Purina naturals cat food review (2020)

Purina naturals cat food review (2020)

Purina cat food one is among the most famous pet foods in the market.  William H. Danforth created this food brand over 90 years ago.

He started the food business and named his brand Ralston Purina .Their first pet product was the Purina Chow in 1956. It was made of dry kibble, a technique they have used since then.  Here are some of their top cat foods;

1. Purina Beyond Grain Free Natural Recipe, Adult dry Food

The Purina beyond Grain Free Natural Recipe is a well-balanced grain dry food for adult cats. Adult cats need complex food with all the essential ingredients important for their health and this food from a trusted company gives you all that.

This food is made of all natural ingredients with chicken as the main source of protein. Protein is important in developing of healthy bones and strong muscles.

This cat food also comes with high contents of phosphorus, niacin and retinol which will help improve your cat’s eye condition.

It also has eggs, beef fat and pea fiber that ensures your cat gets a complete meal that is high quality. To ensure your cat gets enough carbohydrates the food has gluten-free cassava root flour.

It has essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin b-3, vitamin b-5, vitamin b-9, Vitamin k and vitamin d3.

It is free from corn, soy and wheat which make it perfect for cats with food allergies. The brand is free from artificial ingredients additives and flavor because your cat deserves the best all natural food.

2. Purina one indoor advantage adult dry cat food

The Purina one indoor advantage is an adult cat food is the second food from this brand. The food has turkey as the main ingredient.

Turkey meat has low amounts of fat but high amounts of proteins. This is important as it helps your cat develop healthy bones and strong muscles.

Turkey is also a good source of zinc that helps boost your cat’s immune system.

The food also has whole grain corn, fish meal and dried spinach that make sure your cat has complex high quality meal each and every single day.

The food is also a good source of Omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins that the heart muscles.

Niacin in the food lowers the cholesterol level and supports brain function while dried yeast improved digestion because it is high in probiotics and Vitamin B.

This also helps support the cats nervous and immune system. This food is also good in minimizing hairballs and improving the cat’s skin and coat condition.

Something we like about this food is that it is crunchy and your cat will want to eat more. This in turn will make sure her teeth remain clean.


3. Purina One Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food

The Purina One Sensitive Systems is appropriate for old cats that have sensitive tummies. The cat has an easily digestible formula that is good for cats with digestive problems.

The food has turkey as the main ingredient which is a good source of proteins. Turkey has low amounts of fats and cholesterol and easily digestible.

This food will also help boost the immune system and metabolism of your feline friend. The food has high amounts of phosphorus, which is essential for development of healthy bones and teeth.

The food has gluten free brewers rice that contains fiber and is easy to digest. For additional carbohydrates the food has oatmeal. It also has vitamins and minerals to give your cat a healthy complex meal.

Vitamin E in the food gives your cat a smooth and shiny coat while Vitamin A helps boost your cat’s immune system.

This food is great for cats that have sensitive stomachs or have digestive problems. The food will give your excellent results in the health and coat conditions of your cat.


4. Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Dry Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health Adult Dry Cat Food is one of the best urinary tract cat foods. This cat food will help in maintaining a healthy urinary tract for your cat.

It does so by reducing the urinary Ph. This is because cats are sensitive to pH issues and this can cause infections. The food has a low magnesium level.

The food has real chicken as the first ingredient which is an amazing source of protein which will help give your cat strong and healthy bones and muscles.

The food is rich in vitamin A, Vitamin B and vitamin D. For optimum hygiene this food has grains like rice and corn and also eggs.

Thanks to the linoleic acid which is a good source of omega-6 fatty acids that will help improve your cat’s skin and coat.

The food also comes with vitamins and minerals.  Vitamin B12 in the food supports your cat nervous system and also helps prevent anemia.

Vitamin D3  in this food will help give your cat strong and healthy bones. It also helps prevent heart disease. To improve eye and brain condition this food has taurine.

This food has 31% of proteins that is very important for cats with special needs.

5. Purina Pro Plan Entrees In Gravy Adult Canned Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Entrees in Gravy Adult Canned Wet Cat Food is the best wet food for adults. The food is delicious and will leave your cat healthy and happy.

It will also make her want to eat more and more. It has chicken as the main ingredient which is a good source of proteins and highly digestible.

The food also has grains like rice. Rice is rich in fiber and will help improve digestion. Rice is also a good source of carbohydrates which gives your cat the energy for day to day activity.

Remember cats are very playful; they will jump from coach to coach or follow you around. It also comes with essential minerals and vitamins such as phosphorous, selenium and niacin.

The food is also rich in calcium, iron and vitamins such as vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12. Vitamin D3 also called sunshine vitamin helps support the brain function and give your cat strong and healthy bones.

The food will help boost your feline friends’ immunity. Vitamin B12 on the other hand supports a cat nervous system and prevents her from getting anemia.

This being a wet food is fit for cats that are not willing to eat dry kibble or older cats that have biting issues and teeth problems. Some choosy cats will also prefer wet cat food to dry cat food.

It is also important to diversify your cat’s diet by mixing dry and wet cat food.  The food has a complex well balanced recipe that has high nutrient levels to give you a healthy, happy and active feline friend.

We highly recommend you try this cat food on your feline friend.

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