Lykoi Cat Breed, Facts, History and Breed Characteristics

The Lykoi Cat due to is appearance which is more of a wolf than a cat has been nicknamed the werewolf cat or wolf cat .

The cat has luminous eyes and bald patches closer to the eyes and muzzle. This together makes it look like a werewolf that is still in transition .The appearance is due to mutation found in feral cats .

Lykoi is a Greek word for wolves .A man named Lykoi according to Greeks myth was turned in to a wolf after tricking him in to committing cannibalism .

This is where the cats got the name Lykoi from. The cat has been observed acting more canine as opposed to feline.

Origin of the Lykoi Cat

The Lykoi Cat started when a pair of different litters of domestic short hairs carrying the Lykoi gene was adopted .

This was in a rescue Center in Virginia co-founded by Patti Thomas who named the breed. Another pair was found in 2011 by Tennessee by Johnny Gobble a practicing Veterinarian .

Diseases’ and infections were also ruled out .Since Doctor Thomas didn’t have enough time and resources towards genetic and health testing of the new breed she gave them to Johnny Gobble and his wife .

Mutation of Lykoi Cat Breed

Lykoi Cat does not come from interbreeding of recognized breeds but interbreeding of cats that happen to have the same naturally occurring mutation.

The Gobbles bred their new cats with black cats which had genetics similar to theirs .

As a result many Lykoi Cat have black roan fur black hairs sparsely mixed with white ones .

Genetic Diversity

Pure Lykoi breeds suffer a number of health problems such as having a weak immune system .

As a result the Gobbles avoided breeding Lykoi cats with other Lykoi cats as this would decrease the genetic variability .

They chose to breeds the Lykoi cats with black cats and occasionally  a feral cats because they have diverse gene pool .

Physical Characteristics

The Lykoi cat has no undercoat making the fur stick out a bit .The fur is often grizzled .

It has patches around the eyes, nose and toes.

The cat has a rather long nose which has a black tip just like a wolf.

The large luminous eyes are often bold yellow in color .It has large and tapered ears. The Lykoi cat just like any other cat has big sharp teeth’s .The cat is overally slender and muscular.

Behavior of the Lykoi cat

Unlike what most of us would expect from a wolf cat the Lykoi cat is very friendly .

The cat is very intelligent and has a good sense of fun. The cat will however tend to be shy around strangers but will eventually warm up.

The Lykoi cat has very strong instincts and unlike many other cats it is irritated by the presence of other cats .

The cat will however choose to team with other Lykoi cat.

Health and Life span

Currently the cats life span is not known as the breed is still new .

However it is estimated it would go up to 20 years in good conditions .

The kittens are quite slow and would need more attention and interaction to adjust normally .

The cats are ready to leave their mother after twelve to fourteen years .

Luckily there are no known health issues likely to affect your Lykoi cat .

How to care for your Lykoi cat

The cat has big ears and eyes which easily get dirty .

Always use a mildly damp cloth and a cotton to help clean your cat .

Bathing should be rare as you may damage her skin and she is also capable of cleaning herself .

If you decide to bath her make sure you use shampoo specially formulated for cat cleaning . Flea shampoo is a good option if you find out that your cat has fleas.

Always be gentle when brushing her as her skin can burn very easily . After you are done cleaning her it advisable to dry her either by using a towel or hair dryer made for cats.

Brushing should be done once or twice a week if it stays indoors all day .If your Lykoi cat goes out to bright, sunny days outdoors you should rub some sunblock into the hairless parts of her skin to avoid sunburn .

The oil may cause the claws to brittle so you may have to give her a weekly pedicure.

The cat have little hair and shed a lot . You may find yourself cleaning the house a lot. with the best vacuum cleaner for pets this should not be a problem.

It may cause near baldness in some cats .

The shredding is season and occurs like twice a year .The cat shed much more than a typical cat .

How much will I spend for a Lykoi cat?

Because the Lykoi cat is so rare ,you may have to spend quite more than you would spend on a normal cat .

The cat will need everything any other cat would need such as food and grooming .

A kitten will cost around 1500 dollars while an intact adult will cost anywhere from 2500 dollars .


The Lykoi cat is one of the newest and rarest  breeds .

Mutation among feral cats seems like the best way to most likely way to explain how the breed started .

I would recommend you to buy this cat .

This is because of its unique ware wolf look and also being that they are friendly and intelligent .

This is a worth investment.

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