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Pretty Litter Reviews & Ratings: Is It Really a Premium Cat Litter Brand?

Pretty Litter is a litter company based on subscription. The company has eliminated the use of clay and mundane in cat litter.

Pretty litter is made with silica gel. The gel change color depending on your cat’s urine pH level. The color change helps give an insight of your feline’s friend health.

The urinary tract system and also her overall health. Pretty litter does everything you expect amazing cat litter to do and more. It is low-dust and great at controlling odor.

You may think that the litter is expensive because of all these good features but on the contrary it is really budget friendly.

Pretty Litter History

Carly Marinetti is the original idea creator of pretty litter. According to her she got the concept something she refers to as “litter depression”.

She said in an interview on Seat 42F that she was always depressed changing their litter. This made her wish there was something she would to make the litter box bright, sparkly and a little less depressing.

She was one of the 3 top contestants in ABC family reality show which was aired in 2015. She met some chemists, marketers and entrepreneurs while in the reality show competition.

They helped turn her pretty litter idea in to a reality. Together with Daniel Rotman they later founded the company. Daniel Rotman is the current Pretty Litter the CEO.

Today the Pretty Litter is more appealing compared clay alternative, it combines the combine’s convenience and a good health monitoring functionality.

How Pretty Litter works

The Pretty Litter is an easy to use Silica gel litter. It changes color to reveal your cat’s health. The subscription model spares you the cat litter aisle and chances of running out of litter.

This gel absorbs odor and moisture within the shortest time. It also saves your time and can use it up to a month without changing. For maximum absorption you will only need to stir the liquid.

When you start noticing some liquid pooling at the bottom of the litter box know that it has reached its absorption limit.

                                                                                                                                    How the health monitoring color technology works

This litter is full of tiny pH detectors. The tiny orange flecks you see in the litter are the pH detectors. The PH detectors are responsible for the color change observed when the litter gets wet.

The pH of your cat’s urine will affect the color change. The colors range orange to dark blue.

Green to Blue (Alkaline)

This can cause struvite crystal formation which is an indication that your feline friend may be suffering urinary tract infection.

Orange to Red (Acidity)

This can cause oxalate crystal formation that indicates that your cat may be suffering from metabolic acidosis and kidney tubular acidosis.

But remember that litter is not a diagnostic tool or a veterinary substitute. The litter only tells you the pH of your cat’s urine.

The litter does not confirm if your cat is sick or not. This is because the pH of a cats urine can be affected by a number of things which include: diet change, stress and weather changes.

The litter may also change to blue and slushy if it is saturated.

Is the litter safe?

The Pretty Litter is natural and safe in fact it is safer than traditional clumping clay. The silica gel litter is in an amorphous form of silica unlike clay litter which contains particles of crystalline silica.

The Silica gel litter does not release carcinogenic particles that are irritating.

This makes the litter safe for cats of all ages. It is also chemical free so in case your feline friend decides to ingest some while grooming or playing she will not get sick.

You will be required to specify the number of cats you have when ordering pretty litter. Once you have filled this information it will select the most appropriate plan for you.

Two 4-lb bags of pretty litter cost 39 dollars and can run for a month. It will be shipped in a day.

Here are some of the questions people ask about pretty litter

Does the litter track a lot?

The pretty litter has very little tracking. You will notice that no litter will be stuck in your cats paws. The litter will go flying when the cat dung in it and this will create sand dunes around the edges of the box.

Is the Litter dusty?

Some reviewers have said that the litter is extremely dusty but according to our experience it did not emit any dust. It is one of the litters that have very little dust.

Is the Litter dusty?

Some reviewers have said that the litter is extremely dusty but according to our experience it did not emit any dust. It is one of the litters that have very little dust.

Is pretty litter good at controlling odor?

Personally since we started using the pretty it has provided excellent odor control in our house.

If you want to change you will just click the manage subscription link and cancel the subscription with a single click. You are spared the hustle of contacting the customer care team.

The price of each bag of pretty litter will depend on the number you purchase at each time.

One 4-lb bag of pretty litter goes for 22 dollars. If you order two bags at once you will only pay 39 dollars. If you order a bundle of four bags at once you will only part ways with 68 dollars. This means the forth bag is free.

If you have a high litter demand like shelters, rescue centers and extreme cat guardians and you are willing to buy in bulk the company has an option for you too.

For 10 bags of pretty litter you will only pay 150 dollars. Shipping is free for customers contiguous in the Unites States. For non-contiguous customers in the US or international customers you will have to pay shipping fee.

Remember that you are not only paying for the litter but a monthly subscription that is convenient for you and a peace of mind thanks to its health monitoring feature.

You can save some few coins when you detect health issues at an early stage. Pretty litter drawbacks

The only drawback of pretty litter is the price. You will mostly require buying more than one bag per month and this means you would end up spending about 60 dollars per month.

Conclusion-Should I buy pretty litter

Pretty litter is one of the most convenient and easy to use litter you will find. You shopping become simpler thanks to the subscription model they use.

The silica gel crystals are also very efficient and easy to maintain. The health monitoring feature allows you to detect and treat any health issues before they become a disaster.

Where to get Pretty Litter

The litter can be bought on the Pretty Litter Website

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