Orange Cat, Appearance, Behavior ,Appetite and Life Span

Orange Cat, Appearance, Behavior ,Appetite and Life Span


Orange cats also known as red tabby cat or ginger cat are a lot of fun to have around.

These cats resemble a basketball .The orange cat’s look like a baby tiger.

Many orange cats will have white legs and a white underbelly .

The orange cats have faint stripe patterns .Every orange cat is a tabby .

A tabby is any domestic cat with an “M” on its forehead . The cat also  stripes on its eyes and across its cheeks and back .

The orange cats have an ascendance of a pigment known as phelomania .

This pigment is responsible for their color which will vary from an orange ,reddish or even cream-colored hue .

The pigment is the same as that in red hair humans .

Your orange cat may develop freckles just like redheaded humans .

You may find tiny black spots on his skin .

These spots will be more prominent on the lips and nose where fur is thinnest .

The spots are likely to appear at the age of one or two years .

Unlike red haired humans  who are seen as very unfriendly the orange cats are completely opposite .

The orange cats are the world’s biggest sweetheart .

The cats are very friendly .The orange cats will have varying kinds of coat patterns .

The basic patterns include :

Classic tabby has swirled or blotched stripes which gives the kitty a tie-dyed look

Spotted tabby has broken patterns that make the stripes appear like spots

Ticket tabby is strip less and breaks up the tabby patterning in to a sand appearance

Mackerel tabby has stripes that make your orange cat look like a tiger.


Behavior, Appetite and diet

Orange cats tend to be very vocal .They keep on purring and meowing a lot .

The cats are not shy at all, they are affectionate and will always want to be close to their favorite human .

Orange tabby cats have a very big appetite Try thinking of the orange cats you’ve seen in fiction movies .

Besides orange color one thing they have in common is their appetite.

According to Goethe’s theory of color psychology orange symbolizes warmth and gladness. Or maybe the cats orange cat and cute little face make us think of feeding the cat.

Unfortunately just like in humans a lot of eating can cause your cat a number of problems .

Obesity in comes with problems such as :diabetes ,cancer and joint damage .

This means you should have a proper diet for your orange cat .

If you are lucky enough to have an orange cat in your home ,always ensure that it maintains a healthy weight .

This can also be done by ensuring you give your cat a lot of cat friendly plays .

This will ensure your cat develops strong bones ,muscles and joints .

Eye color orange cats

Unlike most kittens which have blue eyes and end up changing while they grow up most orange cats may have bright green or golden eyes.

Energy level

Cats in general are known not to have good bounding energy level or need for continual exercises.

The orange cat is not an exception and will really bring out this point .

Many orange cat owners will admit that their cat is plain lazy .

The cat would love to sit with his food around .

On this note this allows you to bond or spend your time with the cat as it does not keep on moving .

How do develop a good bond with your orange cat

I have a little tip for you as a pet owner something you should keep a secret .

For a healthy cat relationship treat your cat well from when it’s a kitten and you will end up getting an extra family member.

How long will my Orange cat live?

Just like most cats orange cats have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years .

This is pretty much what you’ll need .

If you buy your kitten when at the start of your career you will live with him until you are at the pic of your career.

Some interesting facts about arrange cats

Most orange cats are male .With about 80 % being male and only the 20% being female .

There is believed to be a link between the orange color and the cat’s gender. Let me get in to a little biology that will help you understand this fact.

The gender of every cat is determined by the sex chromosome the cat will inherit. There is an X and Y chromosome for every cat .

Males has an X and Y chromosome (XY) while females have to X chromosome (XX) .

The gene responsible for the orange color is found in the X chromosome which makes it related to the sex trait. If a male cat has X chromosome with the orange gene it becomes an orange cat .

In females both XX chromosomes must carry the orange gene for the female to be orange.

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