Nature’s variety instinct cat food reviews 2020

Nature’s variety instinct cat food reviews 2020

Nature’s variety instinct cat foods are one of the most popular food planets in the market. The products are known to be made with natural and raw ingredients.

So if you are looking for natural raw food for your cat we would recommend you try this brand. We have reviewed some of their products to help you in getting the best for your cat.

The Nature’s variety instinct cat food company is owned by Agrolimen. Agrolimen is a Barcelona based company. This company owns all the brands manufacturing facilities.

The Lincoln, Nebraska facilities manufacture all the companies frozen and freeze dried raw foods.

The Kansas facility manufactures all the companies’ wet and dry foods. The Nature’s variety instinct cat food has their headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

The company formulates its products with the nutritional health and needs of your cat in mind. This is because the recipes are formulated by a team of food scientists, veterinarian nutritionists, and veterinaries.

The products are also preserved naturally to ensure your kitten gets healthy products. Their dry food products are preserved with mixed tocopherols, rosemary, and citric acid.

This company has 8 cat food product lines. Here are some of their best cat foods:

Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Recipe

The Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Recipe is the first food we will review in this category. The food has real chicken as the main ingredient and the protein percentage is 41%.

These kibbles come coated with crush d, freeze-dried raw food. It also has fruits and vegetables in high concentration. We loved the food because it has no grains, corns, potatoes or soy.

The food is also free from artificial preservatives, colors and additives.


The food is highly digestible and will not upset your cat’s stomach. This makes it appropriate for cats with sensitive stomachs.

It is made using high quality ingredients

It is free from artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, grains, soy and corn


Some customers have noted that the bag size has gotten smaller recently


The Nature’s Variety Instinct Original Recipe is high quality and your feline friend will definitely fall in love with it. This food is suitable for cats that have sensitive stomachs.

This means you won’t see your cat vomiting or having allergic reactions.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein® Recipe 

This line of cat food is formulated to resemble the benefits of raw diet closely. The dry food has one of the highest levels of proteins sourced from cage-free Duck meat.

The protein level is at 90% and apart from duck meat it also has chicken and eggs as a source of protein. The food is highly digestible to aid in better absorption of nutrients.

To support digestive health the food has guaranteed levels of live prebiotics. It also has omega fatty acids that improve the skin and coat condition. This food is free from additives, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, grains, corn, and soy


High quality proteins, the food is made with real cage free duck meat as the main source of protein which is high quality. It has been observed that the food also aids in weight gain.

It has small kibbles, the small kibbles makes it easy to chew for kittens and older cats. The kibbles are also crunchy and your cat will be enticed to eat more.


Pricey, according to some pet parents the food is a little bit costly especially for a household with multiple cats.


The Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein® Recipe is a high protein cat food that your feline friendly will definitely fall in love with.

It has multiple health benefits for your cat like developing healthy muscle for senior cats and giving your cat a beautiful and shiny coat. Most cats enjoy the small crunchy kibbles of this food.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Recipe

Made in their Lincoln, Nebraska facilities the Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Recipe is a high protein dry cat food you should definitely get.

The food uses high quality grain-free high protein dry kibble and some freeze dried raw. Protein is mainly sourced from real cage-free chicken which is high quality.

If you are thinking of introducing your cat to raw meat then this may just be what to get. The food has antioxidants that support your cat’s immune system.  It has higher levels of omega compared to the Instinct Original.


High protein levels, the food has high quality proteins which are mainly sourced from cage-free chicken.

It has omega fatty acids that help improve your cats coat and skin condition.


The food is a little crumby according to some reviewers and cats may not eat the food once it turns to food dust.


The Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Recipe is a high quality cat food with high amounts of food. It is the best food we recommend you to use when you are planning to introduce your cats to raw food.

The food is good in managing your cat’s weight since it does not contain grains or fillers. The food also seems to keep cats full much longer which means they end up eating less hence saving on cost.


Wet Cat Food

Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Recipe

This wet cat food is very healthy for your feline friend. In making this food they use only one type of animal protein and vegetable.

The food has made specifically for sensitive and allergic cats. The first ingredient and protein source in this food is farm raised chicken.

This food is very health as it does not have any artificial additives, preservatives grains, wheat, soy, corn potatoes or artificial colors.


Suitable for cats that have sensitive tummies, If your cat has been having digestive issues such as diarrhea, vomiting, and upset stomachs don’t worry anymore as this food will work perfectly for her.

The food also helps reduce the litter box odors

It is convenient for allergic cats, Cats with skin allergies have seemed to do better on this food. If your cat is allergic to grains and animal proteins expect rabbit then this food might just be what you need.


Some pet parents don’t like the idea of adding a plant-based ingredient to cat food.


