Ragdoll cats, Personality, History, Physique and Care

Ragdoll cats , Personality, History, Physique and Care

Ragdoll cats personality

The Ragdoll cats are  well-mannered  cats which makes them an  ideal  indoor companion .They have the best personality a laid-back and sweet personality .

The cats are very loyal to their pet parent and very devoted .They easily blend with the human emotions and routine .The cat will always be waiting for you after work and will greet you with a nice leg rub .

The cat will keep following you around the house .The cat will always be there for you on your worst day .They will cuddle in to your lap to offer comfort and you will soon be cheerful .

They make the best companion .Be sure never to get bored as the cats are very playful though not overactive .The cats get along with people of all ages and also other pets either fellow cats or a dog .

They are easily trainable to stay off the counter and even how to use the pit .Their soft polite voices is very soothing .

The cats have however have a large appetite for food and will meow at dinner time if you don’t give them their portion .


The breeds origin is surrounded with a lot of mysteries and controversies .You will always find a lot of colorful stories ,speculations and fictions about the breed .

The Ragdoll was developed in 1960 by Ann Baker the late in California .

The Baker foundation consisted of a domestic longhair whose white coat concealed the genes for either a seal mitted or black tuxedo pattern, and various other long haired cats of unknown ancestry that she owned or found in her neighborhood.

Baker cats with gentle   personalities large size, and beautiful long coats. This resulted in to Ragdoll cats. The only details about the breed available about the origin that are not debatable are who ,where and when .

This is after years of selective breeding. The breed won the CFA championship in February 2000. It was finally recognized by every major Cat Association from North America .

Just as the cat has earned  its place in the spotlight it has also earned a place in peoples laps and hearts .

Body and SIZE

The females weigh between 15 and 20 pounds but the male can weigh more than 20 pounds.

The  Ragdoll cat has a large ,long and broad body with heavy boning .It has a rectangular shape with a full chest and shoulders and hindquarters of the same width .

The body is firm and ,muscular though it has no fat .The females are however smaller than males .


The head is proportionately large with a brad and modified wedge equivalent in shape .The whiskers and fur are smoothed back .

The cat has a strong, well developed chin, in line with the nose and upper lip. The neck is strong and heavy.


The cat has medium sized ears .The base is wide and the lips are rounded at the tip and tilted a little forward .Its large bluish, oval eyes makes it look cute.


The legs are medium sized and has heavy muscles. The hind legs are slight heavier than the front legs. The paws are large and rounded with tufting .


The Ragdoll cat has a long tail which is medium at the base and proportion to the body. The coat is silky and a little longer with medium undercoat.

How do I care for my Ragdoll cat?

A Ragdoll cat is characterized by moderately long fur and has little undercoat. You should comb your cat twice a week with a stainless steel comb .

This will help remove dead hairs that can  cause tangles. You should thoroughly comb the fur on the legs especially the place where the legs meet the body .

The cats really enjoy the attention they receive during grooming. Seasonal changes and hormone fluctuations will always affect the length of the coat .

The coat will be longest during winter. Always use a baby wipe to clean the poop stuck to the fur. The cat will need a bath after a few weeks or a month at most.

The teeth also needs to be brushed to prevent periodontal disease .

If you can’t brush your cats teeth daily at least do so after a week.

Also trim the cats nails after every couple of weeks .

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the corners of the eyes .Make sure to use a separate cloth for each eye to prevent spreading infections .

Always check the ears which will probably be dirty after a week or so .

Use  a cotton ball or soft damp cloth moistened with a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe the ears if they are dirty .

The water and vinegar should be mixed in equal proportions .

Avoid cotton swabs as they can destroy the inner of the ear. Make sure the cats litter box is always clean. Keep the cat indoors to protect him from attacks by dogs .

Keeping the cat indoor also removes the possibility of the cat getting stolen by someone who would like to get such a beautiful cat without digging their pockets .

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