rachael ray nutrish cat food reviews

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food Reviews & Ratings

Have you ever wondered where the rachael ray nutrish cat food got its name from? The food was named after a Rachael Ray a popular person you must have seen on TV.

In partnership with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition they came up with this food in 2008. It began after Ray and her husband were speaking about animals on TV and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition reached out to work with her.

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition was founded by George Ainsworth about 75 years ago. George Ainsworth wanted to provide the safest and best quality food to cats and dogs.

It all started as a small regional business and has grown in to an American organization. The commitment for pets was started by Lang and is still the same.

The Lang family still leads the business ensuring high standards are maintained. Nutrish was started after a number of dogs death related to artificial fillers were reported.

Product Formula

This company has had a lot of changes over the years, adding more products and changing the products formula. They have however maintained a focus on pets as the priority.

Rachael Ray is part of many other animal-related causes apart from having her own pet food line.

The same year Nutrish was started she opened Rachael’s Rescue a no-kill shelter in the US that feeds and treats needy animals.

She donated part of her personal proceeds from sale of pet foods to this organization. There is also the Rachael Ray Foundation which helps animals in need. Part of profits from sale of her line of pet food goes here.

Up to 2017 she had donated over 23.5 million dollars to animal charities. Each can of the rachael ray nutrish cat food comes from specially picked ingredients.

The foods have natural sourced ingredients high in proteins which include: animal meat, fish, poultry and eggs.

It also has vitamins and antioxidants that come from fruits and vegetables such as apples, blueberry, cranberries and carrots.

They have also made sure to produce grain free recipes that have low carb and glycemic index which makes them healthy for cats. The foods are also delicious and have a good aroma that will make your cat want to eat more and more.

Types of the rachael ray nutrish cat food

Rachael Ray is well acquainted to the culinary art and this means her line of food is expected to be nothing less than delicious wholesome and nutritious cat food.

Just like we expect her line of cat food has the best all natural ingredients and is very tasty for your cat. Most of her recipes in fact come from Ray’s kitchen.

You must have seen the recipes she has shared with us over the years either in her food shows or magazines. The same level of quality and goodness is replicated when making the rachael ray nutrish cat food.

This means that just like you your cat will enjoy high quality and tasty food.
There are three lines of the rachael ray nutrish cat food. We have the zero grain, Indoor complete and the Longevity. The foods can all be fed to adults through they are formulated for different cat needs and stages.

The rachael ray nutrish cat food offers grain free range of cat foods. Considering how grains can be unhealthy for cats this is a very big win for cat parents.

Cats are carnivores and their body ids designed to digest flesh and not grains. Feeding grains to your cat can cause a number of problems.

Their system will not be able to digest the grains and this can result to allergic reactions, digestive disorder, diarrhea and many other health issues.
Let us take a look at these lines of rachael ray nutrish cat food

Nutrish Grain Free

This line of food is made from real meat and fish and all natural ingredients. It is free from corn, wheat and soy that may cause allergic reactions to your cat.

The food also contains veggies and fruits that have been selected carefully. This helps give your cat a balanced diet with carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the required measures.

Indoor Complete

The Indoor Complete line of rachael ray nutrish cat food has been specifically made for indoor cats that don’t have to do much exercise.

Such cats are more prone to obesity and weight-related issues such as diabetes. If Indoor cats get a lot of carbs without exercising they may end up putting too much weight for their age and size hence developing health issues.

This food has been designed to help maintain the right weight for their age and size.
It also helps in proper metabolism, the prebiotics and natural fiber in this food helps improve digestion.

The natural antioxidants also help your cat develop a strong immune system. This food also has omega 3 fatty acids that make your cat coat have a smooth skin and coat and at the same time reduce shedding.


This is the last line of the rachael ray nutrish cat food. The food is specifically made for adults and middle aged cats for giving them a long and healthy life.

This however does not make it appropriate for kittens. It is only than it is made with a formula that helps in age related disorder such as weak bones, poor eyesight, diabetes, urinary problem and renal disorder.

Older cats are the ones prone to such disorders and that is why they need such special diets.

There are also other cat foods that have been specifically designed for some of the problems we have mentioned above.
Here are some for you to look at:
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To give your cat long and a healthy life the rachael ray nutrish cat food makes cat kibbles from lentils, pumpkin, cranberries and blueberries to give your feline friend natural nutrients.

All ingredients use to make this foods are sourced and manufactured in the US. The products used are high quality and all natural making these foods healthy for your feline friend.

They also follow strict safety and quality standards to ensure your cat has the best food.

Recall History

Just like many pet products the rachael ray nutrish cat food has also has a product recall. Back in 205 and 2016 some of their wet cat food products were recalled.

This was after an FDA announcement that the foods had elevated amounts of vitamins. There were a few reports of cats falling sick after consuming the five products that were recalled.

These are the only instances where the rachael ray nutrish products have been recalled so far.

Where do I get the rachael ray nutrish cat food?

The rachael ray nutrish cat foods are widely available in the US and Canada. You can get them at small grocery stores, pet stores, chain stores and also some online stores that we have put the link for.

Anytime you buy one of their products you are not only benefitting your feline friend but also donating part of the money to animals in need.

What do other customers think about the rachael ray nutrish?

You may be interested in knowing what other pet parents think about this food. The rachael ray nutrish is a top pick for many customers as they prefer grain free recipes for their feline friends.

We have already discussed the importance of feeding your cat with grain free cat food. The ingredients used are healthy and the manufacturing process is safe.

The foods also come in a pocket friendly price. Some customers also like the fact that some of the proceeds goes to helping other animals.

rachael ray nutrish cat Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 On Chewy.com which shows how popular these products are. Out of all the reviews on this product around 94 percent recommend the product for kitties


The first five ingredients used for this food are chicken meal, corn Gluten Meal, Ground Rice and Brown Rice. The food is made of high quality natural cat food sourced from local farmers in the US.

Natural raised farm chicken is the primary source of proteins. The chicken meal also offers omega 6 fatty acids that are responsible for giving your cat a healthy and shiny coat.

The product also contains beet pulp that is rich in fiber and helps control hairballs.

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