Japanese Cat Breed

6 Popular Japanese Cat Breeds That You Need to Know

There are many cat breeds that originate from Japan and Asia in general.

Some of the most famous and beautiful cats in the world originate from japan. Asia cat breeds share some characteristics that make them different from others.

We have reviewed six cat breeds in this article, detailing their behavior, size, and a few more things you would love to know about your next pet.

6 Best Japanese Cat Breeds

1. Ceylon cat

The Ceylon cat traces its origin in Sri Lanka, but still popular in Japan.

The breed is largely unknown in the west though recently an Italian breeder began breeding and distributing the cat. The Cat Fanciers’ Association, the Federation International Feline, and the International Cat Association are yet to recognize the Ceylon cat.

The cat breed is ideal for living in flats and apartments. The cat is social, clean, and loving. It will immediately start trusting you and your family a few days after taking it in.

The most noticeable thing about these cats is their shape. The cat has a wide base and large ears. Its green eyes are almond-shaped. The cat is medium-sized with well-defined muscles and has short silk hair. The coat is specked coat is distinct and it has rounded cheeks.

2. Burmese cat

The Burmese cat traces its origin in Myanmar.

The cat has, however, become popular around the world in recent times.

At first, the Burmese cat was only brown but nowadays blue, champagne, and platinum coats are accepted. The Burmese cat, just like the Ceylon cat, is medium-sized.

The ears are average in size and the cat has a short neck and round head. He cat is vocal, meaning it keeps meowing around, which makes it easy to communicate with the families that take them in. The cat easily learns how to use the litter bin and other essentials.

In the 1950s, a crossbreed between a Burmese cat and a Black American shorthair was created. The new breed was called Bombay cat. The aim was to create a panther-sized cat that succeeded. Bombay cats are very affectionate. The cats are always black in color, and they are pretty social and don’t like being alone.

3. Siamese cat

The Siamese cats are all-round and adorable cats.

These cats are intelligent, independent, loving, communicative, and have refined beauty. The cat traces its origin to Thailand.

The cats are very entertaining and funny. You are likely to find your cat hiding in a corner so as to jump out unexpectedly as you walk past them. These cats are very playful and are sure never to get bored.

4. Japanese Bobtail cat

The Japanese Bobtail cat has a remarkable history in Japan.

It is believed that the Japanese Bobtail cat came from the Kuril Islands to the coasts of Japan about a thousand years ago by boat. It was forbidden to keep, sell, or buy cats in 1602 because of a plague of rats that were destroying the rice harvests and silk factories.

These cats were always active and gangster-like. Its most outstanding feature is the shot twisted tail. It has a triangular face with ears that are pricked up.

The Japanese Bobtail has hind legs that are longer than the front legs and is very muscular. It meows a lot, and if you are planning to adopt one you may want to look at ways of stopping your cat from meowing all the time.

5. Dragon Li cat

The Dragon Li cat is also known as Chinese Li Hua.

The breed originated from China and arrived in the world of pets as recent as 2003. It is believed that cats originated from wild cats specifically a breed called “The Chinese mountain cats”.

The medium-sized cat is very muscular. These cats usually come in olive shades and have a dark striped coat similar to that of rabbits. The eye color varies between orange and green and is oval-shaped

The Dragon Li Cat is known to be highly intelligent and will make good use of the litter box. It is also friendly not only to your family but also to other cats. The cat is hyperactive and will need a lot of space. It will keep jumping from one end to another.

6. Oriental Shorthair cat 

The Oriental Shorthair cat is closely related to the Siamese cats, probably because they all originated from Thailand. The breed was however standardized in the United States

This cat is slender and has large ears that make it easily recognizable. Its figure quite resembles the Siamese cat.

If you are looking for a cat that you can keep in your apartment, then this cat makes a great choice. This is because the cat is clean, affectionate, and intelligent. He will always make good use of the litter box and other essentials. The cat breed comes in many different colors, patterns, and face markings.

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