out the following easy solutions to keep your dog contained within the yard:

Set up a wireless dog fence

If you want to get your dog to play in the yard without the urge to jump the fence, you can buy a wireless dog fence to control your dog’s movements without putting up an actual fence.

A wireless dog fence consists of a transmitter that transmits wireless signals to a receiver which you put around your dog’s neck. If you dog goes beyond the marked boundary, the transmitter triggers a gentle vibration and shock in the receiver. This shock acts as a warning, and it reminds your dog to retreat back to the safe zone.

Best of all, it is easy to train your dog to use an invisible fence, and it can take about a week to a month for your dog to understand the training.

Play and Exercise with your dog

Regular exercises are important for dogs, and exercising in the yard if one of the best ways to keep your dog active while breathing a dose of fresh air. However, dogs get bored playing alone in the yard, and they may jump off the fence to find a play partner.

Once in a while, you should play with your dog in the yard to keep them entertained, and build a strong bond. You should also get them toys to keep them busy when you are busy in the house.

You can also give your dog a few treats when playing in the yard, to make them feel appreciated. Dogs love rewards, and he will try to be in the best behavior thereafter.

Walk them to the park often

A walk to the park is a form of therapy to your dog. He gets to meet new dog and human friends, experience a new environment and even bond with the owner.

That is why a walk to the park several days a week can help break the monotony of spending the entire week in the yard, and remove the urge to jump off the fence. 

On a lazy afternoon, just grab your no-pull dog harness and let your dog enjoy the moment with you. 

If you are always confining them to a fenced yard, this only fuels up the need to go out exploring what is beyond the fence.

Deal with separation anxiety

Some dogs do not like being left alone in the yard and prefer having company. Consider creating time and interacting with your dog while out playing or getting some much needed physical activity in the yard.

Sometimes your dog just needs to get familiar with the yard and grow an attachment to it. If they love digging ensure there is a designated area for them to do so. It is also important for them to have toilet space, because they could be jumping off to defecate outside the yard.

Make sure also that you are providing enough food and water for their growth and development to avoid wandering off to look for food in garbage dumps.


As much as dogs love the outdoors and want to explore past your yard, it is dangerous for them to jump off the fence and disappear into the woods. They may get lost or get into a fight with other animals. Worse still, he may get killed.

To address this, make sure you are meeting all their food requirements, physical exercise needs and walking them to the park often for social interactions with other dogs. You do not have to stay out watching every movement or worry that they will jump off the fence.

You should set up is a wireless dog fence for your yard. It is simply the perfect solution to keep a dog playing within the radius you want and when they go past it, they get a warning beep to retreat to the safe zone.


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