If your cat has food allergies, a sensitive tummy or her skin and coat condition are not perfect I would advise you get this food. The food works perfectly for the cats and improves their skin and coat condition.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Recipe for Kittens

This line is specially made for kittens and has high protein content. The protein is important for kittens as it helps in the development of their bodies.

This wet food is tasty and your kitten will definitely want to take more. It also helps them develop strong and lean muscles.

The food has natural DHA which helps in brain and eye development. Just like many other products from this company the food ids also free from grains, corn, soy, potatoes, artificial additives and preservatives.

You are assured that your cat is getting the best high quality nutrients in each bite.


The food is easy to digest, if your kitten previously had problems such as diarrhea, IBS/ IBD the Nature’s Variety Instinct Recipe for Kittens can solve that. Improved digestion also means cats feel better and have more energy to play

Gives your cat a beautiful and shiny coat, this cat food has amino fatty acids that ensure your cat gets a beautiful and shiny coat.


Varying food texture, some pet parents have reported that the food texture varies from one can to another.


The food is the best you can get for a kitten with a sensitive tummy. The food has helped cats develop a beautiful shiny coat which is what all cat parents would want.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein Recipe

The Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein Recipe comes packed with cage free chicken as the first ingredient. The food has a 95% protein with other protein sources being chicken, turkey, and chicken liver.

This food does not contain grains, wheat, soy, corn, artificial preservatives or additives. The food also has vegetables and fruits.

These include peas, carrots, ground flaxseed, kale and cranberries. The food is rich in omega fatty acids from Menhaden fish oil which ensures your cat has a beautiful and shiny coat.

To make the food extra tasty they add chicken liver and broth. Here are the five main ingredients used in this food chicken, turkey, chicken liver, chicken broth, and ground flaxseed


Boost muscle development, the Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein Recipe has ingredients that will help your cat add weight.

A number of reviewers have said that after feeding the food to their cat frequently they started increasing weight.

Helps in managing weight, the food has lower amounts of carbohydrates and will help your cat shed excess weight.


Some pet parents found the food to be a bit sticky.


The Nature’s Variety Instinct Ultimate Protein Recipe is a wet cat food that has delivered great results. It is helpful in weight gain and weight loss. The food is also free from artificial additives and flavors so if your cat has a sensitive tummy she will not have any problem.


The Nature’s variety instinct cat food deserves their reputation for making of the highest quality cat foods in the market just like you have seen in this review.

The foods are made with real animal protein and not their byproducts as the first ingredient. They have different food varieties and you will definitely find one that fits your feline friend needs.

The company use high quality all natural ingredients to make their food. Some of these ingredients include cage-free chicken and farm-raised rabbits.

The foods are also free from additives, artificial preservatives, colors, grains, wheat, soy, corn, and potatoes which make them healthy and convenient for cats with sensitive tummies.

All their wet foods are free from carrageenan and their plant base ingredients are all healthy and rich in nutrients. Be assured that every bite of this food gives your cat a balanced nutrition.

What do customers say about this food?

The Nature’s variety instinct cat foods have received very good reviews regarding their nutritional benefits. Their nutritional benefits include weight loss, weight gain and giving your cat a healthy and shiny coat.

Many cats loved the food even those with sensitive tummies. So if you are used to your cat having symptoms like skin problems, diarrhea, and vomiting you should try this food.

Over the years the company has significantly improved the food quality and many pet parents have called them life savers. All this benefits will come with a higher price just as expected.

The extra cost is however reasonable given all the nutritional benefits that come with this foods. This also means low veterinary bills.

Based on the cost, quality, performance and positive customer reviews on these foods we highly recommend that you get them for your feline friend.

If you are thinking of introducing raw food in your cats diet the company has a variety for you.

They also have foods specifically made for cats all ages depending on their nutritional needs and also those with nutritional deficiencies. Your feline friend will definitely like the Nature’s variety instinct cat food products.

Frequently asked Questions

Here are questions customers ask frequently about Nature’s variety instinct cat foods.

Have the Nature’s variety instinct cat foods had a recall?

The answer is yes. Back in 2010 some of their chicken-based raw food were recalled because of the p[possibility  of being contaminated with salmonella.

Also in 2015 there was another recall on some chicken-based products because of salmonella contamination also.

There was also another recall this year because a piece of plastic was found in some of their plastic. There has not been any recall since then.

Is Instinct cat food good?

Definitely Nature’s variety instinct cat foods are one of the 5 best foods overally for most reviewers. The foods are made with high quality ingredients and they have no artificial additives preservatives corns or soy.

The products used are also natural and healthy.

Who owns the Nature’s variety instinct cat food ?

Nature’s variety instinct cat food is owned by Agrilomen, a firm based in Barcelona. Agrilomen also owns Affinity Pet care which is a leading European pet food supplier.

Agrilomen owns 50% stake in Mogiana which is a Brazilian pet food company.

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