10 Non-Shedding Small Dogs for a Hypoallergenic Home in 2020

Dogs shed their fur from time to time for many reasons. 

First, it helps them lose damaged or old hair and also control body temperatures. For example, dogs lose their old winter undercoats when the weather warms.

On the other hand, when the weather gets cool, they shed their lighter undercoats to pave way for a thicker coat that will keep them warm during winter.

However, this normal process varies in terms of amount and frequency, depending on the dog’s health and also the breed. Excessive hair loss could be a symptom of a health issue.

Shedding does not occur in every breed, some dogs do not shed.

Benefits of Non-shedding Dogs

People choose dogs who do not shed for numerous reasons.

The primary reason is the fact that there’s little cleaning to be done around the house.

Finding dog hair all over your house is annoying and cleaning up can be tedious especially if you have a busy schedule. Non-shedding dogs spare you the hustle.

If you are sensitive or asthmatic but love dogs and would like to own one, a non-shedding dog is a better choice for you.

Contrary to what people believe, non-shedding dogs are not 100% allergy-free. Rather, non-shedding dogs do not transmit allergy-causing dander that sticks in their fur, that is why they are a better choice for people who are allergic to dogs.

Before you settle for a particular breed of a non-shedding small dog, here are some of the breeds you should consider.

10 Non-shedding small dogs

1. Basenji.

Do you love hound but you are not a fan of fur in your house or dog odor? If the answer is yes, you have a reason to smile. Basenji is the perfect solution to your problem.

The basenji dog breed requires minimal care and they are quiet pets, so they are suitable for apartment buildings.

As a basenji owner, you will only have to brush her short and fine coat occasionally.

2. Bolognese.

The Bolognese is a fluffy dog whose coat is made up of hair rather than fur.

Bolognese is a non-shedding dog but if you decide to own her, make sure you brush her fur regularly to get rid of the dead hair.

Ensure that you also maintain regular coat grooming.

3. Chinese Crested.

There are two types of Chinese Crested: the hairless and powderpuff breeds.

The hairless breed features hair only on their tail, head, and feet while the powderpuff breed sheds her fine hair minimally.

If you decide to get the hairless breed, ensure to pay attention and ultimate care to their skin. Their bare skin needs protection from the sun, the cold, and other environmental factors. They are also prone to skin irritations.

4. Bichon Frise.

The Bichon Frise defines non-shedding perfectly.

They are playful and affectionate dogs whose continuously growing hair requires frequent grooming, brushing and an occasional bath to make sure they remain powder-puff.

5. Havanese.

The Havanese is a little non-shedding dog, native to Cuba.

They require regular baths and brushing once a week to keep them clean.

6. Lhasa Apso.

These are calm but playful little dogs who enjoy sitting on their owner’s laps and taking brisk walks.

The Apso is native to Tibet and although she doesn’t shed, she needs regular grooming.

Most of the people who own the Apso avoid daily grooming through clipping.

7. Poodle.

When it comes to small dogs who do not shed, the dog that is likely to struck your mind is the poodle. They are intelligent dogs who do not shed but require regular grooming.

8. Yorkshire Terrier.

This breed is commonly known as Yorkie. They are lively, affectionate with a tomboy personality.

The Yorkie’s silky beautiful coat does not shed. All it requires is a good brush every day.

9. Kerry blue terrier.

The Kerry blue terrier also known as Irish Blue have hair whose texture is quite similar to fine human hair.

They are non-shedding small dogs who can help you perform activities like hunting pests, guarding, or even herding.

10. Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu’s is another non-shedding small dog whose hair only falls out when brushed or broken. For dog lovers looking for a little devoted and fun-loving little dog, Shih Tzu is a good choice.

Final Thoughts

Besides the cheer and fun that non-shedding small dogs bring to our homes, significantly they save you the hustle of cleaning your house often. Not to mention it turns your household to a hypoallergenic home.

From our list of small dogs that do not shed at all, to those that shed minimally, you get to choose the breed that suits you.  

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